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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.
I travel a lot and it is never easy. Sitting at the airport waiting stinks, but at least it means I have cleared Customs and will one day be airborne. One day, long after I am gone I fear, things maybe more consistent and smooth. But until then travel is certainly a b_itch. I am in a small lounge...
Earlier today I went to the Post Office. In my town there is no mail delivery so I go almost every day. This morning a woman stopped me. She said, " I know I am on many lists, but this one takes the case." It was a a request from the National Greek Blind Association for a donation. We both laughe...
If there has been one very important and sustaining thread in and over the course of my life it has been the pets I have had. Gratitude alone doesn't begin to explain it. I am lucky to be able to love and be loved by the dogs I have been blessed to have as my family. As I write this I have tears ...
On October 26th, four weeks ago yesterday I drove with my Margie to Stamford Connecticut to meet and adopt DD Beth. I had lost my best boy, Billy the Kid, in July. I was and still am devastated. I saw DD on line and I knew I had to try and adopt her. DD is 13 and lost her home when one of her own...
I will soon be traveling and I have a great deal to do. I make lists (see Kathy, you aren't the only one) and I take pleasure  in checking things off. I have a very big list today and a good amount of things are weather related. I bought new spotlights for outside and if the weather lets up I wil...
It hasn't been a great or even good week for me. I had a tough time with a procedure and then a harder time when my youngest pup, Chico, had a procedure himself the next day. He is home and we are waiting on the biopsy results sometime next week. Until they come in, the best we can do is spend ti...
Mornings are filled with duties big and small. My gang goes out and the new one is only comfortable when I go out and watch her. This morning is was chilly and a bit icy because I slipped coming into the house. I went with it and I am OK but going slow now is my answer to the slick deck. Have a s...
I hate this time of year because it literally gets dark shortly after four in the afternoon. I know that isn't true in Arozona but that's too hot for me. There was snow in the Berkshires today so as the temperatures drop it is icy as well. I will soon be in a warmer place and hope it stays light ...
While it is only Wednesday, I have already experienced enough tumult for any full week. I have been up and out early for the last couple of days, first getting to a procedure for me on Monday and then yesterday taking my youngest pup Chico for his own procedure. I did better than he did, and I am...
I was up early and out in the snow. My youngest dog, Chico Todd, had what looked like an abscessed gum on his lower mid mouth. I called the Vet on Saturday but this was the first chance we could get in in. Chico is home now, but he lost three teeth and had a biopsy that should hopefully tell us s...

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