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IT'S BUYING SEASON IN FLORIDA!What You Need to Know...With the start of the New Year, the home-buying frenzy begins in Florida. With competition between new Florida residents fleeing the cold, and families looking for a new or bigger home, the market is prime for both buyers and sellers. Financin...
Memorial Day Facts You Didn't Know... Originally known as Decoration Day, May 30th honored the 620,000 soldiers who died during the American Civil War. Soldiers graves were decorated with flowers, wreaths, and flags. In 1868, President Ulysses S. Grant presided over the first Memorial Day ceremon...
Yes, it’s true. The title is not “click-bait.” Our home was recently burglarized. We are fortunate that the perpetrators were nabbed by the police, however, that it is NOT the case with most robberies. Although much of our property was recovered, thanks to my son’s investigative determination (he...
Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Veterans Day! On November 11th we come together as a nation to honor all those that have served in our military. Here are some fun facts you may not have known about Veterans Day.  Armistice Day, as it was originally called, was first celebrated on November...
So you’re ready to sell your home and you want top dollar. Hold on! Before you put your house on the market, here’s Part 1 of my top things NOT to do… 1. First impressions are EVERYTHING…How can you convince buyers that the inside of your property is worth top dollar if the outside is neglected? ...
WHOA…INTEREST RATES DEFYING GRAVITY!So why is it that the Federal Reserve raised the federal funds rate, but mortgage rates just fell for the third week in a row, and well below 4%, again?Although the Fed’s rate change doesn’t directly affect the long-term mortgage interest rates, it does “encour...
GET READY!  Saturday, October 3rd is the date set by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) to institute some of the biggest changes in decades to the real estate lending and closing process. Originally set for August 1st, the CFPB moved the start date to allow lenders and title companies ...
The crazy stock market ride of the past week has driven down the 30-year mortgage rate to 3.84%, its lowest level since May.The extreme panic in the stock market sent investors to the safety of the U.S. government bond market.  The 10-year Treasury bond, which fell below 2% at the beginning of la...
  Ok, so we don't need Jack Nicholson yelling at us about handling the truth, as in A Few Good Men.  But, we do need a reality check before setting out to buy or sell a home.Keep in mind that real estate is a sales industry.  Gimmicky advertising, flashy photos, and fast talkin’ sales agents ofte...
 Yes, I admit it!  At times, I can be a word snob when it comes to the proper use of real estate and financing terms.  For goodness sakes, I still find it difficult just to end a sentence with a preposition, even though the “grammar police” is more accepting of where you put the preposition at.  ...


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