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I appreciate all of the comments and clarifications.  You raise many valid issues. I wrote the blog primarily from the point of view of a North Carolina attorney as that is where my practice is, but many of the issues are valid in all states.  I certainly understand that the state attorney bar as...
Completing a short sale involves much more than just sending in an offer that the bank accepts. By definition the Seller’s mortgage and judgment lien debts must be negotiated.  There are three issues of liability that face the real estate agent and/or a third party facilitator who takes on the jo...
I should start off by clarifying that the bank the mortgage payment is going to usually does not own the loan.  Most often they are just servicing the loan.  The loan is owned by an “investor.”  That could be another bank, a hedge fund, an investment group, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, a company or a...
The Wilde Law Firm is a North Carolina law firm that concentrates exclusively on negotiating short sales.  We handle short sale files day in and day out.  We keep an eye on any trends or changes on how banks/servicers handle short sales from week to week.  At the present time we are receiving mos...

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