schertz homes: Five things I am grateful for in my real estate business - 11/20/15 11:12 PM
The folks at Happy Grasshopper suggested a post about the five things I am grateful for, and it started me thinking.
My real estate career in San Antonio is a huge part of my life. (Some might say too much!) It's not a hobby or a side business, it's a calling. And it's not a numbers game, it's all about people. So my list of five things I am grateful for is actually a list of people I am grateful to and for.
First of all, I am grateful for two of my mentors: Pam and Rich O'Bryant. As experienced agents, they conducted … (6 comments)

schertz homes: 5 extra things that help sell your home - 08/12/15 11:11 PM
Selling your home? Here are five “extra” things, three of which you can do that you might not have thought of. And two factors you have no control over, but that you (or your agent) could highlight in your marketing:
1.   Your “staged” front porch, patio, or deck
A park bench on the front porch evokes a sense of community. A bistro set on the patio or balcony makes buyers dream of sipping morning lattes or afternoon margaritas while enjoying the fresh air. If you have any outdoor space, it pays to show it off. Even if you don’t have any outdoor furniture, … (4 comments)

schertz homes: The myth of the neighborhood expert - 06/18/15 10:36 PM
Many sellers think it's important to find an agent who is a neighborhood expert to list their home for sale in San Antonio. Agents who farm particular areas tend to encourage that belief.
But how important is it to be an expert on a particular neighborhood when listing a home for sale there?
Twenty years ago, agents were the go-to sources of information on neighborhoods because there were few ways to get it other than walking around talking to residents. Agents would farm the neighborhoods they lived in or near and could pride themselves on selling several houses in the same community. Buyers … (30 comments)

schertz homes: Happy 2015! A good year for home sales? - 01/03/15 11:53 PM
I heard on the radio last week that the real-estate market under-performed expectations in 2014. Then the same day I read that 2015 could see another bubble in the market.
It's all local; prices and activity in one city experiencing an overheated market would signify a slow, buyers' market in another.
In the San Antonio metro, 2014 was a good year for home sales. Traditionally, the city has not experienced the volatility of other markets in Texas, and this year was no different. According to figures from the San Antonio Board of REALTORS, the time on market never rose over 4.7 months, … (0 comments)

schertz homes: Spacious home for sale in Cibolo or Schertz: 3108 Mason Creek 78108 - 08/05/14 10:59 PM
Why the confusion on whether this home is in Cibolo or Schertz? The two fast-growing cities in Texas (and the US) are side-by-side and share a top-rated school district. This home is located in Fairway Ridge in Schertz, but the mailing address is Cibolo, so its ZIP code is 78108.
Now, about the home itself: it has such spacious guest bedrooms with walk-in closets and an enormous game room you could practically live upstairs! One of the four bedrooms has been transformed into a media room (the sellers are willing to paint to turn it back into a bedroom).
Downstairs is … (1 comments)

schertz homes: Significant six in San Antonio - 07/20/14 11:43 PM

The significant number for the sixth month of the year is 6, for San Antonio home sales at least.
The average sales price for a single-family home rose by 6 percent to a record high of $232,839 in June. Twelve months ago, the average price was $219,489, according to the June numbers from the San Antonio Board of Realtors.
The number of days on market was 65, about the same as in May, but a 12 percent drop from last June. A little over half the sales in San Antonio have been of homes priced under $200,000, while those … (1 comments)

schertz homes: How much home can you afford in San Antonio? What do you want to pay? - 07/06/14 11:50 PM

 Yes, it is a seller’s market and home prices have been going up in San Antonio. But interest rates are still historically low. And those rates have more of an impact on what you can afford to buy than prices.
For example, if you’re looking for the average priced home in San Antonio, as of June 2014 it would be a little less than $225,000. How much would you pay each month with a 20% down payment to avoid paying private mortgage insurance on a 30-year fixed rate mortgage?
A mortgage of $180,000 at 4.25% equals a principal and … (1 comments)

schertz homes: No more baby talk - 05/14/14 11:56 PM
This morning I was pouring cereal into a bowl, and the rattling noise made one of my cats run into the kitchen, thinking I was going to give her an early lunch of dry cat food. I kindly told her in a high-pitched voice, "This isn't kitty food, this is mommy food!"
And then it struck me: what is the point of talking baby talk to cats? My cats know their names, and possibly each others' names, and the meaning of "Get down!" (although they pretend they don't). It's not logical to think ungrammatical sentences or short words would be any … (3 comments)

schertz homes: Rent or own? - 04/03/14 06:46 AM
One of the principal attractions of home ownership is the fact that it provides a very significant set of financial benefits.While this is true at any time of year, many of them become particularly obvious during tax season, so this is a good time for a quick reminder.
The most obvious benefit is the range of tax benefits available to home owners.These include:
Mortgage interest deduction – this can often provide a very large deduction, particularly in the early years, as for many mortgages interest is the largest component of the monthly payment. Similarly, interest on a home equity loan or … (0 comments)

