jason sardi: Coming Soon To A Need Near You. - 08/29/12 01:41 PM
It's been too long.
After over nine years in the Mortgage Industry, I had to hang up my boots when the company I worked with went out of biz.  At the time, I didn't quite know what to do with myself.  I thought I'd be there for the rest of my life.  That was in 2009.  Joining the circus wasn't a viable option, though I got along quite nicely with the clowns.
I then took a position in the Insurance Industry.  Shortly thereafter, I got licensed.  I've been doing that particular gig for almost three years now.   My problem with that … (22 comments)

jason sardi: 07-17-1976. My Active Rain Will - 07/16/12 12:44 PM
One of the many things that stimulate me to write is my birthday.  Now, while I consider it a fairly overrated holiday, akin to Valentine's Day (shouldn't every day be celebrated the same when it comes to the one you love?), it does provide us that extra Corporate reason to celebrate.  For yours truly, birthdays should be fun and even emotional at times.  A celebration of your birth.
Wikipedia though, doesn't seem to think much of me:
Jason Michael Sardi (born July 17, 1976) is a Human being.  And then something more important happened.
Now, I've roasted myself on my birthday … (38 comments)

jason sardi: Every kiss turns a page. - 06/28/10 04:22 PM
Before I got out, I enjoyed the gig.  But I don't want to wallow too much, that's behind me and unlike the prospect of the head chef at the State Prison named Pierre, what's behind me no longer concerns me.  Pierre had his motives and I wore my chasity belt backwards ... and normally, that would be the end of that story.
But it's not.  The truth is I left way too late, but I did what I had to at the moment I felt was right.  I enjoyed dabbling in a local call center downstairs, being the cashier at a … (14 comments)

jason sardi: A Mid-Life Crisis at 33. All because of Active-Rain. - 06/05/10 05:23 PM
Being one of the first contributors on this particular forum has been the proverbial blessing and curse.  The latter is because I no longer do Mortgage Financing for a living.  I'm no longer actively involved in Real Estate.  The former is because of a few factors:
I found my muse and her name is Alan May Jennifer Monroe, right here on Active Rain. I rekindled my love for writing, learning, and debating from many folks more wise and experienced than yours truly. I learned a hell of a lot about Real Estate, before, on, and after the job was done. Today I spent some … (106 comments)

jason sardi: If one sentence could speak ... - 02/27/10 07:39 AM
"If I could tell the future, I would have never lived the past."
                               ~ Gunther Moses ~
By nature & definition, I'm not much of a religious guy.  Though, anybody who knows me is quite aware that I believe in a higher power.  So much so that you won't be finding me holding hands with John Travolta at the next L. Ron Hubbard Reunion speech.
A lot of serious shit happens in this world.  A lot of petty stuff does as well.  As a man who bleeds, I do wonder about it all ...
I wonder why Robert lost his … (19 comments)

jason sardi: Behold, A Day & A Dream... - 11/04/09 05:31 AM
I don't know how to word this right, so I'll just word it.
Communication cares.
The biggest gripe I've ever had with Real Estate, Sales, Relationships, or anything for that matter seems a simple concept.  So, why is it so damn complicated to get a answer, let alone a straight one?
It boggles my mind and I haven't touched LSD since 1992.  Now THAT, boggled my freaking mind.
Call me a sailor, call me a sport, but of all our duties in this Industry (running numbers, selling deals, working on commission, kissing babies, and taking blood samples) why is Communication so … (22 comments)

jason sardi: Superstars and realized dreams... - 08/30/08 04:30 AM
This song ran through my skull.

