the home team radio show: This week on the radio.... - 04/05/08 03:16 AM
This week on The Home Team Radio Show, we have a very busy show.
Now I think it's fair to say that Disney knows a good thing when it sees it - which is perhaps great news for the Orlando Real Estate market because the company is planning a luxury housing development.
In addition to that Lake Mary - the fourth best place to live in the nation - has just approved land for a high density condo development.
In more good news we look at the second home market which appears to be holding historical levels - a third of sales in 2007 … (3 comments)

the home team radio show: This week's Home Team Radio Show - 03/29/08 03:00 AM
This week on The Home Team Radio Show, we we will be discussing property tax - AGAIN! It seems this item of news simply will not go away.
Apart from new proposals from the Budget reform and Tax Commission - a body that meets once every 20 years (yep - TWENTY years), we also have economists battling it out over the potential impact of any changes
We take a long look at the money situation in the country and will pay particular attention to Hillary Clinton's proposals regarding lenders
There's plenty of good news out there if anyone is interested! Existing home sales rose … (4 comments)

the home team radio show: The Home Team line up - 03/22/08 01:19 AM
This week on The Home Team Radio Show, we seem to have more than our fair share of bad boys and girls.
We start with the news that James A. Hole (That really is his name!) admitted during his arraignment that he strangled a real estate practitioner who showed him a home in a small town in Wisconsin.
Hole, 34, said that Ann Nelson, 71, sheowed him some vacant land and then went on and showed him a house which he clearly could not afford. He said that he hit her twice with a metal object but that she was breathing when he … (4 comments)

the home team radio show: This week's Home Team Radio Show - and our new home! - 03/14/08 01:43 PM
The Home Team Radio Show is proud to announce that starting tomorrow (Saturday March 15), we will begin broadcasting on our new home - 660 WORL in Orlando - and syndicated to 1520WHIM at 3pm Eastern
Everything our listeners have come to expect from The Home Team will be there and we can still be reached worldwide at or at
This week we will be taking a look at a Florida Legislative Committee which meets once every 20 years. They have important work to do and not much time to do it, so why are the members of this committee finding … (10 comments)

the home team radio show: On the radio this week.... - 03/01/08 02:27 PM
For the very last time,  The Home Team Radio Show will take to the airwaves of 540 WFLA tomorrow before arriing at our new home - 660 WORL on Saturday March 15th at 3pm.
Before anything else, I would like to thank all our loyal listeners over the past two years for making this a very enjoyable experience. Our producer tells me that no other show on the weekend, generates as many calls or as much interest. That is entirely down to our listeners and I cannot thank you enough.
I hope you remember to find us down the dial on am 660 WORL in a … (6 comments)

the home team radio show: BIG NEWS! - 02/29/08 10:06 AM
Those of you who follow my blog regularly (and if you don't then really - you should subscribe right now!), will know that for two years now I have been the host of The Home Team Radio Show every Sunday here in Orlando on 540 WFLA.
Well after careful consideration and an approach from another radio station, The Home Team will broadcast for the very last time on 540 this coming Sunday.
Our new home will be Newstalk 660 WORL and our new day and time will be every Saturday afternoon at 3pm Eastern. The show will also be simulcast on Am 1520 … (19 comments)

the home team radio show: On the radio this week.... - 02/23/08 11:08 AM
We have another packed show for our listeners this week on The Home Team Radio Show which airs every Sunday at 12 Noon Eastern on 540WFLA in Central Florida and nationwide at
This week we will be starting with FEMA's $billion redrawing of the nation's flood zones. It's reached Seminole County and there are certainly some anomalies, including three homes at the top of the steepest hill in the County now finding themselves in the new flood zone!
Also in our first segment we will look at the Governor's new HOPE strategy for the States housing and find some familiar names on the … (6 comments)

the home team radio show: This week's Home Team Radio Show - 02/16/08 01:50 PM
It's going to be yet another busy week on the radio with all kinds of topics under discussion including follow-ups on things we have been covering for weeks, and brand new items on the table.
First up is media bias. Certainly we are not pretending there haven;t been problems in the housing market. But the news is not all doom and gloom and so the question must be asked, why did the Associated Press cherry pick the bad news from a press release that contained some really good news as well?
In addition to that we look at a new league table released … (5 comments)

the home team radio show: This week on the radio.... - 02/09/08 03:36 PM
So this week, my blog will actually form the basis for a complete segment as we discuss exactly what is wrong with Realtors and Mortgage professionals. If you don't know what I'm talking about then please check out What the heck is wrong with Realtors? and What the heck is wrong with Realtors? - Part 2
In addition to that we will be looking at the President's so called stimulus package and see how it might effect the real estate industry. At the same time we'll be looking at a judge who won't let homeowners buy loans at bankruptcy auctions and how some … (3 comments)

the home team radio show: This week's Home Team Radio Show - 02/02/08 03:21 PM
This week's Home Team Radio Show will be spending quite a lot of time on Countrywide. First of all we have the fact that the States of Florida, Illinois and California are all investigating the Lender and its lending practices.
Secondly we have a warning to those with Countrywide Home Equity ines of Credit. Watch out because the money you thought you were cashing out of your home might not be available to you!
We will of course be looking at Florida's Amendment 1 which passed last week and will bring some relief to homeowners on their property tax bills. But what happens next … (2 comments)

