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It is almost ten years since 9-11 and today we find out via the UK’s Daily Telegraph and Wiki Leaks, that there were four more plotters. Don’t we as Americans have a right to know? Should we not recognize their names in a heartbeat? Should we not be seeing their faces on network news shows every...
  New Florida Governor Rick Scott, took office today. This is the man who spent $73 Million of his own money so he would be independent of special interest groups.   This is the man who ran with the slogan “let’s get to work”. But this is now the man that took most of the $3 Million bill for the...
I have a lot of radio coming up. You can always find my next on air dates here: But for now.... this is what is coming up. ♦  ♦  ♦ 630 WLAP/Lexington December 17, 3pm Eastern click on “LISTEN LIVE” ♦  ♦  ♦ News Radio 1140 WRVA/Ric...
  Today was a shocking day. The United Nations made an earth-shattering announcement! The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change should only make predictions when it has solid scientific evidence and avoid straying into policy advocacy! Although this is funny on one level, it is extremel...
Yesterday we witnessed an incredible event in our nation’s capital. Starting at the feet of the Lincoln Memorial and stretching back to the Washington Monument and beyond, at least a million people gathered without violence; without arrests; without banners and with no hatred in their hearts to ...
  ON 8 – 9 – 10… Live and exclusive on News Radio 630 WLAP at 3pm Eastern I will be hosting a three hour special called The Theft of America. Going back to our Founders and their intentions for this great nation, I – with the help of some incredible guests – will be exploring the ongoing theft o...
I tend to say it a lot because it so often seems like we’ve fallen through the looking glass, but this story is real. It’s not made up because to be honest, how could any sane person make this up? What would prompt a leader of a nation to show his insanity to the world? It’s a serious question e...
  There are so many things we could say about Charlie Crist. We could call him a flip flopper; we could call him a traitor to the Conservative cause; we could call him a master manipulator, but what most Conservatives won’t be calling him today, is a brilliant politician. That’s exactly what I’m...
It shouldn’t be shocking, but somehow it is. When you take one of the greatest leaders of the last 100 yearsand decide to depict her as a dementia-riddled sad old lady who talks to dead relatives, then you have no real intention of making a movie about their life. Well this is how Hollywood plan...
The trouble with airlines today? They seem to have forgotten just how they remain in business. Take a couple of minutes as I take you on a horror story journey through three different carriers. And I don’t even charge for checked bags! To listen to today's podcast, CLICK HERE Photo from photobuc...

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