realtor: Navigating the New Home Construction Process - 02/04/21 09:58 AM
 4 Helpful Tips When Buying Your New Home 
New construction homes come with countless perks! The process is more straightforward than traditional home buying and everything is brand new as well as customizable! Buying new has skyrocketed in popularity in the past year around Tampa Bay. Low home inventory has led homebuyers to forgo the competitive resale market and choose to buy and build in new communities.
Although new construction homes have many perks, there are a few things you should do during the process to make the most out of your new home and avoid costly mistakes.
Shop Around with Your Real Estate … (0 comments)

realtor: 2020’s Effects on Tampa Bay Real Estate - 12/29/20 12:38 PM
A Reflection on How the Unprecedented Events of 2020 Changed Our Real Estate Market
If someone told us in 2019 what was to happen the following year, we would not have believed them. From second graders learning through Zoom to one-way arrows in supermarket aisles, all aspects of our everyday lives have been impacted. The lockdowns in early spring especially affected those in the service industry. Restaurants relied on curbside pick up and hotels adopted new cleaning processes and precautions.
The real estate industry was no different. Masks, gloves, and sometimes shoe … (1 comments)

realtor: The Amazing Benefits of the VA Loan Program - 12/03/20 12:54 PM
Unbeatable Perks that Help Our Veterans Purchase their Dream Home
The VA Loan Program is one of the best mortgage options out there. VA Loans are designed to make homeownership affordable for veterans and active-duty military members. There are millions of veterans and service members that are eligible, but only a few use their benefit. If you qualify for this type of loan, here are a few reasons to take advantage now! 
VA Loans are relatively easy to qualify for.
VA Loans are backed and guaranteed by the U.S Government. Because there is less risk involved for the bank, there is a higher chance … (0 comments)

realtor: Florida Real Estate Sales Double Compared to Last Year - 09/25/20 12:39 PM
When Florida comes to mind, many used to think of a vacation spot or a place to eventually retire. This has all changed over time, but especially in 2020. Florida has become one of the hottest places to relocate due to the Coronavirus. According to the Daily Mail, around 950 people move to the Sunshine State each day. According to a Douglas Elliman August report, new contracts for single-family homes and condominiums continued to rise in Pinellas and Hillsborough County — after having doubled in July.
The Coronavirus lockdown resulted in many people reflecting on their lifestyles, especially work from home orders … (0 comments)

realtor: How the 2020 Pandemic is Affecting Homebuying Trends - 09/04/20 12:49 PM
Buyer Preferences Shift as COVID Changes Our Daily Lives
After months of lockdown, many homebuyers are rethinking what they want in their next home. Although the pandemic will not continue forever, it will have some long-term effects on our lifestyles and how we feel about public gatherings. During the quarantine, many people’s homes became their office, gym, and restaurant. The changes we made to our lifestyles during this time have changed what we want out of our living spaces.
When restaurants closed, we were limited to our homes to indulge in some good food. Luckily, many local restaurants opted for takeout options, even … (1 comments)

realtor: New Real Estate Development in Tampa Bay - 08/10/20 12:36 PM
A Look into Tampa's Growing Neighborhoods in 2020
In the past few years, we have watched the once sleepy bay area transform into a vibrant city with pockets of lively neighborhoods. A variety of creative restaurants and rooftop bars emerged as well as chic residential dwellings.
A billion-dollar investment from Bill Gates attracted technology and consulting companies like ConnectWise and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Multiple new Amazon facilities and the possibility of becoming the headquarters for Space Force is also sparking interest in the Tampa Bay Area. Many neighborhoods have been brought to life such as Channelside, Hyde Park, and the southernmost point at Tampa’s Marina … (0 comments)

realtor: New Construction Homes vs. Resale Homes - 07/31/20 01:43 PM
 Which home buying option is best for you?
Do you prefer the charm of a home with history or the idea of a bright and shiny untouched single-family home in a new community? One of the first decisions you will make as a homebuyer is whether new construction or resale home is for you and your family!
Below we explore a few pros and cons of both options. Remember that you’ll want to hire an experienced real estate agent that has experience with both scenarios to help guide you in making an informed decision. The best part? Your real estate professional will … (2 comments)

