mortgage website: Your Myers Mortgage Website - 06/04/12 07:57 AM
For those of you who have a Myers mortgage website, you have probably heard, Myers is discontinuing service to mortgage and real estate websites as of September 1st.
We of course are here to make the switch as painless an quick as possible! We can host your mortgage website and email, and offer a free trial so you know before you sign up that we offer the website that will work for you and help you succeed.
There is a hard selling company out there, calling each Myers website owner one by one, be warned of their sales tactics. We are … (0 comments)

mortgage website: Mastery Business Plan in Vegas November 2011 - 06/28/11 02:59 PM

As a partner of Mortgage Success Source, we get to offer you $150 off your Mastery Business Plan! Discount code is MORSYSTEMS Don't miss out this year, be armed with YOUR business plan for 2012 and act on it! The MorSystems Team Mastery Business Plan: … (0 comments)

mortgage website: Track your results ~ why you need Google Analytics ~ why not, it's free! - 06/06/11 02:02 PM
Knowing the details of your website traffic is a must, especially to track the results of a marketing campaign. As a mortgage website provider, I must say that we too use this amazing tool to track our website traffic, and recommend it to our clients.
What is Google Analytics?
Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. We use this tool to see how many visitors come to our website on what days, where they came from, (if they directly typed in our website address, if they came … (5 comments)

mortgage website: Free e-mail marketing at its finest, yes, it's for YOU! - 04/20/11 03:04 PM
So if you're on activerain there's a good chance you've thought about email marketing but maybe you just didn't know the benefits. I'm here to tell you, email marketing brings me more roi than any postcard, magazine ad or tradeshow I've ever done. 
Companies like iContact and Constant Contact make it easy to email your clients/prospects/referral partners with quality visually stunning emails. I personally have used Constant Contact for years to send our clients newsletters and our prospects updates. They now have competition with iContacts new offering: 
A free version of their services if you send to a list of 500 … (8 comments)

mortgage website: If your email were a novel, great advice for your emails - 04/08/11 06:01 AM
If Your Email Were A Novel by Mike May
Writers embarking on a new work do not just sit down at a keyboard and start pecking out the great American novel. Storytelling is a craft, and the act of actually writing a novel is usually preceded by months of researching, planning, sketching and vetting. And after the writing the editing begins, a task as onerous and essential as the initial pen to paper -- er, pixel to screen.
There is a lot of process and training required to elevate writing to art. Yes writers have a gift, but it's a gift … (0 comments)

mortgage website: Website no-no's - 04/06/11 11:33 AM
Mind Your Business: Does This Website Make Me Look Fat? APRIL 4, 2011 | By Jeanette Mulvey, BusinessNewsDaily Managing Editor
There are certain questions you already know the answer to before you even ask. Do these pants make me look fat? Is my new haircut too short? What do you think of our new website?
Oh, the tangled web we weave. If you could answer honestly, how often would you actually say, “Who designed that? Your third-grade intern?” While mobile and tablet advertising and social media engagement are all the rage, many small firms still haven’t mastered the art of creating … (7 comments)

mortgage website: Referral Partners - grow their business - 08/18/10 06:40 AM
Companies know that it costs less to retain a current client than it is to obtain a new client.The same goes for referral partners! How do you help retain your current referral partner relationships? No really, I want to know! Here are some of my suggestions:
Your referral partners need to feel reciprocated, if you don't refer to them, why should they refer to you? Refer to your partners who refer to you.
They want to feel appreciated and thought of, so be sure to actively keep in contact with them, be genuinely interrested in their lives and offer them ways … (0 comments)

mortgage website: High Tech, High Touch. - 06/07/10 12:03 PM
You have your blog, twitter, facebook, linkedin, and website. You scour your friends for more friends on facebook and twitter, update your linkedin, and direct people to your website. Wow, now half the day is gone. There's one thing to remember as you friend people, follow people, and update your status, LOCAL.
Sure you can do loans in multiple states, or in your whole state, but what is your true area of influence? All this technology is meant for you to get in the "top of mind" status of those who can use your services, yes, but lets remember your neighborhood … (5 comments)

mortgage website: Don't direct your marketing efforts to an outdated website - 03/31/10 06:19 AM
Your website is your new first impression. Your prospects will judge your professionalism and trustworthiness based on your website. Most mortgage websites today are outdated and unprofessional. Prospects abandon an unprofessional website in search of a more credible one!
Outdated, unprofessional designs include flash intros, website music, shallow content, and requiring them to complete a form at every turn. These elements all discourage visitors and bring down your credibility as a professional. Even worse, flash intros actually act like a locked door to search engines trying to index your website. The flash intros make it hard for google and others to … (4 comments)

mortgage website: Branding yourself can make or break your future income - 03/30/10 07:31 AM
With all that is currently happening to mortgage brokers, loan officers, lenders, and legislation, you must take a few steps now to possibly save your client base in the future.
I see a trend with loan officers where they have to switch mortgage brokers, change companies, or join a branch. What happens to their clients after that can be devastating. You see, they've been using the company email address, and directing clients to the company website. What now? They've moved, gotten a new company website and a new email address. How will their clients find them now?
My suggestions for individual … (7 comments)

