lake pend oreille: Pure North Idaho! 1933 LOWER PACK RIVER ROAD, SANDPOINT, ID - 06/08/12 07:51 AM

 As I was filling out the MLS listing information on this home, I found I was getting more & more excited about what this Pack Riverfront property actually offered.
Let's start with the location.  1933 Lower Pack River Road is just 10 miles from Sandpoint's city limits and a mere 1.5 miles from the famous Idaho Club Golf Course (a Jack Nicklaus designed masterpiece)!  It is hidden in a spectacular mountain meadow, yet is just 75 yards off Lower Pack River Road...a well maintained county road.
As we researched the river frontage on the Pack River (one of Sandpoint's most … (5 comments)

lake pend oreille: Garfield Bay-A Day in the Life of a Sandpoint Realtor. - 05/28/12 03:47 AM
I'm happy to report I have a new listing!

My new listing (1769 Garfield Bay Road) is located 13 miles from my front door (a 3-mile drive to Sandpoint, another 3 miles across Lake Pend Oreille and the Sandpoint Long Bridge to the town of Sagle and, finally, 7 miles east on Sagle Road to the community of Garfield Bay).  I DO NOT take this journey for granted.  It would be hard to imagine a more beautiful 13 mile trip and I will make this sojourn as often as possible...if for no other reason than to just enjoy life … (2 comments)

lake pend oreille: Speechless Sunday: Sandpoint/Schweitzer "Epic Day!" - 02/05/12 08:12 AM
If you remember North Lake Tahoe 20 years ago, you will appreciate Sandpoint today.  These photos from yesterday say it all.  The "immaculate Sandpoint/Schweitzer Winter" continues.  In fact, today I rode my bike 20 miles in the bright/warm sunshine...this marks the 12th straight month of outdoor biking!  That is truly amazing...especially considering I was skiing Schweitzer Mountain's soft powder on a 105" base yesterday just 11 miles from downtown Sandpoint!
No wonder we've been recently awarded, "Best Ski Town In The U.S." (Rand Mcnally), "Most Beautiful Town In America" (USA Today) and, for you investors out there, Most Under The Radar Ski Town (Sunsets Magazine)!

lake pend oreille: WORDLESS Wednesday: It's lonely on top. - 12/07/11 09:14 AM
Skiing Schweitzer Mountain today gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "It's Lonely On Top".  I had to take a few iphone shots of the "crowds"...or lack thereof.  No lift lines and, usually, nobody even within sight on the lifts.  By the way, the skiing is rocks, still soft snow in the trees and no danger of getting wiped out by an errant skier/boarder coming up from behind.  (Do you see any humans?  Hopefully there's one in the lift tower.)

(That's Lake Pend Oreille off on the horizon)

lake pend oreille: Ponder Point Waterfront Community, Sandpoint, Idaho - 09/25/11 02:06 PM

I know what you're thinking.  "Sandpoint's a no-brainer.  Just look at the litany of incredible listings Kent has compiled this summer. You can throw a dart at a listing board and get the perfect property."  NOT TRUE!  You need a good Realtor to find you that special home.  Well...look no further.  293 PONDER POINT DRIVE.

This is truly a special home. … (2 comments)

lake pend oreille: WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: Riding the Long Bridge...Sandpoint, Idaho - 09/07/11 04:36 AM
It was a day to contemplate.  I said goodbye to my kids & 2 year-old grand daughter today as they went off on a 1 year junket to Japan.  It's a crazy life these days and a very tough goodbye.  No better time to get on my bike to ride ...and think.  As I get older, I understand life less & less...but cherish the moments more & more.