Have you noticed the barren landscape around you?  Tumbleweeds roll across the office floor like another mortgage application that will never see the light of closure.  In April of 2006, our small firm here in Allentown had 19 folks working for the cause: that of making our lives better by helping make other lives easier.  Turn the clock to the common day, we are down to seven.  But damn, the seven of us are some of the most passionate survivors in this new frontier.  The Renaissance is here, amongst us.  I see it, hear it, believe … (15 comments)

jason sardi: There is 'Thanks' in 'Giving'..... - 11/24/07 02:05 AM
  Either you watch or you lead........Rest or Live.
When it comes down to it, I've rested way too freaking long!  But, that is personal.  So I write this because IT doesn't get more personal than this (well it does, but I see no need to bring my Father's Hemorrhoid Issue into this).
My bills are paid but my agenda is paycheck to paycheck.  I'm not inherently a Wall-Street guy or gal, yet I see the angst and feel the economic pain.  Mr Gump was right, "Money is one less thing to worry about in Life."
This is a taboo subject for many, for … (36 comments)

jason sardi: It Doesn't Get More Personal Than This....If You Want To Know About MEME.... - 09/23/07 03:22 PM
Here you go....... 
Thanks to the sister I never had, once again I am writing one of these MEME things.  Ironically, I do believe that the introduction to writing these little portraits of your life was the very stimulus of why and how I came to write as personal as I do.  Heck, I could write about Mortgages all day long and posts to Localism that concentrate on Allentown, Pennsylvania and the surrounding Lehigh Valley.  But those who know MEME, know that would be a shortcut to thinking of sorts.  Enough of the preliminary bells and whistles, she wants to know....I feel obliged … (69 comments)

jason sardi: So, You Are Purchasing Your Next Home In Allentown, Pennsylvania? - 09/18/07 02:18 PM
*The following is an entry from the Mortgage side of things into the First ActiveRain -- Buyer Challenge ).  There have been some wonderful contributions from some very talented Realtors out there.  I was asked to throw in what financing options potential buyers had.  Here we go.*
Tom & Michelle,
It was a pleasure speaking with you today about the financing options available to you in your desire in buying a home here in historic Allentown, Pennsylvania.  I want to first thank you both for the chance to earn your business, as you were referred to me by Colleen Kulikowski.  I also want to applaud you in your … (43 comments)

jason sardi: Honesty Is The ONLY Policy! - 09/13/07 03:43 PM
Ironically, I had a conversation with a client with whom I closed a loan for about 10 months ago that led to this post.  The irony is that Jo-Anne Smith proposed that I write something about honesty and the mortgage business.  If you believe in the popular press...The Media, honesty and mortgage people go together about as well together as Peanut Butter & Tomato Sandwiches if you aren't pregnant.  But there is some semblance of truth in it all, I hate that.  Today, I made a phone call that belittled what I do for a living.  I am a Mortgage Broker in … (43 comments)

jason sardi: I Will Do This One More Time, Then I'm Done.... - 09/11/07 01:49 PM
Ok, let's rock n' roll with this one.  You want the truth about blogging, I'll give you my take, I'll give you my truth.  You see, I've read the greats on Search Engine Optimization, Key Words, Posting To Localism, and reaching out to where the consumer may be able to find you.  A lot of them (the greats) are right here, on Active-Rain.
At first, my whole goal was to garner more business.  Sorry, that's why I came here.  I have gotten more business but feel like I may have lost the edge that made me produce what I could when I should.  … (80 comments)

jason sardi: It's Not How You Win, It's How You Lose... - 09/10/07 09:14 AM
                                                   We Can All Use A Kickstart To Success 
I had a conversation with a man today that helped remind me of what defines me.  Actually, it defines all of us.  In my rather astute estimation, I think the world should never revolve around me or you....and not even us.  It revolves in spite of us, we exist because we had little choice.  That lack of choice makes our cause greater if we live life right....in business and in person.
At an early age, I strived to be as good...if not better, than my father in the game of Basketball.  Mike Sardi is one hell … (75 comments)

