active rain: Meet Leanne Sparling in Roseville California - 01/31/16 12:56 PM
Leanne Sparling back in real estate and raring to go!
Leanne first started in 1999. She took a break for a couple years and was just relicensed in November. Welcome back Leanne. I asked her how business down there. She said property in Roseville has been selling in leaps and bounds. 2015 was great and 2016 is going to be even better. A common thread across the nation has the inventory low and tons of buyers. Leanne said that properties are going for full price, yet sellers seam to be sitting on the fence not quite sure if it is time … (3 comments)

active rain: Welcome to AR Chelsea Ashworth the agent that answers her phone! - 01/29/16 03:22 PM

If you are looking to buy a home in Charlotte North Carolina then buyers agent Chelsea Ashworth, of Keller Williams South Park is the one to call.
As part of the singing and ringing contest I rang up quite a few agents, 37 to be exact, and Chelsea Ashworth was the first to answer her phone. I was so suprised I almost forgot what questions to ask.
Chelsea is one of those people that just lights up the phone lines with a bubbly personality. Not knowing anything about her area I learned that Charlote NC is a heavy hitter in the sports arena … (9 comments)

active rain: I just figured out that Active Rain was sending me visitors - 11/22/15 03:00 PM
Usually I am pretty good about tracking down how my clients found me.   For years I would find out from clients that they found me through Active Rain.  Now many of you already know this but the lightbulb just went on for me.  Just in case someone else didn't know this I had to say something.   
I was playing around on Active Rain tonight and clicked on points.  I was looking through when I noticed quite a few that said "A visitor to ActiveRain sent you a message from your blog post."  I received all these messages and answered them, I … (10 comments)

active rain: Beyond paper, pens and payphones. 5 things I am thankful for. - 11/22/15 01:55 PM
Thanksgiving is the time for counting your blessings and the Happy Grasshopper  has a great November Contest entitled the   5 things you’re most thankful for that impact your business on a daily basis
1. Friends and Family. First and foremost will probably be about the same for everyone here. I am thankful for those people that are closest to me that I love and that love me. There is never a day when I am not made to feel special, loved and needed. You are my reason for living a happy life and why each sunrise and sunset is a reason to celebrate.
2. … (2 comments)

active rain: Love Where You Live. Show Me Your Wallpaper Contest - 11/12/15 03:51 PM
It is always interesting to get a glimpse of who someone is by the little things in their lives. Active Rain is more than just a blogging platform but a unique community full of support, sharing and teaching.  We learn from each other and while I will never meet many of you face to face, I have formed some very warm and lasting relationships here in the Rain.  
Dick Greenberg has a neat little show and tell contest post asking to show the wall papers we use on our computers tablets and cell phones and why we chose them.  Whether it … (7 comments)

active rain: Weltanschauung Strange word with a world of meaning! - 01/06/15 11:35 PM
Weltanschauung Strange word with a world of meaning
Active Rain encourages its members to blog regularily and has posted a challenge for January. One of the items on the challenge was to write about weltanschauung.  Since I didn't even know that we had one I had to go read through it.  
Weltanschauung pronounced “welt·an·schau·ung” World View, or Guiding Principles and Philosophy of a group of people. Active Rain's Weltanschauung can be found at  Funny, that as well as this describes the idea that drives Active Rain a vast majority of the members have never read it, they just live … (4 comments)

active rain: HELP an Active Rain member figure this out. - 01/06/15 06:53 AM
I have a friend and collegue that signed up for Active Rain last year.  I have referred lots of people to Active Rain but this one jumped in with both feet.  He has formed great relationships with agents, his blogs are fun to read and he has been  dedicated to keeping up with it.   It took me years and I am still not at the same level of dedication.  
There is one problem his blogging efforts are not bringing him business.  Ok folks I have racked my brains on this and can't figure out the problem.  Is there … (13 comments)

