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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.



It has now been about three weeks into the second phase of construction with my third contractor. Phase one went well and I have a new roof in an area where I used to have a skylight, new french patio doors, and a newly painted front door and overhang. Phase two has been slower and more frustrati...
It has been a couple of days since the storm of Wednesday. When I got out yesterday, I got a better sense of the impact of this event. Many folks lost trees and power was lost even in the Post Office. There were utility trucks all over and I had a hard time even getting off my street. It will be ...
It wasn't all that strange but it was really quiet. This storm was unusual in that the snow kept falling over a long period of time and was wet and heavy. Besides the section of fence I will need to have replaced from my neighbors tree, there were numerous branches down from my trees. In any even...
I like the snow and enjoy its beauty. I have food, meds and all that I need and was enjoying the day. When my phone rang, it was my neighbor saying part of his tree fell on my fence. It took about an hour to clear a small path on my deck and just below for my pups, so I wasn't eager to walk to th...
I thought it was a strange question too, but when it was asked, I knew just how to respond, " I don't have one." Sometimes the strangest things are said, without malice or intention. When that happens I just keep my head and try and remember everyone has something. Back to the question. The guy t...
Yesterday it was 50 and the day before that 70 degrees. I am in and stocked up. It just started to snow so I guess the weather forecast may be accurate. It is said that this event may bring 10-15 inches but whatever comes, it's all good. Like so much of life that is beyond our control, going with...
What happened in Missouri is tragic. A kid is dead and the area is in turmoil. This is also true in New York, and Ohio. Kids are murdered everywhere everyday and it is hard to get my mind around this. The kids that were murdered in Newtown are not forgotten, but they are just as dead. After every...
It is early and it is still pretty warm. I have more errands to do today than stamina and so I am going out soon. I have to pick up antibiotics for what remains of my now two week illness, and then get supplies for the storm that is predicted for tomorrow. I need gas too. Fortuneately, I have fue...
Ever wonder what is coming next, I do? Ever wonder what consequences will impact your future, I do? Ever think about tomorrow without being able to focus on today, I have? Well, it is difficult to stay above the fray without being in it.  So now I have a new attitude, however this plays out, I am...
As a commodity, kindness is difficult to measure, but as a entity it is easy to recognize. For some kindness is just as natural as breathing. These people are special and I enjoy meeting and knowing them. Other folks have difficulty with the concept and are frankly hard to be around. Some time ag...

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