rentals: Pelicans and Craigslist - 01/13/11 11:59 AM

I am very frustrated with Craigslist in Corpus Christi. I have two vacant units in a fourplex for rent there, and since September, my advertisements on Craigslist have been getting flagged, deleted, and ghosted. I don't know who's doing it, but I discovered that my ads aren't the only ones. I am getting very anxious about renting these units, as you can imagine.
But as I was going through some photos of Corpus Christi and Port Aransas today, I found several that reminded me of why I went there in the first place. It's a great place to relax and … (6 comments)

rentals: What should real estate investors expect from their buyer's agent? - 12/03/10 02:50 AM
A question asked by a new real-estate investor on a real-estate forum got me thinking. Should you expect your agent to send you the hottest deals the instant they appear? What about lowering their commission as your buyer's agent, since you may be buying (and possibly selling) several properties? I disagree with many investors who think that there are no deals to be found on the MLS; that they are all FSBOs, wholesales, or REOs (which are also on the MLS). I've found plenty of deals on the MLS. The asking price is not the final sales price. Some sellers will negotiate. … (4 comments)

rentals: Investing in real estate? Be wise like an owl, not quick like a bunny - 09/03/10 06:42 AM
Greg Nino recently posted has some great advice, some of it tactfully worded, for prospective investors in real estate.
Like Greg, I have heard it all before, and I don't spend time working with investors who won't provide proof of the following important criteria:
- ability to follow through on a purchase with cash or financing already in place
- loyalty; or at least appreciation for all my research, expense, and time to check out properties on their behalf
- most of all, that they'll listen when I tell them what neighborhoods they won't make any money in.
The low prices for real … (4 comments)

rentals: San Antonio, Texas, real estate market news round-up - 12/30/09 10:32 AM
The San Antonio residential real estate market is finally - back to normal. Existing home sales increased by a whopping 52 percent from November of last year. Most of the home sales, some 76 percent according to the San Antonio Board of Realtors, were in the price range under $200,000. This is most likely due to the first time home buyer tax credit.

However, foreclosure filings in Bexar County are at a record high number of 1,652 for January. If there is a silver lining, it is that this spells more opportunities for home buyers, as well as real estate … (7 comments)

rentals: Investors "swooping in" on foreclosured homes - like vultures! Bad investors. Bad! - 01/13/09 01:29 AM
I had an e-mail this morning from someone wanting me to sign up for a short-sale course for Realtors. In order to convince me, for some reason, she included the following scary article, attributed to the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News. The bolding for emphasis is mine.
------------- ... Investors are swooping in and buying and accounting for most of the rise in sales.
"While the purchases are trimming the inventory of unsold properties, most of those bought by speculators will likely return to the market when prices rise again, hampering any recovery", said Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz and Yale University Professor … (10 comments)

rentals: Good tenants, bad tenants - looking back over my rental property history - 11/12/08 02:48 AM
I was a tenant many times and long before I was a landlady, and I've lived in a lot of apartments and houses. I try to learn from my mistakes, and it's helped to relate my experience of being a tenant to owning and managing rental properties. Thinking back over the years, here are my observations as a landlady, leasing agent, and property manager:
About a few of my good tenants:
A very young couple, her sister, and their dog in a 4-bedroom house. The girl gave me a handwritten letter with her application explaining her shoplifting conviction. I gave them a chance, and they were grateful. They were … (14 comments)

rentals: Some rental home possibilities for investment in northwest San Antonio, Texas - 11/11/08 05:16 AM
I recently showed a small sample of potential single-family rental homes in northwest San Antonio near the Medical Center, USAA, UTSA, and west towards Lackland AFB, Sea World, and the financial and data centers off Highway 151. My client was only in town for the afternoon, and had been delayed to boot. I only had time to show a sampling of homes out of the list of candidates I had made in the representative neighborhoods that I drove through.