jason sardi: Controversy Creates Cash....And Comments. - 09/08/07 05:22 PM
                                                          This Is What I Say 
Perhaps it is a human flaw, a fatal one.  You drive by an accident and are addicted to seeing the crash.  You watch the News to see who killed who and for whatever reason on God's Somewhat-Green Earth they could do such a thing.  Read the 'Inquirer' and you want to see the title, "Brad Pitt Has Michael Jackson's Love-Child.'
There may be no better way to measure this B.S. than our own Back Yard.  If it is controversial in any nature, it gets attention.  That folks, is a cold & hard fact.  Active-Rain is no different … (28 comments)

jason sardi: Because Of Active-Rain, I Fell In Love All Over Again... - 09/06/07 06:47 PM
My Idea On How To Deal With This Or Any Other Market! 
Do you work hard?  I don't!  I never want to work hard again.  I work persistent, but I can't say I'm a workaholic.  I put in hours, even when I'm not 'Putting in Hours.'  When I die, they won't say Jason Sardi was a hard worker, they'll say I lived hard.  I know this now because I have an 'In' with God.  God loves me, I think!  I do this cause I love it.  Through the uncertainity, through the chaos, through the good times & bad, I can honestly say I adore … (100 comments)

jason sardi: How The State Of The Industry Affected My State Of Mind. - 09/04/07 02:35 PM
From The Desk Of A Full-Time Mortgage Consultant And Former Psychology Major (I graduated with a degree in B.S.)
I saw it coming (The Mortgage Market), just not as hard and volatile as it came.  My business remained good even though the industry continued down the path of turmoil.  Then, something happened that turned me and my business, for one brief moment, upside freaking down.  I bought into the perception of something I could probably never change.
When your psyche gets lost, your reality follows suit.   The psychology of how we live, why we live, and what goes down, is not only a mere figment, … (31 comments)

jason sardi: A Major Task In A Changing Market.... - 09/03/07 03:54 PM
One of the things we fail to remember is the thing most crucial to any transaction.  And in this market, this quality is more vital than ever.  I wasn't around in 1981 or 1973.  I wasn't around in the 90's, at least doing this for a living.  Yet, what I've garnered so far as this is a rough time for consumers and professionals alike.  Are you feeling stressed yet?  Yeah, well, that too shall pass.
Communication is such a simple concept but not nearly as well-refined as we should make it.  In my mind, which is the only one I have access … (22 comments)

jason sardi: What to do when your fixed rate adjusts? - 07/18/07 01:42 PM
I should date more.  I've had a bunch of biz referred to me by gals I used to date.  I should dump or be dumped on a more regular basis, it seems good for my business.  Though, bad for the heart.
The following is another example of what has been going on in Real Estate, especially in the past 2 years.  An ex-girlfriend of mine referred a couple who were looking to refinance out of an adjustable rate that when instituted, increased their payment dramatically.  Apparently, when this couple bought the home, the lender they were dealing with gave them a lower rate in what is called … (24 comments)

jason sardi: At The End Of The Day....Do Mortgage Brokers Really Matter? - 07/01/07 06:16 AM
  If you know me or have read my little profile here, you probably know that my answer is a biased, "YES!"  Regardless, if you feel inclined, read on dear friends...
I'm a sucker for doing stuff that tends to be controversial in nature.  The part of that which intrigues me is that sometimes I go into it without that intention ever being involved.
I write this now when it should of been written then, but again I was reminded in a phone call I received earlier today.  I'll preface this with the fact that to me, Respect Means The World.  So, if you want … (28 comments)

jason sardi: That Day Is Tonight... - 06/27/07 08:11 PM
I just spent the better part of a two hours reading every post I've ever written on this forum.  I clicked on every link I provided and read the majority of comments contributed.  It's a no-brainer, I have too much time on my hands.  But it got me to thinking about the nature of my particular contribution to this forum.  Hey man, some of those posts were inspirational, some were educational, some were emotional, some were pseudo-intellectual, and some were down right lousy and/or boring.  I have learned to write for me, not an audience, it's the truest way to get yourself … (79 comments)

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