The Long Bridge stretches nearly two miles across the Pend Oreille River as it enters Sandpoint city center.  (The jagged peaks way off in the distance (toward the left side) is the … (4 comments)

lake pend oreille: Another listing in Utopia! 750 Rustling Leaf Road, Priest River, Idaho - 08/30/11 11:35 AM
This is getting ridiculous.  My listings are looking like a travelogue in Utopia.  Here is another one:

How much is the view alone worth?  I guess it depends on what it is that makes us whole.  For some of us, this is all we need.  There is so much beauty here in North Idaho, but I was astonished when I first ventured out to 750 Rustling Leaf Road for my listing appointment.  It kind of takes the breath away.  That is the Pend Oreille River off in the distance as … (4 comments)

lake pend oreille: Tennis properties in Sandpoint? We've got 'em! - 06/29/11 05:33 PM
Most who read my blog know that I coach the Sandpoint High School tennis team (when I'm not playing full-time Realtor).  As a result, I get a fair amount of inquiries about the availability of "tennis properties" here.  In fact, I get a fair amount of inquiries asking if anyone "really" knows how to play tennis in North Idaho.
The answers are...we DO have many tennis-oriented properties available at any given time and, yes, we do play real tennis in North Idaho.  In fact, we have a VERY active tennis community!  The Sandpoint Tennis Association has about 80 active members who … (1 comments)

lake pend oreille: Condo Del Sol...waterfront condo, in the heart of Sandpoint, Idaho! - 06/10/11 04:53 AM

(This Listing Has Sold!)
Condo Del Sol, 301 Iberian Way (unit 223), is located right in the heart of South Sandpoint and walking distance to all of the "downtown" Sandpoint amenties including our reknowned City Beach, eateries & coffee shops galore, the famous Panida Theater, shopping, fine dining, festivals, farmers' market, Sandpoint Marina, Sandpoint Train Depot and, of course, Condo Del Sol's SPECTACULAR waterfront!

The Long Bridge bike & walking paths begin directly across the street from Condo Del Sol and connects to both the Sagle path, the NEW Bypass Bike Path AND The Pend Oreille Bay Trail connecting Sandpoint with the towns … (1 comments)

lake pend oreille: THE COTTAGES on Kootenai Bay - The gem on Sandpoint's Lake Pend Oreille! - 05/02/11 07:05 PM

Welcome to the Cottages On The Lake...the European influenced waterfront community on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille, Sandpoint, Idaho! The 15-acre Cottages community features 37 homesites surrounding the three-acre Rothenburg Park and/or resting on the Kootenai Bay shore.

Other features include spectacular views of the slopes on Schweitzer Mountain and breathtaking Kootenai Bay sunsets on Lake Pend Oreille.  Rothenburg Park boasts a world-class tennis court, soccer field, walking trails, gazebo, historic silo and, of course, a Cottages private community dock and luxurious swimming in one of the cleanest lakes in the Northwest!
Coldwell Banker is proud to offer the developer’s ten remaining secondary waterfront … (5 comments)

lake pend oreille: NEW Sandpoint Home...close to town AND Idaho's legendary wilderness...Really? - 02/24/11 01:28 PM
We all have different motivations for why we have selected to live where we live.  How’s this for motivation:
New, never lived-in, cedar home located at 1662 Upper Pack River Road just minutes from the entrance to The Selkirk Crest Wilderness Area and some of North Idaho’s most dramatic hiking trails and rock climbing faces!  Hunting, fishing & unlimited outdoor recreation abound in the pristine Upper Pack River drainage.
More motivation?
This home is located just 1.6 miles west of Highway 95 on the county maintained Upper Pack River Road and a mere 11 miles from Sandpoint, Idaho and all the amazing … (9 comments)

lake pend oreille: Fishing for buyers will eventually turn men into philosophers. - 10/03/10 01:00 PM
I never was much of a fisherman...even though I live on Lake Pend Oreille, home to some of the best trout fishing in the country.  (Check out Seagull Charters here on the lake to book your next outing!).  I always gravitated toward activities that I felt I could control more easily... tennis, hiking, climbing, skiing, etc.
That's why I find it interesting that I have chosen real estate as a career.  It's really a lot like fishing...
I find my favorite "hot spot" (Schweitzer Mountain - Sandpoint, Idaho), educate myself to be the best "fisherman" (Realtor) I can be (Brokers' classes, … (7 comments)

lake pend oreille: Speechless Sunday: CONVALESCING IN could be worse. - 08/22/10 06:02 PM

It has been a month since I had a total hip replacement.  The experience has certainly derailed my AR participation while I have adjusted my schedule to do what I can to maintain my Real Estate career.  
I'm not complaining, however.  I get to convalesce in Sandpoint, Idaho.  Just for the record, those are my feet hanging at the end of the dock...just another reason I call Sandpoint home...Sacred Heart Medical Center and Lake Pend Oreille.  It could be worse.

