nonperforming note: 26.25% Return In Four Months? Annualized 78.75% ROI??? - 07/15/15 06:42 AM

Our JV Partner, friend, and fellow mastermind note investor, picked up this good looking New Jersey Nonperforming 1st lien for $105,000. The UPB was$174,000, and the total arrears came out to $190,000. Borrower was only behind 8 payments, and we felt it was a good opportunity to work something out.
The homeowner really did not want to stay, so a short sale was negoitated, and they moved on to greener pastures. The local realtor listed it, and 2 weeks later, there were a couple offers.
It ended up selling for $180,000, and after acquisition costs, fees, expenses, and the Realtors commission, the profit … (0 comments)

nonperforming note: JV Partners Wanted For Above Average Returns In Non-Performing Notes - 07/07/15 04:20 AM
Imagine A 26.25% Return In Four Months? 
Annualized 78.75% ROI???
​Our JV Partner, friend, and mastermind note investor, picked up this nice New Jersey Nonperforming 1st lien for $105,000, with $174,000 UPB, $190,000 total with arrears. The borrower had missed 8 payments, and it appears they had some type of hardship. 
They did not want to stay, so they agreed to a short sale. Two weeks later, the Realtor sold the property with multiple offers after listing it on the MLS. 
Sold for $180,000, so after cost of acquisition and $2,700 in fees and expenses, profit was $55,100 or 52.5% in four months. Split the profit 50/50 after return of principal, and … (0 comments)

nonperforming note: ​Four 1st Lien NPN Mini Pool JV Opportunity - 06/16/15 03:47 AM

We seek a Joint Venture Partner that desires
above average returns, secured by real estate.
We have identified four occupied Non-Performing Notes that we can pick up for a blended 24% of the Fair Market Value (FMV), including past due taxes. Our primary goal is to get the homeowner repaying their mortgage, and either sell the note in a year, or keep the amortized payments for any period of time.
All three of the states are Non-Judicial, so if the homeowner does not want to start paying, they will be offered the chance to leave with grace, and deed us the property. The Investment To … (0 comments)

nonperforming note: Dallas Nonperforming Note JV Opportunity Possible 64% Return?? - 03/18/15 06:28 AM
Good, occupied nonperforming notes (NPN) in Texas & Florida are hard to come by, unless you are buying large pools of notes, which we will soon have an equity fund to do just that. For the time being, we are looking for a joint venture partner to help us acquire this occupied 3/1 SFR NPN 1st position with 2x pride of ownership, meaning not only do they have a USA flag flying, they have a Texas flag flying; double pride of ownership! Hook'em Horns!

The last broker price opinion (BPO) values it at $60k, and the unpaid principal balance (UPB) at just … (0 comments)

nonperforming note: Ashtabula, OH NPN - Pending Forbearance - 02/03/15 07:16 AM

Recent BPO puts value @ $64,900. There are a total of $61,738.00 in UPB & arrearages. Price is 57.7% of BPO or $37,499.00. Owner wants to stay in the home and is agreeing to a forbearance agreement. Should this not work out, we will offer them a Deed-In-Lieu, or Short Sale. Worst case we foreclose & sell for quick sale by listing with a local realtor for 85-90% of FMV, depending on condition. Foreclosure takes about 8-9 months, judicial with a redemption period any time before the sale. 
The house is occupied by a mother and daughter, who have lived … (1 comments)

nonperforming note: Video Of 11 Florida Non-Performing Note Pool JV Opportunity - 01/21/15 03:07 AM
Here is a video we made of all 11 of the NonPerforming notes in the Florida pool we are digging into. There are 6 foreclosures, 4 signed or signing Deed-In-Lieu, and one loan modification. Contact me to talk about Joint Venturing with us on 1, 2, or more…

Christopher Winkler
Silverwood Capital, LLC

nonperforming note: $37,954 Joint Venture Partner Wanted - NonPerforming 1st lien at 60% ITV - 11/03/14 08:00 AM
We are looking for a JV Partner for a nonperforming 1st lien note backed by the real estate in Pensacola, FL. The property is valued at $62,500.00, and the JV would be for $37,954.38 or 60% ITV.

The property is occupied, grass is mowed and being taken care of, which is what we look for in selecting properties to acquire. Its is a SFR with 1 or 2 bedrooms, 1 full bath, Sq ft is 884, Lot size is 0.22 acres, and constructed in 1944. It has Central A/C, central heating and has a shingle roof.
Past due balance is … (2 comments)

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