rants: Just a random rant about cellphones - 08/08/13 07:30 AM
Hello. When I call your cellphone, I do not want to hear that perky phone lady say, "Please enjoy the music...." I never enjoy the music.
For one thing, it comes on so loud that it hurts my ear. For another, the song is lame. Forget about what your choice of music says about you—the fact that you're using this option on your mobile phone tells me all I need to know.
Also, please go in your phone settings and remove the message telling me I have the option to press a number when I'm finished leaving a voicemail or just hang up.
I am … (3 comments)

rants: Bitch, bitch, bitch... annoyances have been piling up, so here goes - 02/10/10 11:10 AM
Annoying item #1: people seem to want to mispronounce the word "often" now. The t is silent! Please stop hurting my ears with Off-Ten.
Annoying item #2 that's been bugging me for years: please stop writing "comprised of." It's "composed of," or "comprises."
Today's annoying item #3: I woke up with a headache today. I took two ibuprofen on an empty stomach out of desperation as I headed out in the sleet to show office space. That made my stomach a little upset, but I ate a stale granola bar to compensate.
(Come to think of it, that's annoying item #4: I bought a whole variety … (11 comments)

rants: My first - and possibly last - short sale transaction - 02/10/09 02:49 AM
Well, we're waiting for the litigator for the lender to reply to his numerous voicemails, faxes, and e-mails. His boss said he was "one of the best" they have and didn't know why he wasn't getting back to the listing agent. He had responded very quickly with a counter to a previous offer. It was not accepted, but he agreed to the listing agent's suggestion of dropping the price.
But when my client made a full-price offer, all-cash, set to close in 10 days, he suddenly vanished.
- Did he get in trouble for agreeing to the lower price?
- Is he … (7 comments)

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