distressed asset: 26.25% Return In Four Months? Annualized 78.75% ROI??? - 07/15/15 06:42 AM

Our JV Partner, friend, and fellow mastermind note investor, picked up this good looking New Jersey Nonperforming 1st lien for $105,000. The UPB was$174,000, and the total arrears came out to $190,000. Borrower was only behind 8 payments, and we felt it was a good opportunity to work something out.
The homeowner really did not want to stay, so a short sale was negoitated, and they moved on to greener pastures. The local realtor listed it, and 2 weeks later, there were a couple offers.
It ended up selling for $180,000, and after acquisition costs, fees, expenses, and the Realtors commission, the profit … (0 comments)

distressed asset: JV Partners Wanted For Above Average Returns In Non-Performing Notes - 07/07/15 04:20 AM
Imagine A 26.25% Return In Four Months? 
Annualized 78.75% ROI???
​Our JV Partner, friend, and mastermind note investor, picked up this nice New Jersey Nonperforming 1st lien for $105,000, with $174,000 UPB, $190,000 total with arrears. The borrower had missed 8 payments, and it appears they had some type of hardship. 
They did not want to stay, so they agreed to a short sale. Two weeks later, the Realtor sold the property with multiple offers after listing it on the MLS. 
Sold for $180,000, so after cost of acquisition and $2,700 in fees and expenses, profit was $55,100 or 52.5% in four months. Split the profit 50/50 after return of principal, and … (0 comments)

distressed asset: ​Four 1st Lien NPN Mini Pool JV Opportunity - 06/16/15 03:47 AM

We seek a Joint Venture Partner that desires
above average returns, secured by real estate.
We have identified four occupied Non-Performing Notes that we can pick up for a blended 24% of the Fair Market Value (FMV), including past due taxes. Our primary goal is to get the homeowner repaying their mortgage, and either sell the note in a year, or keep the amortized payments for any period of time.
All three of the states are Non-Judicial, so if the homeowner does not want to start paying, they will be offered the chance to leave with grace, and deed us the property. The Investment To … (0 comments)

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