seller information: Home Sales & Median Sales Prices in Morro Bay, CA - 02/29/12 05:43 PM
Review of Home Sales & Median Sales Prices in Morro Bay : 2009 to 2011
A review of the past three years' median sales prices in Morro Bay shows an almost consistent decrease in sales prices.  In 2010, the median sales prices declined by about 11.5% when compared to the same period a year ago.  A year later in 2011, the median sales prices dropped by about 11.3%.
The lower sales prices probably led to the spike in the number of homes sold in 2011 where 46 more homes were sold, or an increase of about 41%, when compared to … (0 comments)

seller information: New Loan Limits - 10/10/11 08:59 PM

Despite efforts by California Association of REALTORS and National Association of REALTORS to fight for an extension of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA conforming loan limits, Congress failed to extend the $729,750 loan limits and allowed them to expire Sept. 30.
This means the maximum loan amount that Fannie, Freddie, and FHA will buy or guarantee is $625,500, and anything above that amount will be non-conforming and will require a jumbo loan. These loans typically carry a higher mortgage interest rate and require a higher down payment, increasing the monthly payment, which will particularly be hard on middle-class … (0 comments)

seller information: Buildable Lot with Water in Cayucos, CA - 09/05/11 09:35 PM
Cabrillo Ave, Cayucos, CA - Offered @ $350,000
Sweeping Views from Morro Rock to Cayucos Pier & Beyond. Rare 2.17 Acres Lot in Cayucos. Flanked by Cabrillo Highway One to the West & 13th Street to the South, Lot is Close to Beach & Town of Cayucos. Will-Serve Letter to be Issued by Water Company. Zoned Agricultural. Lots of Potential.

 Views of Morro Rock from Top of Lot

Looking Northwards

Westward Views

South Views
If you like more information about real estate in Cayucos, Cambria, Morro Bay, Los Osos, San Luis … (3 comments)

seller information: Across from the Beach in Cayucos, CA - 09/05/11 09:23 PM

Offered @ $985,000

Views from Living Area on Lower Level

View Southwards to Morro Rock

View to Cayucos & Northwards
Remodeled Extensively in 2002, Home Feels Like New Yet Cozy. Expansive Windows Bring in the Whitewater Ocean Views on Both Levels, and Lots of Natural Light. Cathedral-Like High Ceilings Add to the Feel of Open Layout Between the Living Room, Dining and Kitchen. Fully Equipped Kitchen with Granite Countertops & Stainless Steel Appliances Await the Gourmet Cook while Tiled Flooring throughout Home Lends to Ease of Maintenance. … (0 comments)

seller information: Great Starter or Investment Property, Santa Maria - 09/05/11 09:01 PM

Front Exterior


Living Room


Back Yard
Nicely Maintained 3 Bedrooms & 2 Baths Home. Brick Fireplace. New Carpet & Paint. Upgraded Kitchen. Good-Sized Back Yard. Close to Local Amenities & Easy Access to Highway.
Offered @ $178,000.
If you like more information about real estate in Cayucos, Cambria, Morro Bay, Los Osos, San Luis Obispo, and surrounding areas, the housing market, or assist you, friends or family in a home search or sale, please phone or text me at (805) 234-4315 or … (2 comments)

seller information: Short Sale in North Morro Bay! - 09/05/11 08:49 PM

Front Exterior of 390 Island Street, Morro Bay, CA

Two Brick Fireplaces - Living Room & Upstairs Master Suite

Back Deck & Patio

Creek By Back Yard


Deck Upstairs 
Need to Sell. Short Sale! Offered @ $350,000
Over $100,000 Price Reduction - Make This Your Own Warm & Inviting Space: Two Master Suites; One with a Fireplace for Added Warmth, Plus 3rd Bedroom & Full Bath Downstairs. Open Floor Plan. Ease of Flow From … (3 comments)

seller information: Getaway in Cayucos, CA - 09/05/11 08:35 PM

Licensed Vacation Rental with Protected View Easement. Well-Maintained 3 Bedrooms & 2 Full Baths with Bonus Rooms Right In Heart of Cayucos, Just A Couple of Blocks to the Beach, & Close to Stores, Restaurants & the Pier. Spacious Patio & Back Yard for BBQ, Outdoor Entertaining & More. 
Offered @ $599,000.
If I can provide more information about real estate in Cayucos, Cambria, Morro Bay, Los Osos, San Luis Obispo, and surrounding areas, the housing market, or assist you, friends or family in a home search or sale, please phone or text … (3 comments)

seller information: California New Carbon Monoxide Detector Law - 07/17/11 11:01 AM

