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This blog is about Sandpoint, Idaho - Schweitzer Mountain Resort and some of the things that happen around here that makes this the greatest place in the world to live.



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According to the National Association of Homebuilders, the average single-family home is 2,456 square feet. However, developers have noticed buyers are looking for the same amount of square feet when buying a condominium. I like the term "CONODMAXIUMS". Selling condos at Schweitzer Mountain, I ha...
Here's a brief explanation of where residential roof trusses fail and why. The top chords of a truss are 2x4 or 2x6 compression members & are the ones that the roof sheathing(usually 4' x 8' panels of either OSB or plywood) is attached to. The bottom chords are tension members and are the ones to...
Basically, I am an optimist that has fallen into a bit of a trough. 2009 looks bleak and Peter Schiff, who predicted this whole mess years ago, is predicting a continuation of our woes. The guy has been phenominally accurate. There are some realities, however, that give me hope. ...More than half...
This is great additional information to be added to my blog about the foreclosure help line.I'd like to pass on what I think is a WONDERFUL resource for all homeowners, as well as prospective homeowners!  It's a FREE new consumer guide.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of GREAT informatio...
I got a great Christmas gift that I plan to use as a tool to help me sell my listings and promote my business. My kids gave me a "Digital Photo Frame" that runs a continuous slideshow of photos. I'm sure they thought I would be using this to display family photos but I think it is the perfect pla...
We will see a new round of foreclosures by Spring of 2009 as option ARMS get recast and monthly mortgage payments skyrocket. With the continued devaluation of real estate, millions of additional homeowners will find themselves upside down. In many cases, their only option will be to walk away fro...
The Government has bailed out corrupt corporations. They have pardoned felons. They have created business plans for corporate America that will cripple the taxpayer for decades. ...and left in the dust is the man on "main street" trying to raise a family and coach in the local youth program. Ther...
In 1975, as a young man I recognized the incredible opportunity real estate investments offered. I spent every penny I had to cover the down payment on a 3.5 acre parcel in Pitkin County...home of Aspen. On the parcel, East & West Sopris Creeks converged...year round creeks in "water-starved" Col...
It was looking scary 3 weeks ago...I was still riding my motorcycle (a little chilly, but hey, why not?). Once again, Earl, the God of Winter took care of us...we now have a 50" base and counting. It's kind of all fun and games on the mountain, but as Realtors, we never stop working. I get some o...
I've had the good fortune to ski at many of the great ski areas of the world. All mountains are great when the weather just can't beat the Rockies. When I came to Sandpoint from Aspen, however, I was in awe. ...the powder, the view, the people...the lifestyle. This area cannot be...

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