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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.



Sometimes the days fly by and at other times not so much. This past week as been a whirlwind and I got a good number of things I needed to accomplish were in fact done. So that is good news and now as I prepare  for the next few days I have a new list and a new outlook. For me planning matters. I...
This is not about real property or even limited to housing. The ability to negotiate is a skill that if developed properly is invaluable in all areas of life. I have found that the most important component in negotiating is the ability to listen. Often, in an attempt to cut to the chase, we can m...
Bob Stewart challenged us to describe Mistakes Sellers Make that Could Cost Them a Sale. Clearly there is a book here, but my absolute favorite is the homeowner who greets the buyers and their agent, and wants to conduct the tour and explain everything in and about their home. The buyers agent is...
This blog isn't about the animals being back, it is about my return to the shelter after about six weeks. I had a really bad cold, virus or both, then the holidays, and then it was too cold for long walks and only a few dogs were able to be taken by volunteers so I was called off. Long story shor...
Devices are made for most things today but I am not aware of anything that can replace gut feelings. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were such a thing as a safety sensor that could or would send a signal when something was off, a transaction was in trouble, a email was infected with a virus or ...
This is a story about a family that fell in love with a house and wanted it. The family had saved for years and had never really found something that moved them as much as this property did. They first saw this home on the Internet and were very very excited so they called their agent to schedule...
Each of us finds ourselves in situations of our own making and then in those we couldn't have imagined or planned for. So it isn't always possible to prepare. How you deal with mistakes however is, in my view, the major factor in determining whether or not happiness is possible. It's about moving...
I love the Olymics, winter, summer, it doesn't matter. The whole idea of people from around the world focused on one thing is very exciting to see. With the Winter Games starting in Sochi in less than a couple of weeks, I am excited. Last night and the night before I watched the skaters competing...
There has been a great deal of discussion recently about the basics and then of how the industry is different today than it once was. Here is my take. A professional performs.That said integrity, intelligence and focus were the hallmarks of success thirty years ago and they still are. What has ch...
It can happen in an instant and then take months to recover. Slip and falls happen everyday and in almost every place. Yesterday I slipped on a small bit of ice in my yard. One of my dogs decided to go off base I and just moved too quickly. As soon as I hit the ground I knew my right wrist was hu...

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