texas birds: Trying something different and seeing something new - 03/03/13 01:03 AM
This winter hasn't turned out to be particularly harsh, and there are lots of berries and seeds still left for birds to eat. But we didn't know that back in January, so for the first time we hung a bird feeder out on the back porch. It's a net bag filled with thistle seeds, and it has attracted quite a following.

We had never seen these birds in our garden in Cibolo/Schertz before, and I identified them as lesser goldfinches. There seem to be at least five of them visiting the bird feeder, and it has to be refilled every … (9 comments)

texas birds: Hawk soars in the skies over San Antonio, Texas - 08/01/11 02:42 AM
As you may know, Texas is undergoing a severe drought and heat wave. The approach of tropical storm Don toward the Texas gulf coast this weekend got my hopes up that we would get some significant rain in San Antonio, but it was not to be. The wind came up and there were some promising clouds that looked as if they would build into thunderheads, but they drifted away before anything could develop.
This red-shouldered hawk is taking advantage of the stiffening breeze to glide above the woods to spot some prey. The unrelenting drought has forced all the wildlife in … (7 comments)

texas birds: Beep beep! Return of the roadrunner - 04/11/11 04:03 AM

The roadrunner returned to our garden a couple of weeks ago for a brief visit. He (or she; you can't tell by looking) hopped up on the deck, probably to look for any anole lizards that might be sunning themselves along the railing. I managed to get one photo before it took off again, a close-up showing the beautiful iridescent feathers of its crest and along its neck.
Being able to keep an eye on the wildlife in my garden is one of the benefits of having a home office. I keep a camera on my desk at all times!

texas birds: Look who zipped through my garden in Cibolo, Texas, this morning! - 03/14/10 11:21 AM
Isn't she a beauty? I quickly snapped off four photos of her as she paused on my deck to eye me, but this is the only one that turned out. A few seconds later, she raced for the fence and jumped up and over into my neighbor's yard. I took the photos from inside the sunroom, because I didn't have time to get outside.

Some facts about roadrunners:
1. They are members of the cuckoo family.
2. They eat bugs, lizards, bird eggs, fruits, seeds, and snakes, including rattlesnakes.
3. They live alone or in pairs, and often mate for life.
4. Both parents raise … (18 comments)

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