active rain: What are you doing to fill your Christmas stocking this year. - 11/01/14 03:05 AM
For most of us the real estate has been selling quicker than hotcakes.  We have been jumping 
through hoops and getting escrows closed. A few of you are coming up for air and dreaming of 
taking a day off.  Even though you may still be panting from running so hard, now is the 
time to get back down to basics.  As we enter into November, time is running out to add more 
sales to this years tally and many of you may be just concentrating on 2015.  
In my market we are at an all time low for houses. … (3 comments)

active rain: 200k milestone July cloudburst, wrong year, worked anyway. - 07/21/14 03:06 AM
I decided that I would be good this month and do the July cloudburst challenge on Active Rain. I love these as it gets me motivated to be involved and blogging.  So I searched out the July Cloudburst and found I needed to do these things:
15 blog posts 
100 comments  20 of these comments MUST be left on a post that has 0 comments. 
Midyear Audit Post 
5 Product Reviews 

I worked on it, did them and today I came over to announce that I completed the challenge, only to … (8 comments)

active rain: THOSE AWKWARD MOMENTS beware selling the Sheriff's house - 06/07/14 06:05 PM
Funny when I saw this request to come up with an awkward moment I realized that I
had no shortage of stories.  The life of a real estate agent sure comes up with
some doozies doesn't it?  My next conundrum was figuring out which weird and
awkward event might be unique.  We all have the showings or events that we put our
foot in it,  where someone’s naked, a gun is pulled, its flooded, on fire, locked
up, something breaks or is just plain gross.
So to keep away from the "been there done that", hopefully not too many of … (10 comments)

active rain: Dishing Real estate - 11/17/13 10:22 PM
I can buy homes using someone elses money for pennies on the dollar.
When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  Over the years I have found clients that will spend a few hundred dollars and take a course on how to flip houses or get that house really cheap.  While yes you can get some good deals in real estate, it does not work like the late night info commercial is telling you.  The one that is making money is the one giving the course.  I had a buyer not long ago that qualified for $400k  We … (4 comments)

active rain: A blog a day How will I get past this? - 11/02/13 01:50 AM
Novembers Active Rain Challenge, really is a challenge!  A blog a day for 30 days.  Ok chances are good that this one is doomed to fail for me, but am going to take a stab at it anyway.  I know you say why sound so defeated before you begin, rise to the challenge. 
Ok lets look at all those obstacles.   
1. What will I talk about, won't I run out of ideas? Ok maybe not, after all it is only 30 days.  There is 24 hours in a day and I know for sure that I am … (4 comments)

active rain: How to help from Active Rain members - 09/13/13 02:03 PM
Hi everyone,
I have been updating my new profile and my follow button is not highlighted.  I have clicked on every button available and nothing has helped so far.  I have talked to a couple of people that are having the same problem, so any help will be appreciated.
 I can't seem to figure out where to edit this.  If you know how to activate this, please let me know.


active rain: Great product reviews on Active Rain - 07/21/13 07:02 AM
I have been on Active Rain for years and just discovered the product reviews section at  You can put in new products to review, write reviews of products and servicea and best of all read reviews and find new things to try.  I found a whole host of programs and services to check out.  Be sure to take a look, you might find some helpful things in there too.

active rain: What have you done for me lately? Life line of a listing - 01/14/13 10:09 PM
I was  talking with one of my commercial clients this week who owns theHooDoo café and Kelly Vay Mart, and I had a bit of a wake up call.  While they stated it in a diplomatic way, the gist was that their listing didn't sell yet and what have I been doing about it.  It dawned on me that while I am constantly working at promoting my all my listings, the sellers just know that it hasn't sold yet.  I now have a belated New Years resolution; Figure out a better way to let my sellers know what I have been … (3 comments)

active rain: Pay it forward with a barn raising week three - 11/13/10 03:46 AM
Here on active Rain there is a new group called pay it forward. You know the concept, do something nice for someone else, and they in turn pay it forward by helping someone else. Each week we post about some event or idea that we have to help pay it forward. It can be small or big or somewhere in between. I am on week three of Pay it forward and am having a ball.
This pay it forward week was with the good old barn raising mentality.  In the old days when someone needed to build a barn, the whole community … (1 comments)

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