rental homes: Which is better: short or long? - 02/21/15 10:36 PM
If you are considering buying a vacation home, for instance on Canyon Lake, Lake McQueeney, or the Guadalupe River in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, you may be wondering about renting it out when you're not using it. The income could offset some of your costs and make your second home more of an investment.
The question is whether to rent it out short- or long-term. There are some big differences between the two scenarios.
Drawing on years of experience owning and managing rental properties, and leasing them both short- and long-term, I've come up with some things for you to … (2 comments)

rental homes: San Antonio foreclosure filings falling - try saying that 3 times fast - 02/24/14 11:48 PM

It’s getting harder and harder to get a deal on a foreclosure in the San Antonio metro. There are fewer foreclosed properties on the market every month in Bexar County, continuing a decline that began in the fall of 2012.
Because of demand outstripping supply, and the increase of home prices in San Antonio overall, asking prices are higher now, and they often receive multiple offers.
In March, 497 properties are scheduled for auction at the courthouse. This represents a 31% decrease from March of last year and 29% compared to the first quarter of 2013, according to research … (0 comments)

rental homes: Choose your tenants before you choose your rental property - 11/14/10 05:53 AM
There's a saying that if you really want to get to know somebody, hire them or marry them. There is another way: rent to them.
It's important to decide in advance what kind of people you want to deal with as tenants. Even if you hire a property manager to fade the heat, your renters are going to be very important people in your life. The kind of home you buy as a rental will determine your tenant mix.
If you want income, go ahead and invest in less-expensive houses that you can rent at a higher ratio of rent-to-sales price. … (5 comments)

rental homes: Don't buy the tenants along with the rental property - 11/12/10 04:21 AM
Interest rates are at historic lows, and rental rates are good in San Antonio, Texas. When buyers consider a single- or multifamily property for investment, one question they don't always think about long enough is whether to go for instant rental income or start from scratch.
Many investors think they only want to purchase a rental property if it's fully occupied. However, consider that it would be better to start with one that is partially or fully vacant.
Why? There are two main reasons that owners of rental properties put them on the market for sale:
1.       They need the money to retire debt or invest in … (4 comments)

rental homes: Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine picks San Antonio, Texas, as a great place to invest - 05/17/10 04:50 AM
The May/June 2010 issue of Personal Real Estate Investor magazine focuses on San Antonio, and quotes me. Here is the description of the article from their website:
San Antonio, Texas - River City Returns - Five State Lone Star Values - Steeped in Texas history this gem on the edge of Texas hill country attracts investors with good deals in good neighborhoods.
Along with the owner of a property management company and a real estate agent who wholesales properties, I was asked for my recommendations on investing in San Antonio real estate. You can buy a copy from newsstands to see what I said about … (3 comments)

rental homes: Good news for northeast San Antonio: a new neighbor is coming to Schertz, Texas - 03/24/10 02:56 AM
The Schertz-Cibolo real estate market has fared pretty well during the economic downturn, even better than the rest of San Antonio. Homes continue to sell, including new home inventories. Nearby employers include Randolph AFB, located in nearby Universal City, and Fort Sam Houston and Brooke Army Medical Center. And now there is some more good news for the northeast part of San Antonio, just outside of Bexar County.

The giant food-product distributor Sysco is purchasing land to build a new 600,000-SF distribution facility off in Schertz, moving its Round Rock and San Antonio locations there upon completion. Construction is estimated … (12 comments)

rental homes: are you an out of state or out of country investor - 10/28/09 01:47 AM
The low low low asking prices of real estate in Detroit are well-known. Plus, TIME magazine is focusing on the city as part of a year-long study, so more investors are becoming aware of the city as a long-term investment possibility.
Russ has some valuable advice for them in his post:

 and have a few thousand bucks to invest.  But is Detroit the place to invest your money? Sure you may have never heard of such low home prices.  Yes homes in your country or state may be much higher.  In fact they may be hundred of thousands of dollars higher.  But … (0 comments)

rental homes: It happened to me! And I reacted just the way any other seller would - 07/25/09 02:49 AM
After our last batch of tenants moved out, I decided it was time to sell this rental house and simplify my life a little. It was our first home when my husband and I moved back to San Antonio, and it became our first rental property when we found a better home for our needs. It's in Oak Hills Terrace, a quiet neighborhood close to the Medical Center, with big, tree-filled yards and actual 2-car garages, so I hoped it would sell quickly.