As of July 1, a new California state law requires homeowners to install carbon monoxide detectors. The Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act, Senate Bill 183, mandates that all single-family homes with attached garages, gas appliances, or fireplaces (by July 1, 2011) and multifamily or rental units (by January 2013) have the devices installed. Expect to see California appraisers call for this item as they do for hot water straps, smoke detectors, and other jurisdictional requirements.  Help reduce re-inspection fees by having Borrowers and Sellers install this item prior to an appraisal inspection.CaliforniaCal. Health & Safety Code § … (3 comments)

seller information: ARROYO GRANDE : HOME SALES & SALE PRICES - 2005 TO 2009 - 11/17/10 07:47 AM
                In the Five-Cities area, the median sale price in Arroyo Grande peaked at $625,000 in 2006, and declined year over year by a cummulative total of 33% to $440,000 in 2009.  Sales also suffered.  The number of single-family residences sold fell from 459 in 2005 to a low of 273 in 2009.   The upside is homes in Arroyo Grande appeared to be selling faster.  After reaching a lengthy time of 98 days in 2007, the number of days needed to market a property shortened to 72 days in 2009. 
While the list-price vs. sale-price ratio also declined during the five-year period, the decrease … (0 comments)

seller information: Templeton Home Sales & Prices: 2005-2009 - 11/14/10 08:20 PM
Templeton appeared to have suffered the least decline in sale prices of single-family homes.  Compared to Atascadero, Paso Robles, Templeton's median sale price decline added to 30%, between 2006 to 2008, and recovered in 2009 with a 8% increase.Like its median sale price, the number of homes sold declined only slightly. 2008 seemed to be the worst year for Templeton in terms of home sales and price declines.   The loss in 2008 was almost regained in 2009, as the number of homes sold spiraled upwards by 14% and sales improved in a jump of 8% in prices.    The downside seems to be length of time needed … (2 comments)

seller information: Paso Robles Home Sales & Prices: 2005-2009 - 11/14/10 08:19 PM
Paso Robles is another city in North San Luis Obispo County that seems to be enjoying an increase in sales of single-family homes.  Since 2008, the number of home sold has risen by 8% to 550 sales and by another 6% to 585 homes in 2009.  It is also encouraging to find that the number of days needed to market a home fell from the high of 100 days in 2007 to 56 days in 2009.   Conversely, sale prices are still declining, like the rest of the County.  Like Atascadero, there is a cummulative loss of 40% in median sale price between 2007-2009.
Notes:The above data is based on sales … (2 comments)

seller information: Atascadero Home Sales & Prices: 2005-2009 - 11/14/10 08:17 PM
The review of home sales and sale prices in Atascadero from 2005 to 2009 showed that the median sale price declined each year since 2007; dropping from a high of $504,783 in 2006 to $331,000 in 2009.  This reflected a cummulative decrease of 40% in a 3-year period.While the number of single-family homes sold fell in 2006 and 2007, the figure picked up in the following two years, ie 2008, and 2009.  During the same two years in 2008 and 2009, the length of marketing time also declined to an average of 55 days in 2009.  These two trends are illustrated in the … (2 comments)

seller information: Electronic Signatures - 11/14/10 08:13 PM
  Effective January 2011, members of the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) will enjoy a new free benefit: ZipLogix Digital InkTM electronic signatures.

