staging: This Old Home...... - 01/25/12 03:25 PM
  oh, what a great stage this was. This home was built in the 30's. Someone with great insight had put in 10 foot ceilings, and columns. When Staging this home what a treat.  It is no cookie cutter!  I used to try to get lost in houses when I was a kid for fun, and this one definitely had me turned around.  The room you see in the picture was an old greenhouse with screens built all around the room.  They've remodeled, and put glass surrounding, carpet, and what a backyard!  I love unusual layouts, cubbies, and rooms that I … (3 comments)

staging: Multiple Offers last week, how exciting! no jinxes yet... - 01/24/12 04:26 PM
I Staged a house last month (December, 2011) which had been on the market for a year.
It should be closing Friday, and had multiple offers after we staged it......what a great way to start out the year!
As a  Professional Stager I am not allowed to advertise until after the home closes, so I'll keep you posted!
What makes me glow is that the new prospective buyers have told the agent that they came to see the home  before it was staged......
and can't think of why they didn't make an offer.......:-D I love my job!

Sheila Reynolds, … (3 comments)

staging: Professional Staging Tips, Color and Paint are IMPORTANT!!! - 03/31/11 10:27 AM
Most know that Color and Paint are very effective ways to change the look of your home to live, or if you are staging to sell in Vancouver Washington, or anywhere!  What is important is exploring if the space LOOKS large or small or FEELS warm or cold. 
Painting will never change the condition, but it works miraculous on the looks.  Here is an example of a home in Camas Washington that had been on the market for over 6 months before we were called in to have a look.

We found a softer color, and the homeowners … (0 comments)

staging: Thought I'd Share This Home Staging Surprise! Our clients house in Summer Hills - 03/31/11 10:05 AM
Sometimes when we Stage a Home, we get an added bonus....I couldn't pass this one up, this house is fabulous!

staging: Our Arena and Barn ~ Staged for Sure! - 07/28/08 12:45 PM
Ah, and wouldn't we know it as Stagers to apply the Should I stage or not to our Arena and Barn?
My life as a Stager is non-stop, and very fun and rewarding!  We are blessed to have an arena, and a 10 stall barn on our property, and a couple of wonderful mares that we love to ride on our trail.  Since we have so many stalls, 2 girls, and literally Stages and De-stages we decided to spread the word to have it used the way it should be, ideally, with a person to manage as our daily lives … (2 comments)

Consider Staging on both ends, the seller needs to prep as the buyer needs to see, make your life easier! Ask us how!



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