staged so right: Getting it together before you get it together - 01/07/11 02:12 PM
 It appears that the season to reorganize is upon us.  Whether I pick up a newspaper, magazine or an advertisement for any store, tools for organization seem to be front and center.  Even at Corvin's Furniture this week, there have been many customers who have come in inquiring about bookshelves, shelving units and file cabinets.    It seems that resolutions to organize are as prevalent as weight loss resolutions this year.
 Retailers across the country are advertising their attractive storage containers and cool tools that will help you achieve organization with style.  I must admit, I have even fallen into the … (6 comments)

staged so right: If I had just read your posts .... I could have done this myself! - 11/28/10 02:54 PM
Occasionally someone says something that stops you in your tracks.  This happened to me the other day when I was with a client who had recently had a staging to sell consultation.  I was back at her house dropping off a few items for her to use to stage her home and she said something that really made me stop and think for a while.
She told me that she had been on my Active Rain blog and had been reading some of my posts.  She said that if she had just read those before I came, she could have … (14 comments)

staged so right: Shopping for furniture? Here are some hints! - 09/27/10 02:29 PM
As a stager and owner of Staged SO Right, one of my favorite things in the world is furniture.  I love to place it, rearrange it, be satisfied for a little while and then start all over again.  Needless to say, working for a furniture showroom would be a dream come true and that is exactly what has happened to me!
I started a new job in marketing and sales for Corvin's Furniture, a local furniture company and I love it!  It really is a dream job - I get to "stage" the business for success, but the best part … (19 comments)

staged so right: Better Safe than Sorry - 08/03/10 12:57 AM
I am amazed at how many houses are selling around Hardin County.  That is exciting news for those of us selling homes!  As I have foraged into that category, I am reminded of some precautions that sellers must make when the sign goes out front.  This advice is good for anyone selling - especially those not using a realtor.
Remember that although it is a necessary evil, there will be complete strangers walking through your home!  I was in Cleveland last weekend and my brother is selling his home and we were prepping the house for a showing.  While we … (12 comments)

staged so right: Tips from the field - 07/07/10 04:08 PM
I am taking the plunge!  Yes, I am about to become a home seller!  This will be the second time I am selling a home and what a completely different experience than the last time.  I contribute most of that to becoming an accredited stager since then.
Learning lessons is part of life, and I have certainly learned my share.  I want to share with you some of the lessons I have discovered since beginning the process of staging my current house for sale.
First and foremost, give yourself time to get all of the important things you want … (14 comments)

staged so right: Downsizing made easy for Seniors - 06/05/10 01:56 AM
I recently presented at a Senior Education Resource Team Seminar and was reminded of some very important ideas.  The SERT Seminar was geared towards sharing what community resources are available to the senior population.  Obviously there are some special needs as one ages and this seminar was designed to educate the audience about what resources are available to assist them.

As the aging population increases, there is a growing need for seniors to make decisions about selling their current home and moving to a smaller, safer environment.  For some that would be a smaller home or apartment, but for … (9 comments)

staged so right: Cleaning out the Closet Clutter - 04/24/10 02:05 PM
It is Springtime and birds are chirping and temperatures are rising.  Most people are ready to start their spring cleaning adventures.  The biggest hurtle to overcome is getting started.  Once you start seeing the difference a thorough cleaning can make, it should provide inspiration to keep going.
This Spring I have decided to pay special attention to my bedroom closet.  With it getting warmer outside, it is time for me to switch my seasonal clothing.  Unfortunately I am not blessed to have a closet big enough to house all of my clothing, so it is time to drag out the … (13 comments)

staged so right: Diverisfication times two - 04/20/10 03:10 PM
I love being a stager and owner of Staged SO Right.  I have had a ton of fun and fulfuillment helping people the get their homes ready to sell, redesigning their spaces and helping their reception areas shine.  I am learning daily and sharing as much as I can with my community.  I have even had the opportunity to expand my services to include Conceptual Staging.  I have diversified my staging business as much as I can without adding others stagers and assistants.  It is probably the next phase to explore.
I have spread my wings in other areas as well.  I have … (4 comments)

staged so right: Redesign project comes to life with Conceptual Staging - 04/03/10 02:08 PM
Staged SO Right had a redesign consultation last week for a fabulous couple who wanted to make some updates to their great room/kitchen.  They knew that they would be moving in a few years and wanted to invest their money wisely.  They are ready to tackle the work themselves in order to save some money and I was quite impressed with the quality of their work done on previously completed projects. 
When I went for the consultation, I discussed the possibility of conceptual staging done from a photo of the room, so that they could really visualize what it would look … (19 comments)

staged so right: Hardin County Teen Fashion Show - 03/19/10 02:31 PM
Saturday, March 20th, Gail Demery and Associates will be hosting a Teen and Tween Fashion Show at Colvin Community Center in Radcliff.  Lunch and show begin at 12pm.
The theme of the show is to illustrate that "modesty" can be fashionable.  Dressing your heart is just as important as dressing your body.  It is important to pay attention to both!
That is where I come in.  Sheila O'Mara of Speakers With Spark and Staged SO Right will be giving a short presentation about exercising modesty and why it is important.  I will provide encouragement for being leaders in the community and … (11 comments)