I replaced the vinyl flooring downstairs with ceramic tile, totally repainted the interior of the home, and replaced all … (4 comments)

rental homes: You know you need a vacation when you forgot you sold a home - 07/19/09 03:43 AM
Up until yesterday, I thought there were only two streets in San Antonio on which I'd sold more than one home. But as I was going through my spreadsheet and updating my sales data from last week's closings, I realized that I had another street to add to my list. I had just sold a nice rental home in Kenton Place, a neighborhood convenient to the Medical Center, UT Health Science Center, UTSA, and USAA.
Now, San Antonio is a big city--the seventh-largest in the US, according to the latest census data. And I do work all over the northern half of the metro area, … (9 comments)

rental homes: More jobs means more homes selling - 07/04/09 03:24 AM
Workforce Solutions Alamo conducted a study, reported in the San Antonio Business Journal recently, showing the need for more skilled people to fill jobs in 33 categories. Five of these growing occupations are considered "green."Here is the link to the article.
(I noticed that one of the jobs is that of loan officer.)
San Antonio was fifth on the list of cities experiencing a net gain in population as more people move to the metro area in search of jobs. This data is from the US Census for 2007-2008, and showed a 1.9% increase in population.More jobs mean more prospective tenants in search … (3 comments)

rental homes: This is the kind of message from tenants that you want to receive! - 02/11/09 05:30 AM
Note: I've changed the names of these lovely tenants so nobody tries to steal them away from me!
From: Robin RogersSubject: Lease extension
Hi, Amanda and Guillermo:
Your lease expires (already!) on March 1. Since I haven't heard from you, I presume you are planning to stay on? What are your plans? Has the office reorganization been put on hold?
The taxes and mortgage payment went up last fall by $27/month, unfortunately. So I am thinking of splitting the difference and changing the rent to $990. This wouldn't start until April so you have time to adjust the payroll withdrawal. I'm … (3 comments)

rental homes: Good tenants, bad tenants - looking back over my rental property history - 11/12/08 02:48 AM
I was a tenant many times and long before I was a landlady, and I've lived in a lot of apartments and houses. I try to learn from my mistakes, and it's helped to relate my experience of being a tenant to owning and managing rental properties. Thinking back over the years, here are my observations as a landlady, leasing agent, and property manager:
About a few of my good tenants:
A very young couple, her sister, and their dog in a 4-bedroom house. The girl gave me a handwritten letter with her application explaining her shoplifting conviction. I gave them a chance, and they were grateful. They were … (14 comments)

rental homes: Some rental home possibilities for investment in northwest San Antonio, Texas - 11/11/08 05:16 AM
I recently showed a small sample of potential single-family rental homes in northwest San Antonio near the Medical Center, USAA, UTSA, and west towards Lackland AFB, Sea World, and the financial and data centers off Highway 151. My client was only in town for the afternoon, and had been delayed to boot. I only had time to show a sampling of homes out of the list of candidates I had made in the representative neighborhoods that I drove through.

I only included homes and neighborhoods that attract tenants who can afford to pay from $1,000 to $1,400 in rent. Less than that, and there can be income … (2 comments)

rental homes: Christmas in San Antonio - 12/12/07 07:33 AM
It has been warm, rainy, and muggy in San Antonio the last few days, but blue skies and sunshine will return soon. Winter in San Antonio is great, since bad weather never sticks around for more than a couple of days before the sun comes out again. It can be cold or rainy, but seldom both for long, and I have spent many a Christmas Day at a barbecue or picnic.As far as investment real estate is concerned, the holidays are traditionally slow, a good time for bargain hunting. There are a lot of properties on the market. Those in good condition, … (10 comments)

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