realtor life: Just a random rant about cellphones - 08/08/13 07:30 AM
Hello. When I call your cellphone, I do not want to hear that perky phone lady say, "Please enjoy the music...." I never enjoy the music.
For one thing, it comes on so loud that it hurts my ear. For another, the song is lame. Forget about what your choice of music says about you—the fact that you're using this option on your mobile phone tells me all I need to know.
Also, please go in your phone settings and remove the message telling me I have the option to press a number when I'm finished leaving a voicemail or just hang up.
I am … (3 comments)

realtor life: More listing agent remarks on the MLS! - 02/17/12 11:14 PM
I have been very busy in San Antonio real estate sales so far this year. As I've conducted searches for my home buying clients, I have run across more delightful remarks from listing agents describing the features of the homes and neighborhoods they are marketing.
Here we go:
-  Peer into your neighborhood from your porch area
-  This home has a state of the ark swimming pool.
-  Located in a knuckle sac with an extra-long driveway that can fit SIX … (12 comments)

realtor life: Dear Agent: It's not your call! - 01/23/12 10:09 AM
I wrote a post a couple of years ago about some San Antonio real estate agents overstepping their bounds, in my opinion, by requiring all home sellers to purchase a new survey, even if the existing survey is acceptable.
Something along the same lines happened just the other day. In talking with an agent whose listing in north-central San Antonio has been vacant for months, I suggested that my buyers might want to sign a temporary lease for a few days. They are crammed into an extended-stay motel, and would love to start moving their items out of storage and cleaning the house. In addition, … (8 comments)

realtor life: I'm off to do listing maintenance on a dreary Sunday morning - 11/21/10 03:07 AM
One of my listings is scheduled for yet another second showing this afternoon. This home has been under contract twice, and both times the buyers have backed out for personal reasons. The worst part is that it has now been on the market for 82 days. Although that is way under the average time on the market in San Antonio, it is still dragging my average listing time down!
So today I am going to go over there again, as I do at least once a week, to water the flowers, check that it's clean (especially the bathrooms) and still smells good, remove … (10 comments)

realtor life: A warm office and a good view make it easier to report for duty - 11/14/10 01:55 AM

Last week I finally did something I should have done a couple of years ago: I replaced the single-paned windows in my home office with double-paned ones.
In the winter, my office is easily the coldest room in the house, since it was originally a covered patio, later enclosed. The cold temperature in the morning makes my computer hard to start. I'm not kidding. It took me hours of work, research, and frustration the last two winters trying to figure out why my hard drive wouldn't boot up properly. The problem would magically go away in the spring. Instead of replacing the computer, which was not even … (6 comments)

realtor life: They who serve and protect will also check out open houses - 07/13/10 01:17 PM
It happens to all real estate agents at some point! Alan shows grace under pressure.

"Here's the lock box code... I'll be there in about a half hour", were the instructions I received from the listing agent, who asked me to "open" his broker's tour today.  He was running a touch late, and wanted me to get the house open for any agents who might show right away.
[enter combo code]... click, the door opens... and I hear that familiar - beep, beep, beep -
"What is it?" I ask myself.  "Is a garbage truck backing up?"... "someone playing Playstation?"... … (3 comments)

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