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  Located 38 miles from Mt Pleasant SC and 15 miles from Andrews SC Jamestown is a small community nestled in the edge of Francis Marion National Forest. A small town with lots of charm Jamestown is home to the Hell Hole Swamp festival, which is held yearly on the first weekend in May. The festi...
As I sit here watching the wind and rain outside and listening to the thunder I find myself thanking God that this time my family and friends are for the most part out of the path of the storm. While I hope the areas still in harms way are suprised by the lack of damage, I just wanted to take a m...
Shown above are a couple of maps of the city of Georgetowns Historic District. Located between Charleston SC and Myrtle Beach SC Georgetown was founded in 1732 and is the 3rd oldest city in SC. These maps show the general location of parks and many areas of interset but there are a multitude of ...
To all the people living in NC, Virginia, and other areas still in Irenes path I truly hope the storm misses you! I live in Georgetown SC, right on the coast. While I admit to being thankful the storm seems to be passing us by I just wanted to reach out and let the residents who are still in harm...
In a small town it is hard to get anything accomplished fast. That being said I would like to applaud the small town of Andrews for (in my opinion) taking a giant step towards protecting its citizens. Recently the town adopted an emergency ordinance banning the sale, possession, and use of produc...
Pictured above the CHAIR-man of the board and the companies technology officer lounging in their favorite spot, their dads recliner.     As I sit here blogging I have to describe my surroundings so you get an understanding of what im up against. In my home office my 2 year old son has found the ...
  What travelors see     What travelors may not see       To all the readers who do not know, Georgetown SC is a historic town that was started in 1729 and is the third oldest city in SC after Charleston and Beaufort. Most of the historic sites are located in the Historic district downtown. Many ...
Just thought I would take a moment to comment on the weather in the Georgetown SC area. I am fairly aware that much of the country is experiencing a heat wave, however there truly is a difference in sitting in an air conditioned room and watching it on tv rather than being out in it! I would advi...


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