PRESERVING YOUR INVESTMENT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU:  What to expect of your property manager.
Good cash flow and healthy appreciation are why you bought rental properties in Las Vegas.  You worked hard to make the right choices and position yourself to maximize your profits.  Don’t let it all crumble and drain your bank account because of bad choices in property management.  The difference in price is small, but the effect of good management vs. bad management can be the difference between a good retirement and appearing in bankruptcy court. 
The best definition of the role of your property manager is that he/she is … (5 comments)

real estate: WALL STREET OR HOUSING? Which is less likely to crash in 5 years? - 04/22/15 08:26 AM

Which is less likely to crash in the next 5 years?
In this age of wealth inequality and economic instability, where should you invest your nest egg?  In the next few paragraphs, I intend to show you why you will get the best combination of high returns and safety in the Las Vegas real estate market. 
Billions of dollars have been made in the past several years on Wall Street, as the stock market climbs to ridiculous new highs.  But haven’t we seen this movie before?  Before 2007, no one paid any attention to the concept of “sustainability”, … (0 comments)

real estate: CHRISTMAS IN VEGAS IS GONNA BE CRAZY THIS YEAR! - 04/17/15 06:09 AM
Market analysis and prediction is my game.  I enjoy the creative nature of reading economic indicators and translating them into action in the real estate market.  I also like the ego boost I get when I'm right (which is quite a bit more often than when I'm wrong).  Yeah, I'm a narcissistic nerd that way. 
Beginning a few weeks ago, I noticed that just about every major road in the Las Vegas/Henderson area is under construction.  Getting across town, or even just to my office from home is now twice the effort as it was a few months ago because of conartuction … (2 comments)

real estate: Analyzing Market Data For Reliable Conclusions & Predictions - 02/27/15 07:34 AM

THE BIG PICTURE:  Analyzing Market Data to arrive at conclusions & predictions
Residential real estate markets do not exist by themselves.  They exist as a segment of a region’s overall economy.  This is why any worthwhile analysis of a real estate market is really just an analysis of the regional economy, with a focus on the real estate market.  Anything less, is just crap…worthless to a savvy and intelligent investor. 
In other words, trying to interpret and predict real estate market trends without a full understanding of local, regional, national and worldwide economic issues and trends, will give … (1 comments)

real estate: LUXURY LAS VEGAS ISN’T THE ANSWER! - 02/25/15 08:23 AM

Las Vegas may look like a luxury town to outsiders and people focusing on what they can see from the Strip, but the reality is that the Las Vegas residential real estate market has been, and will continue to be driven, not by the Wynns and Adelsons, but by the people that serve them dinner and park their cars.
My friend Keith Lyman, president of the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors, has been repeatedly quoted in various articles and reports, that the Las Vegas residential market “has been buoyed by the high-end … (5 comments)

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