the home team radio show: Multiple guests on this week's radio show - 01/19/08 01:55 PM
We have a very busy and exciting radio show for you tomorrow including two guests! The first is attorney Lawrence Hodz who will shed light on Adverse Possession and how it works in Florida. This follows revelations on The Home Team Radio Show about some strange goings on in Colorado!
Next up we have a real hero to the people of Florida - State Insurance Regulator, Kevin McCarty - the man who banned Allstate from selling anything within Florida's borders until the company decides it would comply with the law. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to have Kevin on … (5 comments)

the home team radio show: Why are listing agents letting down their clients? - 01/13/08 11:18 PM
I am constantly amazed at some of the stories I hear. Yesterday I was showing one of my listings. It is a truly great home - the picture is of the master bathroom and you will find a link to the virtual tour at the bottom of this blog.
Anyway the point is, my clients who live in the home, were out of town and they asked me if I could let the various people in. We actually had three showings of this property in a single day.
Showing number one was another Realtor and her client. I gave them the quick tour … (30 comments)

the home team radio show: Excitement on the radio! - 01/12/08 02:16 PM
We have a very exciting radio show for you tomorrow including an in-depth discussion of the countrywide/Bank of America situation - the exact scenario predicted by The Home Team Radio Show more than two months ago.
In addition to that we will be talking about Senate hearings coming up which will include under oath testimony from some of the Insurance company CEOs on why they have failed to comply with Florida law. These executives have been warned that jail time awaits them if they are caught lying to the committee.
As discussed elsewhere in my blog, we will be bringing the story of Florida … (2 comments)

the home team radio show: The truth will set you free - if it isn't twisted - 01/10/08 12:47 PM
I have been suggesting the Central Florida real esatet market has been on the bottom for about three months now. All the available data I had suggested that this was the case.
Others scoffed! Others pointed fingers! Others continued to tell the tale of woe! I kept believing and kept repeating what the data was and what it was telling me.
Stable inventory for three months in a row. An increasing numbers of buyers in the market month on month; A stable median price. That was the data that was out there for all to see, and yet my loan … (10 comments)

the home team radio show: This week's Home Team Radio Show - 01/05/08 03:11 PM
We have a very exciting radio show for you tomorrow including on air interviews with the two architects of the Florida 1.35% tax plan.
Blaise Ingoglia, CEO of Hartland Homes and Dr David McKalip of Cut Property Taxes Now will be on together to talk about their plan to save Florida's economy and also to comment on Amendment One which will be appearing on the ballot on January 29.
I have no doubt this will be a fascinating encounter and I look forward to a detailed explanation of how their plan will work. In the meantime, you can sign their petition to … (7 comments)

the home team radio show: This week's Home Team Radio Show - 12/22/07 08:42 AM
A very Merry Christmas from The Home Team Radio Show. We will be broadcasting live as usual this Sunday on 540 WFLA in Central Florida at 12 noon Eastern and worldwide at
On this week's busy show we have a special guest - Nancy Riley, President of the Florida Association of Realtors - will be answering questions on property taxes and she will take calls from our listeners.
In addition to that, we will be talking about why Marco rubio is backing a citizen led drive for an alternative property tax addendum.
The President signed two documents this week - an extension of … (6 comments)

the home team radio show: FAR President to answer questions - 12/20/07 11:11 AM
Florida Association of Realtors President Nancy Riley (pictured right) will be my guest on this week's Home Team Radio Show which broadcasts live to Central Florida at 12 noon Eastern each Sunday on 540 WFLA and worldwide at
Nancy will be discussing Property Tax in the State of Florida with me and why for the second time FAR has thrown it's full weight (not to mention Realtor money) behind the latest version of the Amendment which has come from the Legislature.
The last version was thrown off the ballot by a judge - and the newest version is also now under legal … (7 comments)

the home team radio show: This week's radio show - 12/08/07 03:03 PM
This week on the Home Team Radio Show we have a variety of stories to keep the listeners tuned in including but not limited to our look at Open Houses. If you have an agent in your home who suggests you hold an Open House, should you ask that person to leave? I'll give you my opinion.
Obviously we'll be looking at the Government sponsored mortgage rescue scheme announced this week and we'll be telling you just who it will help and who it won't.
Donald Trump joined forces with Governor Crist to promote the property tax amendment on the ballot. Not sure … (4 comments)

the home team radio show: This week's Home Team Radio Show - 12/01/07 03:51 PM

This week on The Home Team Radio Show we will once again be revisiting property tax. With House Speaker Marco Rubio now actively campaigning for something other than the amendment he voted for AND a commission which meets every 20 years suggesting yet somethig else, this issue has never looked more complicated.
We will be visiting insurance and learning nhow rates will be going up yet again - and a quiet hurricane season is partly to blame!
As if all of that wasn't enough, we have stories on Americans still feeling buying a home is a great financial decision; an influx of foreign … (8 comments)

the home team radio show: Just seen Glenn Beck - 12/01/07 02:29 PM

It's almost 11.30pm here in Orlando and I have just returned from having seen the first night of the Glenn Beck Christmas Tour. In fact, I was the Orlando sponsor of the event and I even had the opportunity to meet Glenn and to shake his hand - truly a great American.
For your convenience, I have posted the rest of the tour dates and if one is coming near you then I urge you to get tickets. It was an amazing night filled with laughter but also filled with emotion as Glenn took us on a journey through his family - … (10 comments)

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