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~ It has been a pretty fast paced month or so for me and many other Realtors and Mortgage Professionals that I have spoken to recently.     I have been working crazy hours, had showings almost every day, home inspections, C/O inspections (and re-inspections !), open houses, I even had rental show...
      This is an actual check from one of my First Time Buyers who bought a home last month, and immediately filed his 2008 tax return - which he had already filed an extension for - and this week received the above check !   ... before his home purchase, his return was going to give him a refund...
~ With the economy and financial fears still weighing heavy on many people's minds thoroughout the country, many people are choosing to forego the costly flights and travel costs for Summer Vacations, in favor of a 'Staycation' - or stay-at-home-vacation. Now this is not just spending time in you...
We live in a neighborhood that has a private park. Each year the town Fire Department, Police Department, and Ambulance Volunteers perform a Memorial Day Celebration. Today I asked my 3yr old son Spencer if he wanted to join me to walk to the park and see the celebration - I told him there would ...
April '09 Activity SNAPSHOT - Maywood, NJ Homes Sold: 10(April 2008 saw 6 Sold ) Sold Price Range: $225,000 - $485,000(April 2008 Range: $309,000 - $450,000) List Price Range: $260,900 - $569,000(April 2008 List Range: $409,000 - $529,000) Styles: 2-Col, 3-CC, 2-RCH, 1-Dup, 2-2Fam(April 2008 Styl...
April '09 Activity SNAPSHOT - Paramus, NJ   Homes Sold: 16(April 2008 also saw 13 Sold) Sold Price Range: $400,000 - $1,160,000(April 2008 Range: $425,000 - $925,000) List Price Range: $429,000 - $1,250,000(April 2008 List Range: $449,000 - $1,049,000) Styles: 5-RCH, 2-CC, 5-S/L, 3-COL, 1-B/L(Apr...
April '09 Activity SNAPSHOT - Hackensack, NJ Homes Sold: 18(April 2008 saw 19 residential units Sold !) Sold Price Range: $170,000 - $323,000(April 2008 Range: $165,900- $382,000) List Price Range: $199,900- $429,000(April 2008 List Range: $169,000 - $409,000) Styles:  3-RCH, 3-Col, 12-Cndo(Apri...
Well Folks - HUD giveth, and HUD taketh away It seems that as of right now, HUD has pulled the ability to use the $8K credit for a downpmt, and those who have used it for this purpose to this point, may just have been the lucky ones. Fortunately, we have partners on A|R like Jeff Belonger who was...
@@@ As of today there is still much confusion over this program, so much so that HUD has actually rescinded its statements of the usage as a downpayment advance ! It may be a temporary hold, while they work out the finer points, but unfortunately, as of now it doesnt seem to be available in the w...
Here's a handy tip if you have some listings in your inventory right now ! Dont get caught answering a call from a potential buyer who has questions about your listing, and you not having the answer !   eg: Caller 1: "Yes Hi, I saw your listing on Appletree Lane online, but can you tell me the ex...

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