realtor: Choosing The Best Realtor® for the Job!   - 05/19/17 09:58 AM
Who you choose to represent you when you buy or sell your home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make during your move. Your real estate agent can make the process easy, quick, and painless – or long, expensive, and painful.
Here are 5 adjectives you should for in your real estate agent if you want to get the most out of the sale of your home or your home purchase:
1. Tenacious
Real estate is at times a complex world. There are seemingly endless challenges to navigate through: the house you love was snatched up by someone else; someone put a bid … (0 comments)

realtor: “Shedquarters”: Your New Personal Oasis at Home! - 05/03/17 01:42 PM
With Spring comes new trends and fresh real estate concepts. If you’re looking for an innovative addition to your existing home and living space – here’s your answer!

Introducing ‘Shedquarters’!  This new real estate trend is now emerging and offers your outdoor space a new twist.  You’ve heard of the ever-popular ‘Man Cave’, maybe you’ve even created the ultimate lounge area in your own home, but now it’s time to clean out the lonely  forgotten shed in your backyard, or bring in a new shed and start from scratch!   Here we will imagine the endless possibilities that your own personal ‘Shedquarters’ could … (2 comments)

realtor: Hometown Trends: Tampa, FL - 03/30/17 09:39 AM
Welcome to Tampa, Florida! Home of the Buccaneers, the Lightning, the Rays and Florida’s powerhouse of business and economic development.
Lifetime locals and newcomers alike, have been the beneficiaries of Tampa’s expansive business, entertainment and real estate advancements. Making the list yet again, Tampa ranks #8 on Forbes’ list of Fastest-Growing American Cities.
A major player in Tampa’s growth over the past couple of years has been the ever-expanding Tampa International Airport. Not only has this project enhanced the Tampa traveler experience, but it has also created thousands of local jobs, contributing to Forbes’ 2.43% projected job growth for the Tampa Bay … (0 comments)

realtor: Strike While the Real Estate Iron is Hot: Mortgage Rates for 2017 - 03/02/17 12:59 PM
By and large, we saw a healthy housing market last year – but what should we expect as we embark on a new real estate journey in 2017?
For home buyers, this is your que to strike while the iron is hot! If you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy your new home – your wait is over! Increase your buying power by taking advantage of these lower mortgage rates before we see an increase between 2017 and 2018. As Bill Dallas, CEO at Cloudvirga explains, “We expect GDP [gross domestic product] to increase 2.1% in 2017 and 2.0% … (0 comments)

realtor: Why Use A Realtor for Your New Construction Purchase? - 11/18/16 02:08 AM
Searching for a home to purchase? You’ve probably noticed the increasing inventory of new construction homes available. Builders are developing new communities all over Florida, especially in the greater Tampa Bay area. If you’re ready to start exploring the option of purchasing a model or builder home, don’t go it alone! There are countless advantages of having an agent with connections to builders and the community, along with new construction experience, by your side for a new home purchase… Always use a Realtor ®
As you admire the freshly built model home, you may be surprised to learn that the “new home … (3 comments)

realtor: First Time Home Buyer - 10/18/16 04:32 AM
It’s time to take the next step and buy your first home. Where to begin, you ask? By and large we find ourselves scouring the internet for real estate listings and then driving by potential homes only to find that it’s been sold, or doesn’t live up to those beautiful online photos.
Here’s the good news! Before getting too wrapped up in the home searching process, there are a few steps you should take to save yourself time, money and lots of disappointment.
First and foremost: Prepare Your Credit for Mortgage Approval.  Now that you’ve decided to turn those rent payments into mortgage … (0 comments)

realtor: Real Estate Pulse: Existing Home Sales Continue to Rise - 06/10/16 04:07 AM