ZipLogix Digital InkTM is a digital signature solution for signing C.A.R. forms within ZipForm® 6. Electronic signatures facilitate quick, easy interaction between REALTOR® and client, and encourage a paperless transaction.
As ZipLogix Digital InkTM works seamlessly with ZipForm® 6, allowing REALTORS® to instantly e-mail real estate forms requiring signatures, it eliminates the cost and time expense of printing, faxing, or cross-town meetings to get paper copies signed.
Features of the ZipLogix Digital InkTM program include:
The … (0 comments)

seller information: Tips for a Smooth Escrow - 11/14/10 08:11 PM

Here are the top 10 tips provided by a local title/escrow company that will help to facilitate a smooth escrow and sale:-1.    Provide a completely executed legible contract - all pages should be initialed and signed.  All addendums and counters are to be initialed and signed, with all boxes checked, where appropriate.2.    Provide escrow company with all copies of reports and respective invoices that concern escrow as soon as the reports and invoices become available. Examples include pest and septic tank inspection reports.3.   Advise escrow company if a Natural Hazard Disclosure (NHD) report is to be ordered through escrow, and if so, advise name of NHD … (0 comments)

seller information: Pismo Beach Home Sales & Prices: 2005-2009 - 11/14/10 08:08 PM
While Pismo Beach also suffered price decreases in median sale prices from $765,000 in 2005 to $620,000 in 2009, these decreases are moderate.  Compared to many cities in San Luis Obispo County that saw double-digit declines, Pismo Beach was subject to single-digit declines, beginning with 0.33% in 2005 and ending in a loss of 9% in 2009.Over the five-year period, with the exception of 2007, home sales in Pismo Beach also fell each year.  The lowest number of homes sold in the five-year period was at 91 sales in 2009.  This figure is almost down to half of what sold five years ago.
Additionally, the time … (0 comments)

seller information: Avila Beach Home Sales & Price Review: 2005-2009 - 11/14/10 08:04 PM
Avila Beach is considered, perhaps the most sought-after beach town in San Luis Obispo County, due to its location and very limited supply of homes. Traditionally, Avila Beach has held the highest median sale price in the county.  A review of the home sales and sales prices from 2005-2009 showed that Avila Beach had not been immune to the housing crisis and financial breakdown.The median home price rose by 10% in 2006, and had dropped year over year since 2006 to a low of $631,800 in 2009.  This reflected a cummulative decrease of 32% over the four year period.  The number of homes … (0 comments)

seller information: What does San Luis Obispo and Singapore have in common? - 11/14/10 07:57 PM
San Luis Obispo and Singapore made it to the list as the top four happiest places on earth.  According to ABC's interview with Dan Buettner who researched and published a new book, "Thrive"; Denmark and Nuevo Leon, Mexico also have the highest number of happy residents.  "Thriving is not about just being happy, but involves how one thrives day to day", the author reported.The Danes scored high in job satisfaction.  Apparently, it's not the amount of money one makes.  An annual wage of $75,000 seemed to be the cut-off point on the balance of work and time. Workers in Denmark get to take advantage of a full … (0 comments)

seller information: CAYUCOS: REVIEW OF MEDIAN SALE PRICES IN 2010 - 10/31/10 04:30 PM
        As of October 15, home sales in Cayucos have not been encouraging.  We closed with 35 sales that included sales of all single family properties in Cayucos.  The strongest two months were June and August; each showing six homes sold.                Over the first nine months, the median sales price ranged from a low of $395,000 in August to $852,500 in January, and closing at $650,000 in September.  At current sales level, the 2010 median sales price is projected to reflect either a negligible increase or small decline over 2009 median sale price.        Like in the … (0 comments)

seller information: CAYUCOS: REVIEW OF HOME SALES & MEDIAN SALE PRICES: 2005-2009 - 10/31/10 04:26 PM
        Where are prices headed in Cayucos? It's a million-dollar question for 2010 and the following years.          A study of the home sales for the past five years show that prices are still heading down ~ see chart below:-        The median sales price began at $880,000 in 2005, and declined by 3% to $832,600 in 2006.  In 2007, that median sales price dropped by another 2% to $815,000, and again by 2% to $799,250 in 2008.  The biggest decrease of 23% to $615,500  was registered in 2009.  These decreases are better illustrated in the graph below.        … (0 comments)

seller information: MORRO BAY HOME SALES & PRICE REVIEW 2005-2009 - 10/31/10 04:21 PM
With the exception of home sales, a review of the home sales from 2005 to 2009 in Morro Bay reveals a slow down in median sale prices and decline in yield to sellers.  The issues are compounded by the length of time needed to sell a home in Morro Bay today. 
            As shown in the graph below, median sale price decreased every year from 2005, dropping by 1% to $599,000 in 2006; and by 10% to $539,000 in 2007.  By end 2009, the median price had dropped to $463,000.   The decline could be attributed to … (0 comments)

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