texas: Home Buying Tips for Parents Series: Part 3 - 05/07/18 07:15 PM
This is the third in a series of articles written for home buyers who are parents of young children. Be sure to check out the first tip, “Consider the Street Traffic,” and the second, “Walk Through the Home with Your Baby-proofing Hat On.”
While this advice certainly applies to every home buyer, parents will want to be especially careful about selecting their new neighbors. Bad neighbors are a nuisance at every age and stage of life, but when you have tiny humans to protect bad neighbors can make your life miserable. Before kids, you can get away … (1 comments)

texas: Anole on a plumeria in Cibolo - 08/30/12 10:29 PM

When I bent down to sniff the scent of this plumeria blossom, I spotted this creature taking in the morning sunshine. She is a green anole, and she has lots of company in our garden in Cibolo. We don't use pesticides in our yard, other than mosquito donuts, so there are lots of insects for her to catch. Lots of green anoles are a sign of a healthy outdoor environment.
(Try saying this post title out loud! It just rolls off your tongue, doesn't it?)

texas: Feeling pensive on a rainy day - 11/26/11 02:07 AM
Last night a thunderstorm brought some much-needed rain to the San Antonio area. As I watched the drizzle this morning, I found myself hoping the cold front brought rain to East Texas on its way south, because that area is also suffering from the record drought and heat wave. Many sections of that Texas treasure, Caddo Lake, had turned to mud and silt over the last couple of years. Some of the bayous are no longer navigable.
Caddo Lake is the only natural lake in Texas, and is a beautiful, even mystical, place. It would be a tragedy if the drought were to threaten its existence.

texas: Secret method to resolve a delicate situation - 11/22/11 09:48 AM
We've all been there. That ominous feeling when you realize the toilet is not reacting the way it's supposed to. You scurry to the sink to slam on the water faucet to slow down the imminent flood. Then sadly but bravely, you pick up the plunger and prepare to do battle with The Clog.
But first, here's a tip that might save you some time and grossness: grab a bucket (or if you're at someone else's house, a toothbrush glass) and add several cups of hot water to the toilet bowl. If you let it sit for a few minutes, sometimes … (10 comments)

texas: I wish I hadn't sold that house now - 11/18/11 01:26 AM
Recently I sold a home for some wonderful clients who moved out of state to fulfill their dream of retiring to a golf course community where they could be closer to their friends. I met the buyer during the transaction and she seemed very nice.
But you know what is not nice? Her obnoxious dog. Four times in the last couple weeks since she moved in, he has dug under the fence and popped up on our deck, scaring the cats out of their wits and getting mud on the patio.
Yes, the dog lives behind me now, along with its … (11 comments)

texas: Photographs of a home that will help it sell quickly. Or not - 11/14/11 01:55 AM
What do you think? Do these pictures actually help sell the house? Or should they have been left out of the listing details?

Agents, if your listing photographs don't turn out as well as they should, do you upload them anyway, or do you leave them out and go back later to take better ones?

It may not be worth your time to return to take better pictures if the house sells right away. This one hasn't.
P.S. ^ Why?!

texas: Effectively Preparing a Home for Market, Part 3 - 11/12/11 08:37 AM
This blog post encompasses just about everything a seller (and an agent) would need to consider before putting a listing on the market. It's a very impressive and useful checklist from a creative mind indeed. Thank you for taking the time to write this, Sebastian!
How to Effectively Prepare a Home for Market
A Market-Ready Series, Part 3
In "How does the Home look from the Street?" you were instructed to begin taking a look, a serious, in-depth look, at the house you either currently have on the market or about to place on the market for sale and to ask … (1 comments)

texas: All right, since you insist: here's another gratuitous cat picture - 10/14/11 12:13 PM
This time Josh is the subject.
Josh is the newest member of the menagerie, a found cat who is still adjusting to being indoors. He stops to eat cat food whenever he happens to stroll by the bowl. The other two cats are starting to look positively gaunt next to him. But he is still a youngster, and I hope he tones it down so I don't have to feed him separately. That would be a huge hassle, and having three indoor cats is already proving to be a hassle.
I've never seen a cat sprawl on the floor like this. Maybe he thinks he's a … (9 comments)

texas: Way overdue: another gratuitous cat picture - 09/29/11 02:16 AM
It's been a long time since I posted a gratuitous cat photo to my blog. So when I managed to get a photo of Kitty looking up at the camera lens, for once, I thought I'd better take advantage of it.
I spotted Kitty in a neighborhood I was driving through while previewing some homes for clients in 2004. It took me 20 minutes to calm her down enough to catch her and take her to the nearest vet. Although the vet said she was basically healthy, she was skinny and was missing most of the hair from her flanks down to her … (9 comments)

texas: Sold! spacious home near the Medical Center and USAA - 09/28/11 08:38 AM
This home on a cul-de-sac in Oak Hills Terrace is so flexible! It has a spacious living area that opens to a breakfast area and the kitchen, plus a separate room that could be a dining room. Or an office. Or the formal living room at the front of the home could be your dining room. Or a study/office. So many choices!
The master bedroom is twice the usual size, so half of it could be used for watching TV or playing games. Or it could be a workout area. Or a library.
So if you need some flexibility as well as three bedrooms, a … (5 comments)

texas: San Antonio's economy: how is it doing? - 09/20/11 02:39 AM
A good housing market is dependent on a good local economy. And the economy of San Antonio, Texas, seems to be doing well.
Out of 366 metropolitan areas, the San Antonio-New Braunfels metropolitan area had a gross metropolitan product of $82 billion in 2010. This metropolitan area includes eight counties, the most populated ones being Bexar, Guadalupe, and Comal Counties.
The figures were compiled and recently released by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. The GMP is similar to the Gross National Product, representing the total output of goods and services in a metropolitan area. Although the San Antonio-New Braunfels metro … (4 comments)