The lack of homes on the market, price jumps and bidding wars does not stop buyers from closing on the homes of their dreams.
In April 2016, the number of homes sold shot up 4.9%, year over year to 471,000 purchases across the United States of America, according to the National Association of Realtors. Sales were up 11.9% in April from March, likely because of the season change.  Spring and summer are the most active time of year for home sales. The reports only looked at existing homes, not new construction and there were no seasonal adjustments taken into consideration for … (2 comments)

realtor: Why Use a Realtor in a Competitive Real Estate Market - 05/27/16 03:23 AM

With the housing demand exceeding the supply in markets across the U.S., homebuyers may be facing quite the challenge to find the perfect home this spring.  The total housing inventory at the end of February 2016 was 1.88 million, 1.1 percent lower than last year leaving us with an unbalanced market between home buyers and sellers.  In Tampa, there are less homes than buyers and clearly we are in a seller's market.
In competitive markets such as these, it is incredibly important that homebuyers and sellers work with a Real Estate Professional. Realtors who have the National Association of Realtors Accredited … (0 comments)

realtor: 5 Ways Sellers Prepare Homes for the Spring Market - 04/08/16 12:25 AM

It’s no secret that spring is the busiest time for home buying and selling. Homeowners planning to put their homes on the market should start preparing NOW!  Following these few easy tips can make for a much smoother selling experience.
If you are a prospective home seller, here are a few guidelines to help you get ready for the Spring Market:
Minimize Clutter
Don’t you love walking into a newly furnished model home? The open, clear, fresh new home is one you can picture yourself living in instantly.  What you don’t see in this model home is a stack of magazines on the … (0 comments)

realtor: Real Estate Pulse 2016: Short Supply Continues to Push Home Prices Up - 03/08/16 03:31 AM
Real Estate Pulse 2016: Short Supply Continues to Push Home Prices Up
It’s no secret that for the past 6-8 months the supply of single family homes has been well below average. Here in the Florida market, the lack of homes to purchase is causing a buyer frenzy. Specifically in the Tampa Bay and Miami housing markets, the shortage is readily apparent. Prices have shot up already in the beginning of 2016 as both first time home buyers and move up buyers struggle to find what they want without paying a supply shortage premium. Shoppers are also having to compete with other … (0 comments)

realtor: Florida’s housing market 2015: Report Card! - 02/22/16 02:22 AM
Now that the Real Estate industry has final numbers from 2015, they are releasing that data and the subsequent results of last year. As we have reported many times throughout the last 12 months, 2015 was a very strong year in the housing market. After reflecting on 2015, FL Realtors President Matey Veissi states “Florida’s economy is in growth mode, more jobs are being created and mortgage interest rates remain at historically low levels which will continue to drive the state’s housing market in 2016.” Let’s see what else the 2015 FL housing market report says and the impressive numbers it … (2 comments)

realtor: Florida’s housing market 2015: Report Card - 02/19/16 02:35 AM
Now that the Real Estate industry has final numbers from 2015, they are releasing that data and the subsequent results of last year. As we have reported many times throughout the last 12 months, 2015 was a very strong year in the housing market. After reflecting on 2015, FL Realtors President Matey Veissi states “Florida’s economy is in growth mode, more jobs are being created and mortgage interest rates remain at historically low levels which will continue to drive the state’s housing market in 2016.” Let’s see what else the 2015 FL housing market report says and the impressive numbers it … (1 comments)

realtor: Florida’s Housing Market Stays Hot! Here's why.. - 12/14/15 04:08 AM
All year long we have been watching the real estate market heat up in Florida. There are many reasons why we are seeing a different resurgence this year!   A few of the key catalysts are: the Florida Legislature, interest rates and PMI insurance reductions. Each of these played a high valued role in the 2015 housing market. Combining all three, we can see housing is more affordable and there are a lot more people looking for housing!
Florida Governor Rick Scott is very enthusiastic about the housing market citing this past month as another remarkable one for the state. He is particularly … (3 comments)

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