buy: A Glimpse Into The Real Estate Crystal Ball: Real Estate Forecast 2017 - 02/02/17 08:21 AM
As the buzz of New Year celebrations have settled down, many people are taking a closer look at the pulse of the real estate market for the year ahead. Whether you are considering buying a new home or selling your existing home, 2017 is looking like a promising year for your potential real estate transactions!
Kicking off 2017, has released their yearly forecast, predicting a sales volume increase of 4.17% across the southern Florida market. Despite South Florida’s strong population growth and stable job creation, 2016 saw a decrease in home and condo sales – making this year’s sales prediction music … (3 comments)

buy: Realtors and Home Builders Working Together - 12/20/13 02:04 AM
New home sales are an integral segment of the continual stabilization of the real estate industry, especially in recent years, and the relationships between home builders and Realtors are allowing for the increased volume of sales.
E.J. Atchner, Senior Vice President of Bank of America, notes that ‘many builders, regardless of their size, are taking a much more collaborative view of partnering with Realtors than in the past.’ An incredible 66% of all new homes sold in 2013 were original prospects of Realtors that were introduced to home builders, according to the National Association of Realtors’ 2013 Buyer Profile Survey, … (3 comments)

buy: Tampa continues to be most affordable Real Estate market in Florida - 12/06/13 05:46 AM
Home ownership has been always a big part of the American dream. Owning your home has a huge impact not only on you but also on people around you. For every sold property in the United States, jobs are being created; generated revenue is making the economy stronger, communities are becoming more stable, and all this contributes to the process of the housing market recovery across the country. SI Real Estate takes the educational part of homeownership very seriously and we believe that is extremely important for our clients to know the advantages of owning your home instead of renting.
Here … (0 comments)

buy: Real Estate Pulse: The Decline of Shadow Inventory - 11/08/13 04:25 AM
For those that do not know, “shadow inventory” refers to the real estate property inventory that is either in foreclosure and has not been sold, or properties that have been withheld from the active market with hopes of a price improvement.  
With seller uncertainty of the best time to list properties, this shadow inventory causes data on housing inventory to understate the actual inventory levels in the real estate market. High levels of shadow inventory, especially in the form of underwater, modified, and delinquent mortgages, pose as a significant factor to the recovery of the housing market, but refinancing and … (0 comments)

buy: Real Estate Recap: Tips to Know & Knowledge to Practice - 10/22/13 01:17 AM
The year of 2013 has proven to be quite eventful for the real estate industry, both in the Tampa Bay area and nationwide.  Over the last nine months, we have been carefully monitoring the market activity and headliners, and planning accordingly in order to stay abreast of real estate from all angles. 
Starting Off Strong
At the beginning of this year, Tampa’s real estate market continued the upward trend that 2012 produced. Home buyers, and the affordability of housing, were finally receiving some serious recognition, and it was a strong way to begin the year.  The number of homes that … (32 comments)

buy: Construction Spending Reaches New Heights - 09/24/13 06:18 AM
Real Estate Pulse 2013:   It continues to be a promising year for the real estate industry in the U.S., especially in the Tampa Bay area.  We are seeing irrefutable signs of housing recovery.  The latest excitement to make headlines is the blossoming new construction occurring in today’s market.  In July of 2013, construction spending increased to the highest level in the last four years here in the United States. With the recent low inventory levels, this is exactly what some buyers have been waiting for.  Spending increased as much at 5.2% nationwide since July of last year according to the Commerce … (0 comments)

buy: Deal-Maker or Deal-Breaker: The Importance of a Good Appraisal - 08/12/13 01:08 AM
Homeowners are thrilled to see the values of their homes continue to increase as the real estate industry is recovering and stabilizing.  The strong demand for housing and the low supply of inventory have continued to drive up home prices in the Florida real estate market, as well as nationwide!  Buyers are expected to be prepared to make strong offers due to the rising prices and mortgage rates. We have been witnessing multiple offers and bidding wars taking place in today’s market too. This appears to be great news for sellers, as they are now receiving offers equal to or above … (0 comments)

buy: The Next Real Estate Boom: Buy-To-Rent - 08/02/13 12:58 AM
The year of 2013 has been proven to be an eventful time for the real estate market, especially here in Tampa, Florida. So far this year, we have discussed: the impact of international investors on the recovery of the housing market, the significant presence of Millenials as first-time home buyers, the recent mortgage rate activity with predictions of what to expect, the low housing inventory levels, and the encouraging signs of home value increases. So what can we expect to see as the next big move in real estate?
The latest headline to grab the attention of the Tampa market … (0 comments)

buy: Tampa Real Estate Hot Topic: Mortgage Rate Predictions for 2013 - 07/12/13 02:18 AM
Last week we discussed the importance of understanding the effects that rising home prices have on mortgage rates and the buying power of consumers in the market to both buy and sell.  The recent mortgage rate activity has caught the attention of the nation, and of course our local Florida real estate market.   Since May 2013, the average rate on a 30-year mortgage rose from approximately 3.3% to 4.87% according to Freddie Mac.  Executive vice president of McCue Mortgage, Kim Neilson, states that the market hasn’t seen an increase of this magnitude in years.  Despite the recent jump, however, rates are … (0 comments)

buy: Pending Sales Reach New Heights - 06/28/13 05:51 AM
Pending home sales rose last month to the highest level since 2006! Contract activity is also out pacing the December 2006 levels. While this activity is great, we should also be cognizant of interest rates and the pace at which they are rising. Some buyers are racing to the closing table so they can lock in current rates. At the same time, some sellers are doing whatever is necessary to secure a sale, even if that means taking a lower purchase price. The pace at which home prices are rising cannot continue forever as it is healthy when prices, sales and … (0 comments)