texas: Good news / bad news for home buyers and sellers in San Antonio, Texas - 08/25/11 03:43 AM
To sellers and home builders, it is bad news. Home sales are down in San Antonio, Texas, according to the San Antonio Board of Realtors. They decreased 11% in July from their July 2010 levels. In addition, the median price dropped 4% from the same time period, to $157,000. That means it is still very much a buyer's market.
“The housing market is still just sort of lumbering along,” remarked James Gaines, a research economist at Texas A&M University's Real Estate Center.
Up until the end of July, the number of home sales was off by 4.7% from last year's levels. They … (5 comments)

texas: Waterfront homes northeast of San Antonio in the foothills of the Texas Hill Country - 08/22/11 06:20 AM
Thinking of buying a waterfront home in the foothills of the Hill Country northeast area of San Antonio? Then you are not alone. Vacation and second homes are popular in Comal County, which includes picturesque New Braunfels and the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers, as well as the east portion of Canyon Lake. Sales prices have been about the same since last year. The median price for homes and condos on the water, whether lakefront or riverfront, is $320,000.
What the relentless Texas drought has affected, however, is the time on the market of waterfront properties. The median time from listing to sale … (4 comments)

texas: A weed by any other name - 07/23/11 02:12 PM
My husband planted some bobble-shaped seeds last spring, which came up to form a very attractive shrub. The leaves start out purple, like the stems, and then turn green. The flower starts out white with purple, pointed edges and turns slightly purple through the one day it lasts.

It's a Datura stramonium, also known as jimson weed, devil's trumpet, devil's weed, thorn apple, tolguacha, Jamestown weed, stinkweed, locoweed, datura, pricklyburr, devil's cucumber, hell's bells, or moonflower.  The plant is hallucinogenic, but also poisonous, so I'm not tempted to try it. (I'll stick to margaritas.) 
The datura may be considered a common … (7 comments)

texas: Sold! Country living with city amenities at 115 Mesquite Circle, Cibolo, Texas 78108 - 06/26/11 02:04 AM
There is one downside to selling a home in your own neighborhood: your lovely neighbors end up moving away. In order to fulfill their dreams of living in Arizona again, where their hearts are, my neighbors needed to leave their house here in Cibolo.
The good news is that there some home buyers are very happy to be moving into this spacious, well-maintained custom home with a fabulous swimming pool. Homes in my neighborhood don't come on the market very often, and I would bet that agents and home buyers keep an eye on it. And it didn't take long to make dreams … (7 comments)

texas: Your roof: Should you repair or replace it? - 06/13/11 02:20 AM
It hasn't rained in San Antonio for a while, which means it's a good time to check out the condition of your roof. Roofing professionals get very busy when it rains, so if your roof needs work, you are more likely to get service during times when they're not patching leaks.
Roofing: Repair or Replace?
By: Jeanne Huber
Deciding whether to repair or replace roofing is largely an exercise in timing-you don't want to reroof too soon and waste money, but you don't want to wait too long either.
Eventually, all roofs wear out and need to be replaced. You don't … (10 comments)

texas: It's in the numbers - good news for San Antonio, Texas - 05/29/11 05:28 AM
According to a regional study averaging 6 months' data from March 2010 to March 2011, Texas is a leader in economic recovery. And San Antonio ranks the highest among big Texas cities. The index used to rate the economic wellbeing incorporated city and state sales tax revenue, jobs, and housing permits, among other factors.
San Antonio's sales taxes went up 5.8%, along with consumer confidence, to 4.4%. Job postings went up by 1.1% during the same period. Although permits for single-family homes fell in value by nearly 33% from March of 2010 to this year, average new home prices actually increased … (3 comments)

texas: Oops, sorry I invaded your privacy! Ladybug porn - 05/24/11 01:55 PM
Every year, my organic garden in Cibolo looks different. Not only do various plants survive, grow, die, or get planted, but there is an ever-changing parade of birds, animals, and insects.
This spring, we have not seen many ladybugs. This is a shame, because one of the antique roses and some of the other flowers are teeming with aphids. This year, we planted some fennel, which is doing well (for once), but ladybugs don't seem to like it as much as they do dill. However, the other evening I spotted a couple of ladybugs apparently having an intimate encounter. I applaud their efforts, because … (16 comments)

texas: SOLD! Remodeled home with pool at 626 Moorside, Windcrest, TX 78239 - 05/09/11 02:04 AM
This lovely home made some home buyers very happy, with its updated interior and lovely swimming pool! It's located in Windcrest, an incorporated city on the northeast section of San Antonio in Bexar County, near the new Rackspace headquarters and Fort Sam Houston.
If they are golfers, or if they just enjoy hanging out at the club or going to dances and lunches, they will enjoy the non-profit, member-owned Windcrest Golf Course. It bills itself as "the friendliest and most enjoyable course in San Antonio."
The home was completely remodeled and ready for Rackers, golfers, military folks, swimmers, and anyone who appreciates an up-to-date one-story home … (8 comments)

texas: Our new lawn mower - slow, but reliable - 05/07/11 10:22 AM
As I walked around the garden the other evening, I saw that the bunny rabbit who has taken up residence there was out and about. I took several photos of him, and he came quite close to me in his quest for grass. Check out the long eyelashes and whiskers!
The bunny can eat as much grass and as many weeds as he wants. It will mean less mowing for me to have to do on the weekend.


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