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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.



People are everywhere and you never know when they are watching so remember to always act as you wish to be seen. Yesterday, I had a conversation with a landscaper and he said somethings that shocked me. I thought I knew him but I was wrong. Remember to listen carefully to what people say and you...
Well after almost two years and two different contractors, I am working with a third to correct the problems caused by, or not addressed by the others. I didn't skimp when I had the work done: I did my due diligence and then some, all to no avail. I live in a Rube Goldberg House. Apparently, one ...
The happiest time in my pups day is when they recognize me and know they will get attention and dinner. Nothing gives me joy like seeing their little faces in the windows. It is a symbiotic thing I think. Dogs wait and get so excited just to be their human. We could learn a lot from our pets: lov...
Last night there was a full moon, a bigger one than normal. I knew it was coming because many of my friends told me about it and weather people mentioned it as well. I saw nothing that different and the gorgeous shots so often shared are out of my league. Here's my attempt and even after communic...
So many people speak to the passion they have for one thing or another. Like most things I have observed in my life passion is not always what it seems. Passion is as passion does. Love your family, care deeply about your work, believe in something deeply? Great, now what are you doing about it?
This morning I am grateful that my landscaper is here, as promised, to deliver and install some new airport mix for my driveway. In the winter in the north, you can't have enough and concrete driveways don't work so well. The guys are working and seeing someone else work at my home always gives m...
This question is important and relates to most of us in every context. Going food shopping: what's your time worth? Need to get some work done in your home: what's your time worth? Waiting to move until your market improves: what's your time worth?  My time is worth more to me than money, and mor...
Been there and done that. And then in April on my way back from South Africa I stopped in Paris once again to visit with a friend. Unfortunately, my friend was dealing with the soon to be death of her younger brother, who passed but weeks after my visit. I had more time than I expected to just be...
I am definitely ready for fall. My dogs love to walk and I need the exercise so we went for our jaunt and are now back. I live about a quarter of a mile from the Marian Fathers, National Shrine of Divine Mercy. I am not a Catholic, but this place is just lovely and I enjoy walking there. Some day...
There's a plastic bag on my leaking skylight and the rain is coming: thank you Rick. There are three pups watching me finish my breakfast this morning and they think I am a pretty good tome. Thank you Margie Bea, Finn Bar T, and Billy the Kid. I had a lovely evening with my cousins, Debbie and Al...

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