home stager tasmania: When is home staging not really home staging? - 12/25/09 07:51 PM
I recently submitted a post to another group outside Active Rain in relation to the development of the home staging sub-industry of virtual staging.
Virtual staging is the Clayton's Home Staging, the home staging when you don't stage a home. It allows a home owner to have very specific photos taken of their home and then they can select from a range of furnishings and accessories which are then stylishly and digitally applied to the shots to use in marketing.
Don't get me wrong, I love what technology can offer us to make projects faster, more efficient and create better results … (20 comments)

home stager tasmania: Dilemma of a home stager - when to charge? - 08/15/09 01:21 PM
I am a firm believer that an upfront payment is the only way to go in the process of assisting clients sell their house particularly when I have my inventory sitting in their property for an extended period. It is that simple. I get my contract and payment and then the work is done.
But just recently I have been toying with the idea of a different pricing strategy whereby I get half up front and half at settlement of the sale of the home. While this is full of risks, the strategy may also increase the amount of business I … (8 comments)

home stager tasmania: Home staging inventory - when is it time to sell off items? - 07/06/09 04:23 PM
As a home stager with a large inventory of staging items built up over the last three years, there comes a time to decide on what stock needs to be sold off and what needs to be retained in order to remain fresh and fund new purchases
It is a hard process, generally speaking the stock you buy to grow your home staging inventory is kind of like an extension of you and your own tastes combined with your skill in choosing items that will appeal to the widest selection of homes. The thought of getting rid of some elements of … (18 comments)

home stager tasmania: The Shift vacant staging travelling road show! - 05/14/08 12:04 PM
I recently completed a staging project for a vacant property located in a city two hours north of where my inventory and I are based in Hobart, Tasmania. It was on behalf of an interstate developer who managed to find me online through my website who wanted furniture and accessory rental.Although I had not worked in this region before I took the opportunity to present my business and skillset to another audience in the hope that I can further expand the location of my work. The developer was very forward thinking and understood how I wanted to work the project. I … (7 comments)

home stager tasmania: What goes into the property must come out. - 05/26/07 03:08 PM
I recently helped a client set up a a home for a short term rental, one month to be exact. These jobs are quite simple to effect as the client usually has a property lined up and all I need to do is arrange the rental furniture, whitegoods and kitchenware.
On this occasion I used a different supplier than normal to access a 'cost effective' range of products and because this particular supplier could arrange delivery to the property in the two day window I had to get the porject done. All good. Friday came, I signed for the goods and the … (3 comments)

home stager tasmania: A fresh palette - 05/09/07 04:41 PM
The chance to stage an empty property is always an exciting one, you have a fresh canvas to start from and no real hinderance or theme that you have to work from. I recently worked on one of these properties which was an empty apartment in inner Hobart, the capital of Tasmania.
The difficult thing was that this apartment was spread over three different levels, and I was under instruction to only stage the main living area and bedrooms. OK, well how about the other areas of the house? No, just the main living and sleeping quarters. Fresh towels in the bathroom, … (23 comments)

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