3 bedrooom, 2.5 Baths.    YrBlt. 2003  SqFt. 2413                                                                 $  280,00.00!
This very well maintained 2003 3BR/2BA 2,413 sq.ft. home w/attached 2 car garage offers ONE LEVEL LIVING & SOUTHERN EXPOSURE in Sunny Sagle! Short distance to Sandpoint (only 1 mile to the LongBridge) with OPEN FLOOR PLAN, wood floors, lg master suite & spacious kitchen. Covered porches to … (7 comments)

As I was driving up Schweitzer Mountain this morning, heading to my office in the Village, I noticed at about the 3,000 foot elevation the rain that has been invading the Sandpoint Valley below was turning a little slushy.  This phenomenon happens each Fall, of course, and my corresponding reaction is also the same each Fall.  OH MY GOD, THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN!  There is going to be snow in the Village!
The first thing to do? …crank up KPND (the local eclectic and … (8 comments)

real estate: Open Houses...Let's get real. - 09/29/09 05:03 AM
MSN REAL ESTATE has written yet another bogus article for consumers about the value of Realtors®.  This one is classic...

"10 things your real-estate broker won't say  
1. "Your open house is really just a networking party for me."Hire a real-estate broker to sell your home, and one of the first things he'll likely suggest is hosting an open house so that potential buyers can casually check out your property on a weekend afternoon. But while open houses are promoted as a great way of finding a buyer, a National Association of Realtors study found that their success rate is a mere 2 to … (72 comments)

real estate: Lots #5 or #6 Long Dr., PRIEST LAKE GOLF CLUB ESTATES, IDAHO - 08/22/09 11:26 AM

SPECTACULAR SETTING!  End of cul-de-sac privacy in area of gorgeous estate homes on the PRIEST LAKE GOLF COURSE in breathtaking North Idaho.  Lot 5 is on the 14th fairway and Lot 6 is on the 15th tee box (shown above).  Wildlife abounds, over 400 miles of snowmobile/ATV trails, miles of groomed cross country trails, 1/4 mile via golf cart trail to IDAHO'S own Hill's Resort on Priest Lake.  This is a great opportunity!  The lots are just 1/2 mile from the PRIEST LAKE CLUB HOUSE AND … (4 comments)

real estate: REALTORS’ SURVIVAL GUIDE, PART III. “Profiles: Use It or Lose It.” - 08/19/09 06:08 PM
REALTORS’ SURVIVAL GUIDE, PART III.  “Profiles:  Use It or Lose It.”
I guess I’ve been a little pre-occupied with the sluggish economy (is that understated, or what?) in this Series.  I hear housing starts are up .5% from the worst month in history, though.  That has to get everyone fired up!  NOT!
Anyway, as Realtors®, we are really feeling the effects of this economy.  Unemployment remains at near record levels and the figures do not include the hundreds of thousands of Realtors® who are making next to nothing…or any of the other “sales-people” in other industries who are … (41 comments)

real estate: REALTORS’ SURVIVAL GUIDE, PART II “Use your profile. Don’t be a Secret Agent.” - 08/16/09 05:25 PM
In Part I of the AR Series challenge, I examined the importance of a Realtors® personal profile.  A personal profile may reveal to a customer some of the unique qualities you possess that could weight the scale in your favor to earn him as a client. 
 In Part II, let’s look at the contents of your profile to find what is in there that can aid you at being the best Realtor® you can be.  Let’s break it down:
1)    Pledge to Clients.  After you write your pledge, read it from time to time.  If you are pledging a “passion” for this … (4 comments)

real estate: REALTORS’ SURVIVAL GUIDE, PART 1. “What Do We Bring To The Table?” - 08/15/09 03:18 AM
REALTORS’ SURVIVAL GUIDE, PART 1.  “What Do We Bring To The Table?”
We all know this is a DIFFICULT real estate market.  Sandpoint, Idaho is no exception.  Prices have declined to historic lows, personal financial portfolios have been trashed, home loan dollars can be difficult to secure (even though interest rates are also at historic lows), home sales are down, home sale prices are down, COMMISSIONS are down…LIFE IS DIFFICULT.  Being a Realtor® is difficult. 
Most of the Realtors® that I know are “reinvented”.  They have “morphed” into the real estate industry by way of a rich … (34 comments)

