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I went to visit a new client today who is about to put his house on the market and the Realtor informed me that the client is going to be moving out of the country and everything, except his toothbrush, needs to be sold before we can put it on the market.  Suddenly, I've gone from being a Home St...
Before I let you in on the little secret I want you to ask yourself a few questions.  Do you have a clear vision of how you want your life to be?  Are you satisfied with how successful your business is?  Are you happy with the way you look and feel?  Do you want more money, desire a new car, or l...
Once upon a time, there was a young family who lived high on top of a hill in Moorpark.  Whether you were looking out of the windows or standing outside their expansive property, there were views overlooking all of the city which were amazing to see.  Although this young family designed and built...
update:  PROPERTY SOLD IN 10 DAYS! Sunny and Bright was what this house screamed.  The sellers were a bit skeptical about painting but with a few simple changes the owners were shocked at how different and great it could look! Even while we were finishing up staging Realtors were walking in with ...
Over the last few weeks I have been trying to brainstorm on different ways in which I can market myself to Realtors and then a great opportunity happened to come my way.  It must be partly due to the philosophy stated in the book entitled "The Secret" as they say what you think about the most ten...
Have you ever gone on your initial consultation and thought to yourself as you walked to your car "how am I ever gonna pull this one off?"  Well, I must say that I just completed a job that I am truly amazed and pleased with!  My clients deserve tons of kudos and recognition for a job well done. ...
Here is one of my favorite kitchen transformations.  This is a job Simplicity Home Design was hired for by a couple that had just purchesd this house and wanted to make it into something that represented their taste and style.We did several different rooms and things througout the house but I wan...
My name is Reece and I am a "Stageaholic."  I have to admit that it was confirmed by outside sources that I am truly a "Stageaholic!"  This was confirmed by my new husband this past week when we went on a cruise for our honeymoon.  And if he was here, he could tell you many a story, about me movi...
Have you ever thought about what items should be included in the decluttering of a home?  Well besides the usual clothes, furniture, books, toys, knick knacks, etc. we need to remind our clients that they need to put away and possibly hide any prescription drugs.  This is not something that had e...
Does your home have the winter blues?  Does it feel dark and dreary?  Well, Spring is in the air so lets get going on turning your home back into a light, bright and cheery place to live.  I have put together a list of things you can do that will surely turn your dark winter house from dull to fa...

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