I only included homes and neighborhoods that attract tenants who can afford to pay from $1,000 to $1,400 in rent. Less than that, and there can be income … (2 comments)

rentals: Health care, bio science, medical research and education: $ for San Antonio, Texas - 10/20/08 02:14 AM
According to a recent study conducted by researchers at San Antonio's Trinity University, the economic impact of San Antonio's health care and bioscience industry grew by $1 billion to $16.3 billion from last year. In addition, 3,600 jobs were added. Currently, 116,417 of jobs in healthcare account for one out of seven in the San Antonio area and represent $4.5 billion in wages. These positions include delivery of medical services, bio-research, health insurance, and related industries.
These jobs do not include those of approximately 12,000 staff and faculty positions at Wilford Hall Medical Center at Lackland AFB, Brooke Army Medical Center … (2 comments)

rentals: Hey, I thought I had good tenants living in my rental house! - 09/30/08 03:37 AM
Many new landlords are surprised and upset when they discover that after their tenants have moved out, they still need to spend some money on the property before it is ready to be leased again. These folks paid their rent on time and kept the house and yard in good shape, and you were looking forward to getting somebody new in the door right away.
It is almost impossible for tenants to leave the house in better condition than it was before they moved in. No matter how well they take care of your property, there will still be nail holes and marks … (2 comments)

rentals: What services should a real-estate investor expect from a Realtor? - 12/31/07 03:38 AM
I recently answered some questions on a forum from a beginning real-estate investor. He was wondering if he should try to find an experienced agent (possibly unwilling to cut commissions or even work with an investor) or someone new and "hungry." I thought my opinion might be interesting to other agents and investors, so here it is...
...after the obligatory photo* of the San Antonio River Walk's cypress trees and bridges all lit up for Christmas. On Saturday night, I went to dinner at Biga on the Banks, in what used to be the San Antonio public library across from the Granada apartments. My grandmother lived there for 20 years … (7 comments)

rentals: San Antonio summer market report - 08/05/07 11:07 AM
San Antonio is still in great shape, stabilizing after two banner years. It is turning into a "normal" market, with fewer buyers and more homes for sale; resale sales were 17% less in June 2007 than a year earlier. The inventory is up by 72% in the same time period. Many local real estate professionals blame the relentless rain, and now that the rain has moved on (for now), there should be an increase in showings and sales, especially as the beginning of the school year approaches.
Another reason for the decrease in buyers is that fewer investors and second-home buyers … (2 comments)

rentals: Northwest vs. northeast San Antonio - 05/23/07 03:13 AM
As a Realtor specializing in rental properties for investors, I spend a lot of time looking at market data on both sales and rentals, both price and days on market, for properties offering comparable features. I compare the sales price to typical rental rates in various neighborhoods, looking for cash flow. Over the last couple of years, I've found that prices for homes in the North East school district, which covers north-central and -east San Antonio, to be a bit lower than they were last year. Several neighborhoods look as if they'd be good prospects for rental investment.One of the most important … (5 comments)

rentals: San Antonio ZIP codes and neighborhoods for rentals - 05/23/07 03:02 AM
One of my investor clients wrote me: "I hadn't been looking at the 40 or 29 zip codes. Are these similar to 49, 50, and 54? Also, would you comment further on Stone Oaks and Westover Hills?"And I answered in my usual brief fashion:The 78240 and '29 zip codes are east and west of the Medical Center. Most of those neighborhoods have older homes or condos. The 78249 zip code is oddly shaped and goes in general north of the Medical Center. The '50 and '54 are to the west and are the newer tract home subdivisions as well as the … (0 comments)

rentals: Jobs = tenants = $ - 05/23/07 02:59 AM
From Money magazine online, San Antonio ranks 14 out of 15 for job growth prospects, with a 2-year forecast of 4.2%. New jobs are coming up with Affiliated Computer Services, Fort Sam Houston, and Washington Mutual, planning to hire 3,000 new employees for its new operations center. Microsoft is building a $550 million data center, set to open in 2009. In addition, there are three research labs here, and on the drawing board are plans to bid on a $450 million federal vaccine lab.
Check out The whole story 
San Antonio is still growing and appreciating and diversifying. Rehabbing and remodeling in gentrifying neighborhoods and in … (3 comments)

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