real estate: What's up with Realtors' pictures? - 08/02/09 11:21 AM
Are Realtors, basically, ego-maniacs?  I find it interesting that we, as a group, feel the need to plaster our pictures across all of our advertising and business cards.  I am NOT condemning anyone...I do this also.
There are a few Realtors in my association (Selkirk Association of Realtors) that have elected to go with the traditional business card look, but the vast majority use personal photos to enhance their cards.  What's up?  ...this is a nationwide phenomenon...there are no exceptions that I know of.
I brought this issue up with my wife (who happens to be an exceptional Realtor) and she … (22 comments)

                                                                                  SANDPOINT MLS TOUR
I took in the Tuesday morning Sandpoint tour last week (an event I have missed far too often this year) and had an "epiphany moment"!  Let me explain...
The Sandpoint Tour (officially the Selkirk Association MLS Tour) begins with a one-half hour roundtable discussion where agents can discuss their listings and whatever wants and needs they may … (2 comments)

real estate: SANDPOINT TENNIS CAMP 2009. THIS WAS INTENSE! - 07/21/09 05:17 PM
Sandpoint has a great tennis community!  Last week we hosted the 3rd annual Sandpoint Tennis Camp and it was the best yet!  Jane Rockwell (USPTA teaching pro and former Sandpoint High School coach) and Mary Jo Lambert (current Clark Fork High School coach) once again put together a 1st-class Camp.
The Sandpoint Tennis Camp started out with a Monday rainout...a rare event in the middle of July in Sandpoint.  I was the scheduled guest coach for Monday along with my good friends Tom Boulay (USPTA teaching pro from Minnesota) and Kent Stadum (USPTA teaching pro from Minnesota and … (4 comments)

real estate: He Swings...He Misses! Another sale just slipped by! - 07/09/09 11:48 PM
This is like FIGHT CLUB.  I NEED to let go!  
I just got done showing a property that happens to be situated next door to another great Lake Pend Oreile waterfront property that I was actually very knowledgable about.  When I was done with my customer, a new potential buyer drove up and started asking me questions about that adjacent waterfront.  A gift from God perhaps?
We are not setting real estate sales records here in SANDPOINT, IDAHO and suddenly I've got customers flagging me down.  
I answered all of his questions and was pretty proud of my ability … (68 comments)

real estate: Refinance to avoid foreclosure - 07/04/09 08:49 AM
I am working with a few clients here in SANDPOINT, IDAHO who find themselves in the, all too, familiar plight of being upside-down on their mortgages and not knowing where to turn.  This has been the recurring theme of our economic crisis for the past six years and one of the major stumbling blocks to a housing recovery.
Making homes affordable, especially with current homeowners, remains the hurdle that our nation needs to address.  Fannie Mae does have a program out there (the Home Affordable Modification Program) that takes a stab at helping these homeowners and, while this has been … (1 comments)

real estate: The Cottage On The Lake - Sandpoint, Idaho's Premier Lakefront Home! - 05/26/09 08:09 AM
The Cottage On The Lake is a craftsman's masterpiece...a unique combination of native North Idaho stone hand placed to create 18 inch thick walls with authentic, doweled timber-frame infrastructure.  This is a one-of-kind family enclave that exudes warmth and security in every room.  The entire home is interwoven with organic shapes and finely detailed timber framing with dramatic metal connections and strappings.

                                                                                                                                       The Cottage is nestled in coveted Kootenai Bay just three miles from Sandpoint and can be seen from the top of Schweitzer Mountain.
The Cottage On The Lake in Sandpoint, Idaho, offers main level living … (8 comments)

real estate: HELP! I can't wipe the smile off my face! - 03/29/09 07:18 AM
I woke up this morning and the weatherman graced Sandpoint, Idaho with 6 fresh inches of snow.  I was in my office at Schweitzer Mountain Resort and on AR by 7:30 a.m.  By 8:45, I had my mocha at Mojo Coyote Coffee and was in the lift line (a total of 6 people) waiting fresh tracks on top of chair 1.

