declutter: Decluttering: Tip #2 – Closets Where Do I Put Everything? - 05/04/09 02:35 PM
So what if the suitcase doesn’t provide enough room to make a dent in your closets?  (See Tip #1 in a previous post.)  Here are a few other places to stash excess items from your closets.
Take a look around your home to find other items that can do double duty.
        ·    Trunk or other decorative storage pieces that are currently empty or underutilized, i.e. nightstand               drawers, piano bench.  People won’t peek in these, but they will open closets and cupboards.
        ·    Garment bags.  OK, this is an extension of the suitcase, … (7 comments)

declutter: Decluttering: Tip #1 – Closets Where Do I Put Everything? - 05/01/09 12:36 PM
Maybe you’re preparing your home for sale, or maybe just Spring cleaning.  The dreaded places to go in many homes are the closets!  I know it’s true in my house.  No matter how many times I organize and purge, things always seem to overflow again faster than I can keep up.  Maybe it’s the kids fault :)
Anyway, we’ve all been told to move put things somewhere else, but where?  Here’s a quick and easy idea.
Do you have empty suitcases stored somewhere? 
        ·    First, find those.  
        ·    Then, put all of your out of … (3 comments)

declutter: Nature abhors a vacuum…a reason for staging? - 02/04/09 05:47 AM

No, not that vacuum.
But I may have found a reason that we all collect so much clutter.  It’s actually quantum mechanics.  Nature abhors a vacuum and will fill the void. 
Is that the reason we collect knick knacks?  It that the reason we stack papers on the desk rather than inside drawers?  Are we actually helping nature fill space?
As stagers are we actually going against nature to declutter?  That could explain a lot. 
Well here’s another idea that’s more comforting.  The vacuum idea is in perfect conflict with one of the principles of feng … (6 comments)

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