buy: Tampa Real Estate Pulse: Then and Now - 06/21/13 04:12 AM
Every now and then it is prudent to analyze our real estate market pulse, both locally in Tampa and nationally, so we have an improved indication of what the market is doing and why it is behaving as such. Real Estate professionals and consumers have been inundated with reports and surveys that are demonstrating how the real estate market is now thriving.  By taking a closer look, we can say with certainty that the real estate recovery is making more movement than ever before.
The month of May marked the 19th consecutive month that home values have risen.  We have … (0 comments)

buy: Florida Real Estate Sales, Prices and Closings Are Up! - 06/04/13 01:44 AM
Recent data released by Florida Realtors Association indicates that the Florida housing report for Q1 was quite favorable. In fact, sales, pending sales, median prices, and closings all saw increases! Single family homes, townhomes, and condo properties experienced increases in median sales price, which is the 15th consecutive month we have seen such an increase in Florida!  All of this real estate activity continues while housing inventory and mortgage rates remain extremely low.
Home buyers are feeling the constraints of the low levels of inventory, especially in the new home purchase arena. Prices continue to climb, some on a month-to-month … (0 comments)

buy: Real Estate: Buyers and Sellers Activity Increasing - 04/05/13 06:51 AM
As a new demographic of real estate buyers and sellers enter the market, economists point out that the timing of younger millennials and older baby boomers coming to the closing table could not be more opportune. A recent study released this week from PulteGroup Inc. finds that demand for housing from people between ages 18-34 is rising at the same time that baby boomers are beginning to sell their homes. The percentage of buyers ages 18-34 with an average income of $50K or more has risen significantly since this time last year. On the same note, baby boomers entering 65 or … (0 comments)

buy: New Homes | New Construction: A Real Estate Option Worth Review - 02/15/13 04:50 AM
In today’s real estate market many industry professionals are dealing with the lowest level of housing inventory in many years to show their ready and anxious home buyers.
On both a national level and locally in Tampa Bay, we have experienced the effects of the dwindling inventory as it relates to real estate options. We are frequently encountering multiple offer scenarios and bidding wars between buyers and sellers requesting highest and best offer. 
New home construction is gaining tremendous momentum and offers home buyers enormous options and appeal. Various areas of Tampa, Florida are on the right side of … (0 comments)

buy: Why Now is a Great Time to Sell Your Home - 02/08/13 02:12 AM
Many real estate home owners have been waiting for the right time to sell their homes. Some stated reasons are that the market has not completed the correction, or they are waiting for home prices to continue to rise. These reasons often draw attention because some are not entirely up to the minute with real estate market pulse and how favorable the conditions are for sellers in today’s real estate arena.
Now more than ever, inventory levels have fallen more than 68% here in Tampa, Florida.  Available homes on the national level fell almost 2 million units last year!  Simple supply … (0 comments)

buy: Tight Home Inventory Levels Affecting Buyers & Sellers - 02/01/13 05:13 AM
While more and more positive real estate news trickles in, we examine some of the direct causes of these seemingly endless, yet favorable outcomes. 
Housing inventory has waned over the last year. So much so, that we have seen the amount of homes available on the national level drop by about 1.8 million units.  At a more local level, Tampa, Florida has seen a dramatic decrease of 68% in home inventory! 
So we ask, why so low? 
Well, about 22% of homeowners remain underwater with their mortgages. Sellers are usually deterred from listing their home if they have to bring cash … (0 comments)

buy: Real Estate Updates: What’s Up, What’s Down? - 01/25/13 04:38 AM
We are constantly being reminded about the condition of the real estate market, both nationally and locally. No matter which media outlet you choose to ingest, you are most likely seeing, hearing and wondering what is up and what is down, and more importantly, what it means for you. Here is a brief recap of some figures to keep in mind.
What’s Up:
We have heard this for the last few months of 2012 and will continue to hear that home building is on the uptick. Up almost 40% from the previous year, home start are on the rise. … (0 comments)

buy: Housing Recovery Officially in Full Swing - 01/18/13 05:26 AM
If you heard that housing starts increased 12% from November to December 2012, you would probably think that it sounds like good news.  If you learned that housing starts increased almost 37% from a year ago, you may stop to think, just how significant are those numbers?
The national 2012 year over increase shows that newly constructed homes totaled 954,000; a hefty increase from the previous year, which only recorded 697,000. Not only are new houses being built for current and future home buyers, but they are also being completed at a much higher rate.  About 80,000 more homes were … (0 comments)

buy: Housing Affordability Peaks as Home Buyers Get Serious - 01/11/13 03:14 AM
Tampa’s real estate market continues the upward trend that 2012 produced. Buyers and the affordability of housing are getting noticed. 
Following 11 months of positive data from the National Association of Realtors regarding housing affordability and mortgage rates, we can expect to see more and more home buyers step into the home purchasing arena. Jobless rates continue to fall according to Trulia economist, Jed Kolko, especially for 25- 34 year olds which make up the prime age for housing demand. The national unemployment rate dipped down to 7.7% in December for the age group most ready to purchase real … (0 comments)

buy: 2012 Wrap Up and Thank You - 12/28/12 05:53 AM
We would like to wrap up the year by saying thank you to all of our friends, families, clients, followers and supporters. We would truly be nothing without you. SI Real Estate is honored to represent you through your real estate transactions in the past, present and future. 2012 has treated the real estate industry quite nicely and we hope that next year sees similar, if not more improvements to the market in which we are all involved in.
We hope that you all stay safe through this holiday season.  Whether you are visiting family and friends, remember the roads … (2 comments)

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