schertz homes: Sorry, San Antonio home buyers! It's not your market any more - 02/17/14 12:36 AM
Real estate sales are supposed to be slow right after the holidays. But just like the weather in South Texas, the real estate market has been unpredictable.
Home sales in 2013 came back to the same level as they were in 2006. And the total of 1,348 sales for the month of January was 7% more than one year ago. The average time on the market decreased by 16% from last year to 75 days.
Most important statistic: there were only 4.1 months of inventory of houses for sale in January.
This means there are fewer homes for sale, and prices … (0 comments)

schertz homes: They got to San Antonio as fast as they could - 10/05/13 12:22 AM
"I wasn't born here, but I got here as fast as I could."
That's an old saying about people moving to Texas. And it looks like people are still saying it, with Texas having seven of the top 20 cities for net in-migration in 2012. More people moved to the state in 2012 than moved out.
The San Antonio metro, comprising Bexar County, ranks fourth in the nation for net in-migration. A total of 5,601 new households were formed, according to the latest Texas Relocation Report published by the National Association of REALTORS and U-Haul. That’s nearly half the number of … (0 comments)

schertz homes: 99 - days, that is - 03/24/13 11:38 PM
At 4 percent less time than in February of 2012, San Antonio homes were on the market for an average of 99 days last month before going under contract. A total of 1,379 sold—a whopping 96 percent at the asking price. Home sales increased 8 percent from last year, according to the San Antonio Board of REALTORS.
Homes priced under $200,000 made up 66 percent of the total, those priced between $200,000 and $500,000 comprised 29 percent, and those over $500,000 were a little over 4 percent. That’s the highest percentage of homes sold in that price band since 2011. The … (1 comments)

schertz homes: Trying something different and seeing something new - 03/03/13 01:03 AM
This winter hasn't turned out to be particularly harsh, and there are lots of berries and seeds still left for birds to eat. But we didn't know that back in January, so for the first time we hung a bird feeder out on the back porch. It's a net bag filled with thistle seeds, and it has attracted quite a following.

We had never seen these birds in our garden in Cibolo/Schertz before, and I identified them as lesser goldfinches. There seem to be at least five of them visiting the bird feeder, and it has to be refilled every … (9 comments)

schertz homes: Neighborhood expert, or real estate expert? - 02/11/13 02:18 AM
What is more important to a home buyer or seller: working with a "neighborhood expert," or working with an expert on negotiations, contracts, marketing, or real estate transactions?
You can probably tell where I'm going with this!
There is nothing wrong, of course, with being knowledgeable about everything that goes on in your neighborhood, or the area you choose as your market. Buyers and sellers are always interested in the real estate activity of their community; and they're also interested in the latest news and events. But with the exception of some data on the MLS, that information is freely available … (2 comments)

schertz homes: How did the San Antonio market do in October? - 11/20/12 10:53 PM
 San Antonio’s housing market is still on the rise. In October, there was a 19% increase in the number of homes sold compared to last year’s total. According to the San Antonio Board of REALTORS, the average sales price also rose by 7% and homes are getting 96% of the asking price.
San Antonio has a history of being a stable market, without the peaks and valleys that make other housing markets more … interesting. So far this year, a total of 16,829 have sold compared to last January–October’s total of 15,233. With 5.9 months of inventory, it is balanced between … (2 comments)

schertz homes: Amazon will kindle more growth in Schertz, Texas - 11/14/12 11:48 PM
I love Amazon. Not only do I get things delivered to my front door, and have the chance to read reviews of something I'm considering buying, but I can track my purchases.
Earlier this year I bought a water fountain for my cats, since they were getting bored with drinking water out of a plain old bowl or toilet. The electrical adapter fell apart the other day. I contacted the manufacturer to get a new one, and they asked me when I had purchased it. All I had to do was check my Amazon order history and give them the date, … (4 comments)

schertz homes: For sale: Meticulously maintained custom home at 2107 Persimmon Drive, Cibolo, Texas 78108 - 03/09/12 11:55 PM
Now is your chance to buy a home in the quiet neighborhood of Royal Oaks Acres in Cibolo.
Never heard of it? It is tucked away on the border with the city of Schertz and bounded by the neighborhoods of Greenshire, Braewood, and Deer Creek.  Royal Oaks is almost one street long, with four cul-de-sac streets coming off either side of it. The custom-built homes are situated on large lots filled with stately oaks, redbuds, cedar elms, and mountain laurels. 
Watch the Real Estate Show below or click here if it doesn't show up in your browser. Click on the Details … (5 comments)

schertz homes: Why do people rent? - 05/23/07 03:07 AM
I am often asked why someone would pay rent instead of applying the same amount to a mortgage on a home instead, so I thought it might be a good time to post some of the reasons. Why do people rent a home instead of buying one? Here are some answers:
They can't.
- They don't have enough cash for a down payment
- Their credit isn't good enough to qualify them for a mortgage
They don't want to.
- They want to be able to pick up and move
- They're scared of the financial responsibility of owning a home
- They're don't want the hassle of maintaining a … (2 comments)

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