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Buying a House with a Small Down Payment? It CAN Be Done! Joseph Christopher, Yahoo Contributor Network With the mortgage industry collapse, lending has tightened up to level we haven’t seen since the 1980′s. Gone are the proliferation of no money down mortgages, and for good reason, but that doe...
Short Sale Road Rules: 2014 Short Sale Outlook By Joseph Alfe   Lately, there has been much made of the current “housing recovery,” with many thinking that the market turn around has begun and that the end is near for short sales.  I could not disagree more, and here’s why:   Has the market recov...
Five Useful Tips to Set a Real Estate Agent Apart from the Crowd Joseph Christopher, Yahoo Contributor Network Are you a successful real estate agent? What helps you achieve your success? © Andy Dean - - Have a Meaningful Web PresenceYes, I know, you've been told a thousand times to g...

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A place where Real Estate professionals can talk about short sale successes, failures, and strategy. If we all work together, we can navigate this complex, ever changing, and unprecedented market.