silverwood capital: Orlando FL NPN 1st Lien JV Opportunity – 60% Possible ROI? - 08/12/15 07:59 AM
Looking for a Joint Venture Partner or Private Lender to help us acquire this good looking 3/2 SFR in beautiful Orlando, FL for $$31,995 or 63.99% of $50,000+ FMV.Florida properties are appreciating well, and this is in line with what we pay for other NPNs in Florida. I also hear Florida might have some hardest hit funds left to help pay down the UPB of $85,588.73.
Average rents are $953, so their payment of $700 is much less, and we will focus on keeping them in their home and paying off the note.
Florida notes do not last very long, so please contact us … (0 comments)

silverwood capital: Ohio JV Opportunity Possible 54% ROI? - 08/12/15 07:06 AM
We are looking for a Joint Venture partner to help us acquire the note/mortgage on this good looking property in Elyria, OH. 
The house is in good shape, and we can pick it up for $25,750 or 44% of the 58,000.00 BPO (Broker Price Opinion). Nice middle class neighborhood with flags a flying! Our ideal situation as they have a higher chance to work out repayment of the note than a stripped out crack house.
Its west of Cleveland and foreclosure has already started. We like that as it save us time and money, and is typically what wakes the homeowner up that they have … (0 comments)

silverwood capital: 26.25% Return In Four Months? Annualized 78.75% ROI??? - 07/15/15 06:42 AM

Our JV Partner, friend, and fellow mastermind note investor, picked up this good looking New Jersey Nonperforming 1st lien for $105,000. The UPB was$174,000, and the total arrears came out to $190,000. Borrower was only behind 8 payments, and we felt it was a good opportunity to work something out.
The homeowner really did not want to stay, so a short sale was negoitated, and they moved on to greener pastures. The local realtor listed it, and 2 weeks later, there were a couple offers.
It ended up selling for $180,000, and after acquisition costs, fees, expenses, and the Realtors commission, the profit … (0 comments)

silverwood capital: Creating Passive Income Notes with Chris Winkler - 03/31/15 04:21 AM

We did an interview last fall with Les Weitman from Life on PIRE, Passive Income Real Estate Done For You, called Creating Passive Income Notes With Chris Winkler, and its out now live! We talk about investing in non performing real estate notes that are backed by the property. Les asks some great questions, and we cover a lot of ground in 48 minutes.
So much has happened since then, we have evaluated at hundreds and hundreds of notes, started several joint venture partnerships, lost a few bids on notes that hit our sweet spot, attended a note investor mastermind group in … (0 comments)

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