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The Short Sale Specialist Network is a nationwide network of Realtors(R) who specialize in helping home owners avoid a foreclosure by working a short sale. Our company works with thousands of pre-screened sellers around the country ever month, referring them to preffered partner members of our network We offer unparalleled FREE resources for agents who work short sales, as well as a short sale training program and referral program. Visit our main agent site at



It is not very often that I send out a sales pitch email message to our network, and this is my first ever email regarding Official Membership in our organization. If you have yet to join our ranks, this is something you should definitely check out and consider for two VERY important reasons - 1...
  San Antonio TX Short Sale Realtors llllll Many Texas homeowners are taking advantage of short sales while getting out of debt and moving on with their lives. However, many struggling homeowners are still unaware that alternatives to foreclosure even exist. With help from an experienced San Ant...
  St. Augustine FL Short Sale Realtors llllll As Florida's housing market continues to struggle, homeowners are desperately seeking solutions to their debt problem. Contrary to popular belief, short sales really do work. However, there is one catch, it is absolutely necessary to hire an experienc...
   Madison WI Short Sale Realtors llllll As the U.S. economy continues to struggle, or even takes a "double dip" as some economists are stating, many homeowners are finding themselves underwater on their properties. If this is you, a Madison WI short sale Realtor is just what you need. A short sa...
   Memphis Short Sale Realtors llllll Like many other Americans, you may be finding it difficult to afford your undervalued home. As opposed to what many believe, foreclosure is not your only option! A Memphis short sale Realtor takes place when a borrower sells their home for less than they owe ...
  Milwaukee Short Sale Realtors llllll - What is a Milwaukee short sale? A short sale can take place when a homeowner owes more on their property than it could sell for in today's market. Their lender then allows them to sell the home for a discounted amount. - How do you qualify for a short sale...
  Oklahoma City Short Sale Realtors llllll Do you fear foreclosure is right around the corner? We have great news for you! There ARE alternatives to foreclosure! Oklahoma City short sales have become increasingly common over the past few years and have proven themselves successful in helping home...
  Pittsburgh PA Short Sale Realtors llllll Like many other homeowners in America, you may feel tied down to your underwater property. Unfortunately, many struggling borrowers are unaware that there is a way out. When a lender allows a borrower to sell their home short, for an amount that does not...
     The long term issuer Default Ratings (IDRs) of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Fitch Ratings, has just confirmed both Government Sponsored Enterprises credit ratings will remain at 'AAA'.  This is of course simply due to the fact that Fannie and Freddie ARE Government Sponsored ...
The FHFA press release accompanying the RFI suggests heavily that a rental option exists.“The RFI appears to be focused on ways to get investors to buy REO, particularly in bulk transactions," Mortgage Bankers Association President David H. Stevens said on a “State of Foreclosure Prevention” con...

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Short Sale Specialist Network

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The Short Sale Specialist Network is a nationwide network of Realtors(R) who specialize in helping home owners avoid a foreclosure by working a short sale. Our organization works with thousands of home owners each month, referring them to preferred partner members of our network.


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