My excited anticipation was well founded.  The very first run down the headwall below the chair greeted me with stashes of untracked powder at least 14" deep.  The powder was smashing against my knees...and untracked top to bottom!

real estate: When is the best time to blog? - 03/27/09 01:25 PM
There are several reasons I write blogs. 
First & foremost, I want to connect with someone and get a client or referral.  (Not easy out here in Sandpoint, Idaho where AR members are a little scarce.  By the way, what's up with Florida?  It seems like half the AR'ers are from there).  Ultimately, I do need to make a living and blogging, in and of itself, does not put food on the table.
I am also an English major (you could probably never tell based upon my run-on sentence tendency)...and I do enjoy writing.  I've actually had a few people comment … (17 comments)

real estate: The Closing Gift From Hell... - 03/27/09 11:31 AM
The good news?  I finally closed on a condo up here at Schweitzer Mountain!  It's a GREAT condo, spectacular views and priced perfectly.  My buyer put some equity in his pocket and he and his wife are absolutely thrilled!  Below is the view from their front door.

Getting a condo closed in this market in no small chore.  If the complex is not over 50% occupied (which was the case in this purchase since it is new construction) and/or, if there has been ANY rental history in the complex, major banks will not consider traditional financing of any kind.  It … (23 comments)

                                                                  SALISHAN POINT
Sandpoint, Idaho's own Salishan Point offers premier, estate sized homesites with breathtaking views of the amazing Pend 'Oreille River and the surrounding mountain vistas in a serene wooded environment. 
Salishan Point is a truly unique gated waterfront community that comprises every aspect of the perfect North Idaho lifestyle!  Salishan Point offers 3500 feet of spectacular, crystal clear waterfront and is an easy drive to world-class Schweitzer Mountain skiing and the award winning town of Sandpoint, Idaho.  (Voted "Best Town In The West" by Sunset Magazine).
Enjoy the Salishan Beach common area featuring a 22 slip marina with … (4 comments)

real estate: BIG DEAL...Just another 20,000 AR points. - 03/01/09 03:20 AM
When I first became aware of Active Rain 3 months ago, I decided to embrace it. I'm not the most prolific blogger or the most prophetic blogger (do I get points for alliteration?) but I do spend a fair amount of time on the Rain in hopes of gleaning some pertinent information and expand my professional connections. I must say it has worked - far beyond my expectations. I have actually made friends and important associations on here AND have found a fair amount of serious buyers. Unreal. Anyway, it was my goal all along to post this note if I … (26 comments)

real estate: Now we have clear STIMULUS goals for Real Estate. Stay tuned. - 02/22/09 07:37 AM
Here are the 4 areas that the Stimulus package is supposed to address as we move forward in this economy:
Lower interest rates for home mortgages; A greater ability to get financing through FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in high-cost areas; A true tax credit incentive to buy a home NOW; and Foreclosure mitigation and short-sale standards.  So far, I haven't really seen any changes but these things take time, I know.  Here is my assessment of the 4 issues to date:
1)  Interest rates have been unaffected.  If anything, they have risen slightly.
2)  FHA has become more difficult … (11 comments)

real estate: Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 today! - 02/17/09 11:33 AM
Have you been able to figure out just what the "positive" tax ramifications will be for all the stimulus packages swirling around our heads lately?  Well, today President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  Below is an overview of key tax changes affecting businesses and individuals.  Get a good CPA... Business Tax Changes Extension of bonus depreciation.  Last year, Congress temporarily allowed businesses to recover the costs of capital expenditures made in 2008 faster than the ordinary depreciation schedule would allow by permitting these businesses to immediately write off 50% of the cost of depreciable property acquired in 2008 for … (12 comments)

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