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Next week-end, March 7 - 8 is Remember the Alamo Weekend.  The event is FREE. A drama of the events of the final two days (March 5 and 6, 1836) of the 13 day Alamo siege by General Santa Anna's Army will be played out in Alamo Plaza.  The event is presented by The San Antonio Living History Assoc...
In the past few years we have makes a couple of special trips to The Salt Lick BBQ restaurant in Driftwood, Texas, just 30 miles outside of Austin, for their wonderful barbeque.  It's a trip worth taking. What I didn't know is that weddings are also a specialty of The Salt Lick.  For the wedding,...
They are often described on MLS as "cozy" but in reality they can be confining.  I am talking about small homes.  Use a focal point such as a wall of windows or a fireplace at the far end to draw attention, making the house seem larger. An open layout works best in a small home.  If you have what...
I just noticed a featured post by Gene Wunderlich of Temecula, CA, entitled "Fixin To Get Cooked In The Squat" Curious about this Californian that used Texas talk (also Southern talk) in his title, I read his post and then r...
If you are thinking of getting a pet, there are several things you should take into consideration.  Dogs especially are pack animals and can't be left along for long periods of time without attention and interaction with their owner.  They can develop anxiety if left alone too long and you will b...
Real estate guru Barbara Corcoran says that most buyers decide if they want to purchase your home within the first 8 seconds. After the lawn what is the first thing buyers see within 8 seconds before entering your home?  The front door.  I previewed a home this past week that had a great exterio...
Sustainable Homes is a national leader in fully sustainable homes and is based in the Texas Hill Country. Their homes are designed and constructed to be completely sustainable. Features include rain water harvesting, water conservation, a grid-tied photovoltaic system, highly energy efficient bui...
This is an excellent post about non-occupant co-borrowers written by Larry Bettag. Co-Borrowers are borrowers that sign in order to help the main or primary borrower qualify for a loan.  The big hub bub in mortgage banking recently has been Non - Occupant Co-Borrowers.  Non-Occupant Co-Borrowers...
Just three short months and summer will be here.  It's not too soon to start planning your kid's reservations for summer camp. Attending summer camp in The Texas Hill Country is a wonderful summertime memory for many Texans.  Going away to summer camp for the first time can be a daunting experien...
~During the month of March, the Wine & Food Foundation of Texas and the Texas Department of Agriculture will co-sponsor a celebration of Texas agricultural products.  Visitors can sample the best wines produced in the state as well as fresh produce and Texas-raised meats.  The event will be held ...

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