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Ever wonder what it would be like to totally go against the grain and change time and history?  Me neither.  But, for purposes of sharing & caring, I would like to dive into a different view of a sport that many hold dear to their heart ... and television set.  You can look back on this in ten ye...
I don't suppose it is easy to retire before you are ready.  What may make it even more difficult is if it is a money issue characterizing why you don't want to retire but are pretty much forced to do so.  Equally difficult, I suppose, is if you still have a passion for your job and/or the company...
For years, I worked for Small Businesses.  From the time I was 16 until the time I was 33, I was doing the Small Business Jig.  I thought it was more my style.  I still think it is. However, something changed and I was faced with a decision and made it.  Now, I work for Corporate.  I would love t...
I had the opportunity to sit down earlier today with me and broach some subjects in today's world that mildly interest me.  The following is the result:Who is more powerful, the Presidency or the Media?  You know, I grew up loving conspiracies and looking into Secret Societies and who killed who ...
"Nobody owns the truth but EVERYONE has a little bit of it to offer."   Whether it be Politics, Religion, Real Estate, the 2012 NFL Draft, or the ergonomics of doing a head stand a day as being a healthy part of one's lifestyle ... most of us have an opinion.  Of the previous mentioned subjects, ...

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