mortgage website: Mortgage Brokers: you have an advantage over big banks, use it! - 01/28/10 07:29 AM
Brokers, you have an advantage over big banks if you give some freedom to your loan officers. Use it! Most of the large banks don't allow their loan officers to advertise ~ this means no individual website, no postcards, etc. for  the bank LOs. Too bad for them, but this is great for you!
If you're a broker and have a team of loan officers, how do they actively market themselves? Use this advantage and let your team advertise themselves as individuals. They really should be, it's better for your business when they do so.
Get your loan agents to bring … (3 comments)

mortgage website: Please Advise PLEASE ADVISE Please Advise - 01/21/10 04:37 AM
Does anyone else find this phrase at the end of an email to be redundant? If someone asks me a question in an email, I don't also need to be reminded to answer that question with a "Please Advise" at the end.
I'll go as far as to say I find it irritating unless we were to make a drinking game out of it. Hey office, whenever anyone emails you "Please Advise", DRINK!
Who started this terrible fad anyways? It sounds like something a lawyer would write at the end of their email. I find it to be less professional and … (10 comments)

mortgage website: Sue Woodard/Mortgage Market Guide mortgage website press release - 12/18/09 08:35 AM
Mortgage Market Guide and MorSystems partnered up to offer not only individual loan officers a great website, now companies with multiple loan officers and even multiple office locations can benefit.
(Carmel, CA) December 18, 2009 -- The new Sue Woodard/MMG company website is now available for just $999 at This mortgage website offers companies with multiple loan officers and even multiple office locations one quality corporate site to drive all traffic to.
Each loan officer can market their personal webpage within the company website, which includes individually branded online loan applications, and an unlimited amount of referral parnter webpages for … (0 comments)

mortgage website: Simple but overlooked - linking your activerain with your website - 11/24/09 07:15 AM
Some of the most simple things can be overlooked. I evaluate my client's websites and constantly find easy things for them to do to increase their visibility online, and gain credibility online.
I love activerain for this reason. Activerain gets great Google search results for people's names and their business name searches. It's great for your activerain profile to be found so people can read about you and read your blog, but where from there? They could fill out a form to contact you which can be intimidating, or they can click on your website link to go to your website … (4 comments)

mortgage website: Barry Habib is speaking in Monterey, CA and I'm hosting him! - 11/04/09 05:23 AM
So I had to write a blog announcing Barry's seminar in my home town. We're sponsoring the event and we picked out the coolest spot, a hawaiian steakhouse restaurant!!
This seminar isn't about appeasing upset loan officers with rounded edged it'll be ok speech. This seminar will teach loan officers to actually know what they are doing, know what they are talking about, and better evaluate where they think the market it headed in a short term and long term way.
He'll also be touching on new regulations and changes in the mortgage industry, so many people have questions, and Barry … (2 comments)

mortgage website: Keep your website up to date - 08/25/09 11:18 AM
Your website needs to gain you credibility. It needs to stay fresh to do so.
Have a spot on your homepage where you announce new rates, new programs, new announcements that will be of interest to your prospects and referral partners.
Just like your blog, update it often. Perhaps it's dated with a teaser headling that links to a custom webpage with more detailed information.
To help your search engine rankings, always throw in a keyphrase or two in your updates. A good example of a keyphrase would be, "We specialize in Sacramento homes, interest rates are low, so take advantage … (0 comments)

mortgage website: Answer the question "Why should I choose you?" - 03/11/09 07:19 AM
In my last blog I talked about branding yourself as an individual.
Part of that is answering the question for potential clients and referral partners, Why should I choose you?
Why should they choose you? 
Do you close loans on time every time?
Do you offer more programs and rates than competitors?
Do you have the experience required to be trusted with someone's largest purchase of their life?
There are many reasons someone should choose you, but if they don't know those reasons, you haven't answered their question.
A Nugget for you to apply to all your marketing and … (0 comments)

mortgage website: Is Your "Free" website COSTING You Money? Many times, YES. - 02/17/09 09:07 AM
It very well may be. Free websites are typically either provided by a loan officer's company, or is sought out by the loan officer, both with many consequences: A company provided website typically does not brand an individual loan officer, it brands the company. The online loan applications on the company website (if there are any) are generally not branded to each individual loan officer, causing referrals and prospects to be lost in the shuffle and given to the wrong LO or to the broker. Your prospects may be going to another LO that you work with! Also, you don't have … (1 comments)

mortgage website: Quality Lead Generation - 01/29/09 09:36 AM
Lets start with, what is lead generation?
Lead generation is simply generating leads from a marketing piece. It can be your online loan apps or a form on your website, it can be a postcard offering a free report that gets the phone to ring, or a newspaper ad offering a free credit report.
Really, you need multiple lead generators going at all times to keep the apps coming in and the loans closing. This may be having a website with loan apps and forms, sending postcards, running a weekly listing in Craigslist, co-sending a newsletter with your favorite Realtor® … (0 comments)

mortgage website: If rates DO drop to 4.5% are you ready? - 12/04/08 10:27 AM
If rates DO drop to 4.5% next week, are you ready to capture a flood of clients? Do your clients have a way to apply with you online when they get home late from work?
The US Treasury may buy up mortgage-backed securities from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to maniplate the supply and hit a target rate of 4.5%. 
If this happens, guess what, the TODAY show and your local newspaper will blast stories that NOW is the time to refinance and to run to the nearest (probably bank) but hopefully they mention mortgage broker and loan officer too this … (14 comments)

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