Sandpoint, Idaho...A huge buyers' opportunity in a piece of Paradise. HOMES OF SANDPOINT (updated pricing!) Sandpoint, Idaho is a destination "vacation" town in North, Idaho with giant water (Lake Pend Oreille) and a world-class ski mountain (Schweitzer Mountain Resort).  The beauty of Sandpoint is that it also is a "real" town with a long and colorful history.  (Not dissimilar to my "adult hometown" of Aspen, Colorado).  Sandpoint is the type of town that feels like home even when you are immersed in the spectacular beauty of the area.  You can choose homes in one of Sandpoint's Lakefront communities, in one of … (4 comments)

sandpoint: SANDPOINT TENNIS CAMP 2009. THIS WAS INTENSE! - 07/21/09 05:17 PM
Sandpoint has a great tennis community!  Last week we hosted the 3rd annual Sandpoint Tennis Camp and it was the best yet!  Jane Rockwell (USPTA teaching pro and former Sandpoint High School coach) and Mary Jo Lambert (current Clark Fork High School coach) once again put together a 1st-class Camp.
The Sandpoint Tennis Camp started out with a Monday rainout...a rare event in the middle of July in Sandpoint.  I was the scheduled guest coach for Monday along with my good friends Tom Boulay (USPTA teaching pro from Minnesota) and Kent Stadum (USPTA teaching pro from Minnesota and … (4 comments)

sandpoint: He Swings...He Misses! Another sale just slipped by! - 07/09/09 11:48 PM
This is like FIGHT CLUB.  I NEED to let go!  
I just got done showing a property that happens to be situated next door to another great Lake Pend Oreile waterfront property that I was actually very knowledgable about.  When I was done with my customer, a new potential buyer drove up and started asking me questions about that adjacent waterfront.  A gift from God perhaps?
We are not setting real estate sales records here in SANDPOINT, IDAHO and suddenly I've got customers flagging me down.  
I answered all of his questions and was pretty proud of my ability … (68 comments)

Sandpoint is ROCKIN' again this summer.  It seems like the 4th is the real kick-off each year.
I am sitting up at SCHWEITZER MOUNTAIN in the COLDWELL BANKER RESORT REALTY office enjoying the beautiful weather while dozens of SANDPOINT locals wander by mingling with the hundreds of tourists who have shown up to enjoy this incredible weather (sunny, 80 degrees with low humidity).  It doesn't hurt that, yet, another wedding is on tap for this afternoon at the top of the Great Escape chairlift.  That makes for quite an eclectic scene.  Hikers, mountain bikers, bridesmaids...I love it!
(Look can still … (7 comments)

sandpoint: Refinance to avoid foreclosure - 07/04/09 08:49 AM
I am working with a few clients here in SANDPOINT, IDAHO who find themselves in the, all too, familiar plight of being upside-down on their mortgages and not knowing where to turn.  This has been the recurring theme of our economic crisis for the past six years and one of the major stumbling blocks to a housing recovery.
Making homes affordable, especially with current homeowners, remains the hurdle that our nation needs to address.  Fannie Mae does have a program out there (the Home Affordable Modification Program) that takes a stab at helping these homeowners and, while this has been … (1 comments)

sandpoint: 1,300 PAGE CONGRESSIONAL BILL? Who has that kind of time? - 06/30/09 08:50 AM
There is a huge furor over the content of the new Cap & Trade Tax Bill.  A big part of the furor is the fact that no one in Congress read the Bill before voting on it.  On the surface I get that.  The reality is, however, no one is going to read it.  Who would?  1,300 pages of legislative ambiguity.  I don't even have time to write a 300 word blog.  Most AR'ers don't even have the time to WRITE a blog!  How many words in 1,300 pages? 
I enjoy reading.  I read a few books a year.  I would … (17 comments)

sandpoint: THE IRONMAN! Living with PASSION. - 06/24/09 12:14 PM
I spent 15 hours at the  FORD IRONMAN COEUR D'ALENE TRIATHLON on Sunday.  (As a son was a FINISHER and is now an IRONMAN!).  The human spirit is alive & well!  I am in complete awe.  From the moment I arrived at the beach to watch the the swim portion of the event (2.4 miles) until the end of the triathlon I was fighting back tears of pure emotion.

