In service to others, how can we make a difference?Traditions run pretty deep in our family, and around the holidays this is one that I hope will continue for a very long time.  About five years ago, I was introduced to Samaritan's Purse, which is an international non-profit organization that is ...
Something most of us can agree on...
No Punt Intended...      Around our home at this particular time of year, strange things happen that are completely unrelated to real estate.  The TV remote malfunctions and will only work on the sports channels.  My quiet and reserved husband brings out his alternate personality and yells at the...
Destination Location Our destination spot on July 22, 2016 was a leisurely tour of this amazing neighborhood.  Most residents here have a backyard lifestyle and a dock on the water that looks like this!  We observed little boats out, a very excited child reeling in a line with a fish in tow, and ...
It was in the early fall of 1969.  Two high school sweethearts from a rural west Texas town had just graduated in 1968 and were married in August of that same year.  It was a different time then, President Johnson was on his way out of the White House, and President Nixon was on his way in.  Gaso...
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I couldn't resist having some fun with this blog post.  After all, real estate is serious business and once in a while we all have to stop and raise an eyebrow and smirk a little.  Right?On July 9th, my 17 year old son John told me that he was going to go running.  He is a recent high school grad...
Here is a great piece of advice that I give to my present and future real estate clientele about swimming pools.  This comes from my unique perspective in having a property and casualty insurance background.  Please feel free to like & share: Did you know... that if you are looking to buy a home ...
From a very young age, real estate has always fascinated me.  The character and diversity of homes and the allure of the hunt to find the perfect one has always been a welcome challenge.  Just out of high school, I was barely 19 when I purchased my first home.  My first real estate agent was Tami...

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