reverse mortgage: Reverse Mortgages for Healthcare Expenses? - 01/19/16 01:50 AM
There are many different reasons why one would consider a reverse mortgage. One is for healthcare expenses. Does it makes sense to take out a reverse mortgage for healthcare expenses? The answer really depends on the individual and their circumstances. 
Unless it is absolutely necessary, yes you should. However, many seniors have completed a reverse mortgage and opted not to spend all the money. Having the money set aside specifically incase of an emergency can be a stress reliever. 
We never know when an emergency will strike. Long term care insurance is often overlooked in our younger years, but as time goes on, … (0 comments)

reverse mortgage: Using a Reverse Mortgage as a Retirement Tool - 12/18/15 12:43 AM
For seniors over the age of 62, some feel their retirement has snuck up on them. Perhaps the massive decline of the stock market in 2008 hampered a retirement account. In instances like this, using a reverse mortgage as a retirement tool  may be a  necessary approach.
Many have resorted of using their retirement savings principal to pay montly bills such as their mortgage. If on a fixed-income, this can be a disastrous scenario. As each and every month, your retirment account is further and further depleted. If this is the case you should look into putting a stop to the madness. 
How … (0 comments)

reverse mortgage: Top 3 Reasons for a Reverse Mortgage in Aventura, FL - 12/15/15 02:34 AM
A reverse mortgage in Aventura, FL can be a great retirement tool in the right circumstances. We would like to share our top 3 reasons for a reverse mortgage in Aventura. According to towncharts, the median age is just over 46 years old. While short 16 years from a reverse mortgage perspective, this data clearly shows that the city is home to many who are approaching, or already in retirement. Some calls that we receive are from children of parents who are in the need of an eliminated mortgage payment in addition to capital. 
We are often asked if there are any other … (0 comments)

reverse mortgage: The Top 3 Reverse Mortgage Disadvantages - 12/14/15 11:50 AM
Lets review the top 3 reverse mortgage disadvantages. Reverse mortgages are a fantastic financial product in the right circumstances, but that doesn't mean that they are perfect.
Those who are in the reverse mortgage industry who are afraid to clearly layout the disadvantages are doing potential clients a disservice. Full transparency allows consumers to make educated decisions and be fully aware of both the pros and cons of the product being offered. 
Top 3 Reverse Mortgage Disadvantages
The first reverse mortgage disadvantage is the upfront costs. Homeowners over the age of 62 who are qualified for reverse mortgages should be made aware of the … (0 comments)

reverse mortgage: How To Protect Yourself from Disreputable Reverse Mortgage Companies - 11/29/15 01:14 AM
There have been numerous amounts of investigations into reverse mortgage lenders, brokers, & companies who are not putting their clients' best interests first. Alarmingly, some are actually putting their own bank account before anything else. There have been many investigations and as a result, prosecutions of those who are knowingly taking advantage of homeowners over the age of 62 seeking additional funds.
Here is a prime example of this taking place to the tune of 2.5 million dollars in Florida. If this homeowner seeking a reverse mortgage in Florida utilized a team who has done due diligence on the companies they work with, this incident … (2 comments)

reverse mortgage: Shop Reverse Mortgages in Florida - A New Concept - 11/20/15 03:42 AM
Imagine a new breed of reverse mortgage company. One who shopped different reverse mortgage brokers and lenders for maximum exposure & reach. Using a precision honed database of reverse mortgage lenders, our team is able to match consumers with the most appropiate lender. Our team does all the due diligence to ensure there is not any negative reviews about a potential reverse mortgage organization. 
I am proud to announce that after months of development, the new website is now live. The website is Shop Reverse Mortgages. Started as a Florida reverse mortgage marketing company, we are working on licensing as we speak and … (13 comments)

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