staged so right: Can volunteerism help build your business? - 03/10/10 02:57 PM
As you may or may not know, I have signed on to be one of four co-hosts for the TVPG, Get More Business, Radio Show.  Last week on the March 3rd episode, we discussed Free Publicity and ways to achieve it.  One of the things that we talked about is volunteerism. 
I can't speak highly enough about the benefits of volunteering.  As a lifelong volunteer, I already know the benefits to my attitude and heart.  What I didn't realize, until I became a business owner, is that my volunteer work would have a great impact on my business growth.  I have … (48 comments)

staged so right: Can Publicity really be free - you bet! - 03/06/10 01:41 PM
This week on the TVPG, Get More Business, Radio Show our topic was Free Publicity and volunteering.  This topic is especially pertinent to small and mdium size business owners who are searching for ways to get their message out and build relationships for little to no cost.  Some of  the suggestions listed in this blog post require nothing but your time, and some require just a little bit of investment.
When I started my business, Staged SO Right, I had a very small marketing budget.  With time and some very creative ideas - some that I learned from my friends on AR … (8 comments)

staged so right: If three out of five are black ... - 02/28/10 02:27 PM
As you will see in the flyer below there is a promotion going on with the photographer that took my headshot.  She is truly a pro who even made little old me from Staged SO Right look good! LOL!

What I want you to notice is the fabulous headshots in this flyer, but also there is something in particular.  Okay give up? ...
Which one was your eye drawn to?  The photos are all different and all great quality - but one thing that stands out is the color. 
Many people choose to wear black for photos.  I have heard all of the … (22 comments)

staged so right: Conceptual Staging Hits Hardin County - 02/27/10 01:47 PM
Imagine the possibility of seeing a room prepared to sell before packing a box or moving a piece of furniture?  Thinking about updating the kitchen or bath, but would like to see what it will look like before committing?
Those possibilities would have been pretty difficult to make happen without a whole lot of time, effort and money, but there is something special that changes that idea completely.  This special service is even making its way into Hardin County directly from Staged SO Right!
Conceptual Staging, also know as Virtual Staging by some, is the service I am talking … (10 comments)

staged so right: Making a difference one room at a time - 02/08/10 09:48 AM
Wow!  I received this letter today and it has touched my heart.  I don't normally share things like this, but I am so happy for this client.  I received a phone call about a month ago from another family member of this client and she explained that she needed a redesign consultation as soon as I could provide it.  I scheduled to go out to the next day.
This client has a beautiful home and a gorgeous master bedroom, but it felt cold and cavernous to her and really was affecting her quality of life.  It doesn't help that it was winter … (23 comments)

staged so right: Clutter, clutter everywhere. Where do I begin? - 01/22/10 11:59 AM
January seems to be the time for organizing.  People vow that they will eliminate clutter, clean out their closets, tame the paper beast, and clean up whatever has become a "hot spot" in their homes, cars or offices.  These are huge resolutions and unfortunately people often fall short in attaining them.
If you are like most, you have this burning desire to achieve an organized environment, but have no idea how to get started.  Organizing your home doesn't seem like it would be too difficult until you stand there not sure which area to tackle first. Many don't eliminate clutter, they … (9 comments)

staged so right: Help Me Help Them - 12/26/09 02:17 PM
Imagine this. You are desperately trying to get away from violence and fear and abuse.  You have sought out housing in a local domestic violence shelter because you have no where else to go.  You are unsure of what to expect and hope there is room to stay until you can build a new life.  You have mustered up all of the courage you have and wait to see if there will be space for you ...
This scenario is all too common for many women and their children in this community.  SpringHaven, inc., our local domestic violence shelter and … (4 comments)

staged so right: Spice Up Your Sofa - 10/24/09 04:26 AM
Join Sheila O'Mara, of Staged SO Right, and Ginny Whitt, of Whitt's End Home and Garden, for a
Staging Demonstration:
"Spice Up Your Sofa"

October 26th at 6:30 pm
Whitt's End Home and Garden,

Cool Springs Center, Ring Road
Are you trying to update your decor for holiday entertaining?  Check out this FREE class and discover some fabulous, low cost ways to achieve several "looks" with what you already own.  One sofa = several looks with just the addition and subtraction of a few decorative items. 
Enjoy wonderful refreshments! 
(Those drinks and snack items can also be purchased at … (9 comments)

staged so right: The Holidays are coming! Are you staging for the season? - 10/23/09 06:19 AM
The Holidays are coming!  The Holidays are coming! Are you in panic mode?  Last year about this time, you may have discussed making changes to your décor for the holidays, but decided to wait until after they were over.  You weren't doing any heavy entertaining so it could wait.
This year is a whole new ball game.  You are hosting Thanksgiving this year and you still haven't made those updates you talked about last year.  Don't fret, there is still time to update without breaking the bank.
First of all don't start any major renovations until after the New … (9 comments)

staged so right: Twilight truths - 10/04/09 02:48 PM
Fall officially arrived last Tuesday.  There are several signs that the season is here, but having a shorter day was very noticeable when I went for an evening walk last week.    
All summer if I struck out about 8 pm, the sky was still blazing with the sun.  The other night, it was dark and afforded me a glimpse at the neighborhood during twilight hours. A whole new world opened up.  I now realize why "twilight" pictures are so effective when trying to sell a house.  Lights blazing from the inside and highlighted landscaping made an awesome statement.

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