lake pend oreille: WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: Lake Pend Oreille is big...but, honestly...are lifeboats really necessary? - 07/07/10 03:51 PM
Here is another photo-op that just couldn't be passed up.  Typically, I don't cruise around with boats piled on other boats...but, today was different.  Today, in "Monty Pythonesque" fashion, we piled them up.  (I was actually transporting the new/used Pelican paddle boat 10 miles across the bay here on Lake Pend Oreille in the effort to surprise my wife with her new the way, the surprise worked!)  The fun never ends up here in North Idaho.


lake pend oreille: Summer in Sandpoint...We're discovered once again! - 06/03/10 09:37 AM

Summer in Sandpoint...We're discovered once again!
Lake Pend Oreille is the most beautiful lake in the United States.  
That sounds pretty extreme, but I look at it every day and am more impressed every time I see it.  I think the visual of the lake and surrounding mountains is so overwhelming (when entering Sandpoint from across the Long Bridge) that the average person has trouble processing all the information.  I can only assume this is the reason for the constant flow of stories and articles in national publications expounding upon the beauty here in North Idaho.
Here I … (4 comments)

lake pend oreille: Second homes: Having it all in Sandpoint, Idaho - 04/28/10 03:21 PM
It just wouldn't be right if I didn't reprint portions of the recent "USA Today" article about our quaint little town up here in North Idaho.  Sandpoint truly is a gem and, even though it kills me to see it discovered, when it becomes a headline story in major periodicals I just need to relax and relish in the beauty around here.  Besides, because of the rather narrow corridor between the Selkirk Mountains and the shores of Lake Pend Oreille within which Sandpoint finds itself residing, it would be hard to imagine a situation where rampant sprawl could occur.


Most of us want to be a integral part of everything around us.  Not only a member of a community, but a member of the natural order of things.  When living in a town like Sandpoint, it seems to me that to be removed from the energy of the town itself, is a little defeating.  …and yet, when one chooses to live in the beauty of North Idaho, there is also that sense that we need to remove ourselves from the trappings of a modern society and return to the natural … (3 comments)

lake pend oreille: Sandpoint, Idaho..."America's Coolest Small Town"? - 03/28/10 04:04 PM

Sandpoint, Idaho..."America's Coolest Small Town"?
Once again, Sandpoint is getting noticed.  Budget Travel Magazine has a poll for “America’s Coolest Small Town” and Sandpoint is in the running.  (  If you have been reading my blog with any regularity and agree with my assessment about this area, click on the Sandpoint star on the map, then click “Add to Ballot”, then “Cast Your Ballot”.
I present this information with a certain amount of reservation.  The rule here is to "keep your mouth shut" about the virtues of this town.  We want everyone to enjoy the natural splendor of this area but...we … (5 comments)

lake pend oreille: Now is a great time to buy, but BABY BOOMERS...YOU BETTER TAKE A VERY HARD LOOK! - 02/27/10 10:21 AM
Attention Baby-Boomers – Now is the time to buy your ski escape!  …but for a different reason than you might think.
Everyone knows the drill… 1) Prices are great (even if they do continue to self-adjust downward, the deals are still incredible today); 2)  interest rates are still at historic lows and, 3) lenders are looking for clients…believe it or not! But, You know what?  These are not THE most compelling reasons for you “baby-boomers” out there to take the plunge and invest in your skiing dream.
I had an epiphany on the slopes today (while skiing some more great - albeit heavy - “Schweitzer … (7 comments)

lake pend oreille: LAKE PEND OREILLE FISHERY RECOVERY PROGRAM...Save the Lake Pend Oreille Fishery! - 11/28/09 10:38 AM
When my out-of-town friends visit Sandpoint, Idaho and Lake Pend Oreille, they are always amazed that there is actually a bounty on some of the best tasting fish in the world. Every lake trout of any size and rainbow trout more than 13 inches long harvested from Lake Pend Oreille through March, 2010, pays $15.00!
This opportunity is pretty amazing and easy to cash in on.


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