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I love the way this gal writes.  And I love her.  We had a 30 minute debate on why this (the following blog) wasn't or was a big deal.  I don't think it is and find any resemblance to an issue very debatable.  Still, hard to argue with the gal that folds your dirty underwear.  In fairness, it is ...
Say what you want about the Current GOP Field, President Obama, or Politicians in general. But one guy in the Political Field always seems to stand out as being, if nothing else ... consistent and brutally honest.  That man is Ron Paul. And whether you are onboard or not, there is more than just ...
Wikipedia writes, "A contrarian is a person who takes up a position opposed to that of the majority, no matter how unpopular." So here it goes: While involved in a wet dream or blanket nightmare, I may wish to have the riches of one Mark Zuckerberg ... but I can only really attest to my involveme...

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