things that annoy me: Just a random rant about cellphones - 08/08/13 07:30 AM
Hello. When I call your cellphone, I do not want to hear that perky phone lady say, "Please enjoy the music...." I never enjoy the music.
For one thing, it comes on so loud that it hurts my ear. For another, the song is lame. Forget about what your choice of music says about you—the fact that you're using this option on your mobile phone tells me all I need to know.
Also, please go in your phone settings and remove the message telling me I have the option to press a number when I'm finished leaving a voicemail or just hang up.
I am … (3 comments)

things that annoy me: They who serve and protect will also check out open houses - 07/13/10 01:17 PM
It happens to all real estate agents at some point! Alan shows grace under pressure.

"Here's the lock box code... I'll be there in about a half hour", were the instructions I received from the listing agent, who asked me to "open" his broker's tour today.  He was running a touch late, and wanted me to get the house open for any agents who might show right away.
[enter combo code]... click, the door opens... and I hear that familiar - beep, beep, beep -
"What is it?" I ask myself.  "Is a garbage truck backing up?"... "someone playing Playstation?"... … (3 comments)

things that annoy me: Waterfront: it doesn't mean the home is kinda near some water - 07/12/10 07:00 AM
I'm a member of an MLS that covers Comal County and Guadalupe County, including Canyon Lake, New Braunfels, Seguin, and part of the Hill Country north of San Antonio. There are a lot of waterfront properties in this area, mainly on the Guadalupe River and its various lakes. Many people have vacation or second homes here. But there are also a lot of properties advertised as waterfront that really aren't.
It happens a lot, and it makes me crazy.
I have a couple of automatic searches in place for waterfront properties. From time to time a listing shows up that is marked as waterfront--with frontage on a … (48 comments)

things that annoy me: Some thoughts: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the just random - 06/13/10 09:08 AM
I thought I would generously share what has been running through my mind lately. If you feel similarly inclined, please comment!

One of the nicest things about Windows is the keyboard shortcut that increases the text size. As I'm reading a webpage, I just hold down the Control key, and roll the mouse wheel up a couple of clicks. I wish it worked on thumbnails of photos in Windows Explorer, too.
I just discovered that Costco offers a Concierge Service, as they call it. It's a tech support line for TVs, computers, cameras, and other things you've purchased there. I … (4 comments)

things that annoy me: Spam spam spam spam ... how much Viagra do I really need anyway? - 06/05/10 02:57 AM
What IS it with the Viagra ads?! Or Via-gra, Viaagra, Vi'agra as it is spelled in order to make it past my spam filter. I have never ordered Viagra, or any other drug for that matter, online. I don't even like to take ibuprofen, and I'm not sure Viagra would be good for me.
Every day I delete at least five invitations to go to various websites to buy Viagra. I do like the name "Best Viagra E-store"--as if I really want to make sure I am only buying from the best. If I suddenly took a notion to buy Viagra … (18 comments)

things that annoy me: I hate criticism! I hate being wrong! However. . . - 06/02/10 01:54 AM
I hate being criticized or having someone even imply that I am wrong about something. (I know--this is an unusual character trait.) I will drop everything to spend hours researching the subject to get the right answer. I sure do hope I'm right!
There are two reasons why I often go into a frenzy to make sure I am correct about something I write about on ActiveRain or my website. One is that, like almost everybody else, I have an ego to protect! I love giving advice and information, often without even being asked, so I hate having to admit I'm wrong.
For … (10 comments)

things that annoy me: Bitch, bitch, bitch... annoyances have been piling up, so here goes - 02/10/10 11:10 AM
Annoying item #1: people seem to want to mispronounce the word "often" now. The t is silent! Please stop hurting my ears with Off-Ten.
Annoying item #2 that's been bugging me for years: please stop writing "comprised of." It's "composed of," or "comprises."
Today's annoying item #3: I woke up with a headache today. I took two ibuprofen on an empty stomach out of desperation as I headed out in the sleet to show office space. That made my stomach a little upset, but I ate a stale granola bar to compensate.
(Come to think of it, that's annoying item #4: I bought a whole variety … (11 comments)

things that annoy me: Thanksgiving Sunday Open House results - 11/30/09 12:50 AM
Like many other agents, I haven't had much luck with open houses. Now I know why--I am not doing them anywhere near as well as Jim does!
Check this out:
I know there are many people who don't like doing open houses, and many more who won't even do open houses, but I'm one who both enjoys doing them and does them.
In fact, I like doing them so much that if I don't have a listing of my own that I can hold open, I'll ask someone from my company if I can hold their listing open.
What's … (8 comments)

things that annoy me: My roof is leaking, and more rain is on the way to the Cibolo - Schertz area - 10/04/09 08:50 AM

It looks so innocuous, doesn't it? Three dribbles coming into the attic from somewhere around the chimney. And yet, after the thunderstorms early this morning, enough rain got through the roof to fill a large saucepan up to 2.5 inches. My husband bravely went up into the attic and took this photo 3 hours after the worst of the storm.
A third roofing contractor is supposed to come by tomorrow and give me an estimate. The first one, who didn't even come to the house, just sent me an estimate for around $750 for what I told him I thought the problem … (10 comments)

things that annoy me: Every silver lining has its cloud - 09/22/09 07:06 AM
That post I wrote earlier today, about the rain hopefully ending the drought in south Texas? Possibly going to be part of a series?
Well, a few minutes ago, I sashayed through my sunroom to look out in the yard and watch the downpour and I heard a strange "plink." I whirled around and saw a puddle of water on the table. There's not supposed to be a puddle of water on the table.
My roof is leaking! Aargh!
And this just two sunny days after my rental property had a horrible broken pipe upstairs that sent water cascading all over … (10 comments)

things that annoy me: Unprofessional? Unethical? Discourteous? Or just plain stupid? - 08/07/09 03:05 AM
Yesterday I submitted a third offer for my client on a fixer-upper owned by FNMA. FNMA requires a 10% earnest money deposit, which is a heckuva lot for the San Antonio market. The first two offers were competing with at least one offer, which was accepted. I received a FNMA form from someone at the brokerage notifying me that my client's offer would automatically become a back-up offer should the contract fall through.
Last week, I discovered that the property came back on the MLS. I'd like to know why, in case there was an inspection that revealed significant problems with the … (5 comments)

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