georgetown sc: Wishing everyone a safe and happy New years! - 12/30/11 07:06 AM
I just wanted to take a moment and say "Happy New year!" I appreciate all those who have been a part of my business and life in the past year and I genuinely hope you have a great coming year. To everyone out celebrating this weekend I wish you a safe and happy holiday and a fabulous New Year! Be safe and enjoy!

georgetown sc: So how are the Holidays affecting you? - 12/28/11 10:07 AM
Everyone has a different opinion on the effect the Holidays have on the volume of people purchasing homes. Locally I have always thought that my business suffered due to people preparing for Christmas and recovering all the way into the middle of January. Many people have said "we decided to wait until after the first of the year" regarding purchases. This year it seems that activity spiked right before Christmas which is not normal for me and caught me a little by surprise. After doing a little research I found that locally the number of closed sales actually decreased last month … (0 comments)

georgetown sc: Happy Thanksgiving from Georgetown SC! - 11/23/11 06:07 AM
As we all enjoy our Thanksgiving holiday this year I think its totally important for us to realize all that we have to be thankful for. I personally am thankful for each of my blessings and hope every person who reads this has a Blessed and safe holiday. Take care and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

georgetown sc: Are short sales outgrowing foreclosure? - 11/11/11 06:11 AM
After taking a long hard look at my current business model and receiving some education regarding short sales I have come to embrace a totally new view of the future of our market. Granted this is only my opinion but after looking into a few things I beleive that Short sales are on the rise PERMANENTLY. Now many would ask how I come to that conclussion and I would start with just some common sense reasons to back up my opinion. First off, short sales save lenders money by eliminating the costly procedure of foreclosure. Second, short sales limit liability. Third, … (3 comments)

georgetown sc: Map Of Historic Georgetown SC - 08/26/11 04:19 AM

Shown above are a couple of maps of the city of Georgetowns Historic District. Located between Charleston SC and Myrtle Beach SC Georgetown was founded in 1732 and is the 3rd oldest city in SC. These maps show the general location of parks and many areas of interset but there are a multitude of interesting facts and things to do in Georgetown that these maps do not show. If you would like more info on Georgetown SC or a list of available properties in the area please call Sid Ackerman at 843 240 4987.

georgetown sc: Heres hoping Irene takes a right! - 08/25/11 06:08 AM
To all the people living in NC, Virginia, and other areas still in Irenes path I truly hope the storm misses you! I live in Georgetown SC, right on the coast. While I admit to being thankful the storm seems to be passing us by I just wanted to reach out and let the residents who are still in harms way know we here in SC will be praying for you. Good luck, Gods speed, and lets all just hope the weathermen are wrong!

georgetown sc: Banning "Bath Salts" in SC - 08/23/11 05:10 AM
In a small town it is hard to get anything accomplished fast. That being said I would like to applaud the small town of Andrews for (in my opinion) taking a giant step towards protecting its citizens. Recently the town adopted an emergency ordinance banning the sale, possession, and use of products known as bath salts and spice. While "spice" refers to a potpourri substance being used like synthetic Marijuana the bath salts are much more dangerous. For those unfamiliar with these substances please allow me to give you a crash course. These salts are being sold at local convinced stores … (7 comments)

georgetown sc: Keeping a balance, work and family - 08/11/11 11:28 AM

Pictured above the CHAIR-man of the board and the companies technology officer lounging in their favorite spot, their dads recliner.
As I sit here blogging I have to describe my surroundings so you get an understanding of what im up against. In my home office my 2 year old son has found the thrill of a lifetime playing in my laptop bag on the floor. I have a pile of UN-filed reports/agreements on my desk and I just got done with a visitor at my door which wasn't related to work. Now i know what many of you … (0 comments)

georgetown sc: Georgetown SC drainage project (what tourist see vs what is here) - 08/10/11 04:43 AM

What travelors see

What travelors may not see
To all the readers who do not know, Georgetown SC is a historic town that was started in 1729 and is the third oldest city in SC after Charleston and Beaufort. Most of the historic sites are located in the Historic district downtown. Many of the local businesses are centered on front street, nestled nicely on the waterfront. Recently the city (in conjunction with the DOT) has started a major drainage project that has cut off the main entrance to front street, causing a major … (0 comments)

georgetown sc: The heat in SC! - 08/07/11 06:55 AM
Just thought I would take a moment to comment on the weather in the Georgetown SC area. I am fairly aware that much of the country is experiencing a heat wave, however there truly is a difference in sitting in an air conditioned room and watching it on tv rather than being out in it! I would advise everyone who has to be out in this weather for any period of time to stay hydrated! I dont have to be out in it a lot but I had to work outside for a couple of hours and I returned soaked! Be … (3 comments)

georgetown sc: Buying a home, Price versus Cost - 06/03/11 12:29 PM
 After reading a recent article in Realtor Magazine (3 Questions you need to help Buyers Answer April/May issue 2011) I started thinking about some issues buyers should look at when considering whether to buy a home or wait on prices to fall further. The info below is just my opinion and the example is a random amount I used for the sake of ease. All calculations were done on a simple loan calculator available online and all readers are encouraged to use their own numbers and interest rates to see how the interest rate could affect them personally.
In this post … (1 comments)

georgetown sc: A little laughter about REO purchases - 05/26/11 01:16 PM
After working with REO properties for a while I can now look back and laugh at a few things that I have learned over the years. While an average purchaser may not be able to relate to these,  REO professionals may get a good chuckle. Please keep in mind that these are meant as humor and make fun of a set of circumstances, not the industry as a whole. In many cases most of these are not true but all of us has had a deal that this will remind you of. Here are the top five (in no particular order) … (0 comments)

georgetown sc: Crazy weather in Andrews, SC - 05/10/11 02:36 PM
I hope the rest of the area doesnt get the hail we just had! Attached is a pic to show the size but suffice it to say this is the worst hail I have ever seen in this town! I have seen pics posted by others of much larger pieces! This year is one of the worst that I can remember weather wise. I bet the local insurance companies will be busy tomorrow!

georgetown sc: Hardees - 03/29/11 12:22 PM
The Hardees in Georgetown has a problem. Its not the food or the service or any of the problems you usually expect from a fast food joint. This problem is actually a good one to have, as problems go. The drive thru is too small! Almost every morning you go by you can see vehicles backed up to the road, waiting to get some breakfast. Now I am no efficiency expert but speaking from my own experience I can say that this is a major deterrent to customers. I actually pulled in the other morning only to realize that there wasn't … (0 comments)

georgetown sc: A brief overview of Georgetown SC - 02/08/11 12:16 PM

   Where to start? I guess the beginning is the best and only place. For those of you that don't know (most of you I suppose) this is my first blog. I have been in the local real estate market here in Georgetown SC for a few years and I am finally starting to blog in the hopes of sharing relevant info that people will find useful. I have lived in the Georgetown SC area all my life (except for a 4 year stint in the USMC) and love the laid back lifestyle the area provides. Located directly between … (1 comments)

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