The spectacle of seeing 3,500 participants waiting on the Lake Coeur d'Alene beach to begin the torturous swim in 56 degree water is almost indescribable.   These are people like … (7 comments)

sandpoint: OPPOSITE WORLDS COLLIDE ON AR - 06/17/09 03:58 PM
O.K.  I just want to be clear.  I love Active Rain.  I've met many great realtors and associates and I have gleaned a wealth of knowledge on a myriad of issues facing our profession daily.  I have been offered referrals, picked up new clients and have used AR as an effective sales tool for many of my presentations.  I am truly appreciative.  It has been a great tool for selling Idaho Real Estate.  
Now, take a look below at the correspondence I received yesterday.  This came through on my AR Home Page:
Name: Email Address: Subject: IP: Message:
I … (22 comments)

sandpoint: WATERFRONT BROKERS' OPEN in Sandpoint, Idaho on Monday, June 15! - 06/11/09 12:42 PM
I am excited to be a part of the Brokers' Open on Monday, June 15.  I'll have two of the premier listings in North Idaho on the Tour.  The photo above is of "The Cottage On The Lake" and is a MUST SEE.  The home was built by a master mason and NO corners were cut on this project.  The home is a unique combination of North Idaho stone hand placed to create 18" thick walls with authentic, dowelled timber framed infra-structure including dramtaic metal connections and strappings.  You will not find a home with a warmer ambiance...built for a family … (3 comments)

sandpoint: The Cottage On The Lake - Sandpoint, Idaho's Premier Lakefront Home! - 05/26/09 08:09 AM
The Cottage On The Lake is a craftsman's masterpiece...a unique combination of native North Idaho stone hand placed to create 18 inch thick walls with authentic, doweled timber-frame infrastructure.  This is a one-of-kind family enclave that exudes warmth and security in every room.  The entire home is interwoven with organic shapes and finely detailed timber framing with dramatic metal connections and strappings.

                                                                                                                                       The Cottage is nestled in coveted Kootenai Bay just three miles from Sandpoint and can be seen from the top of Schweitzer Mountain.
The Cottage On The Lake in Sandpoint, Idaho, offers main level living … (8 comments)

sandpoint: TENNIS IN SANDPOINT - 04/28/09 02:05 PM
Below is an article I wrote for the local paper. It just helps potential visitors to our area to get a deeper perspective of why I like Sandpoint so much. Who knows, maybe we can get some tennis players to buy here...I'm always looking for new partners to hit with. (I will be adding some pics as soon as I get to my other computer) "Bulldog Tennis isn’t Rebuilding, it’s Reloading! When I came in this year as the new head coach for varsity tennis, I really didn’t know what to expect. I was familiar with the top players I inherited … (2 comments)

sandpoint: HELP! I can't wipe the smile off my face! - 03/29/09 07:18 AM
I woke up this morning and the weatherman graced Sandpoint, Idaho with 6 fresh inches of snow.  I was in my office at Schweitzer Mountain Resort and on AR by 7:30 a.m.  By 8:45, I had my mocha at Mojo Coyote Coffee and was in the lift line (a total of 6 people) waiting fresh tracks on top of chair 1.

My excited anticipation was well founded.  The very first run down the headwall below the chair greeted me with stashes of untracked powder at least 14" deep.  The powder was smashing against my knees...and untracked top to bottom!

sandpoint: When is the best time to blog? - 03/27/09 01:25 PM
There are several reasons I write blogs. 
First & foremost, I want to connect with someone and get a client or referral.  (Not easy out here in Sandpoint, Idaho where AR members are a little scarce.  By the way, what's up with Florida?  It seems like half the AR'ers are from there).  Ultimately, I do need to make a living and blogging, in and of itself, does not put food on the table.
I am also an English major (you could probably never tell based upon my run-on sentence tendency)...and I do enjoy writing.  I've actually had a few people comment … (17 comments)

sandpoint: The Closing Gift From Hell... - 03/27/09 11:31 AM
The good news?  I finally closed on a condo up here at Schweitzer Mountain!  It's a GREAT condo, spectacular views and priced perfectly.  My buyer put some equity in his pocket and he and his wife are absolutely thrilled!  Below is the view from their front door.

Getting a condo closed in this market in no small chore.  If the complex is not over 50% occupied (which was the case in this purchase since it is new construction) and/or, if there has been ANY rental history in the complex, major banks will not consider traditional financing of any kind.  It … (23 comments)

                                                                  SALISHAN POINT
Sandpoint, Idaho's own Salishan Point offers premier, estate sized homesites with breathtaking views of the amazing Pend 'Oreille River and the surrounding mountain vistas in a serene wooded environment. 
Salishan Point is a truly unique gated waterfront community that comprises every aspect of the perfect North Idaho lifestyle!  Salishan Point offers 3500 feet of spectacular, crystal clear waterfront and is an easy drive to world-class Schweitzer Mountain skiing and the award winning town of Sandpoint, Idaho.  (Voted "Best Town In The West" by Sunset Magazine).
Enjoy the Salishan Beach common area featuring a 22 slip marina with … (4 comments)

sandpoint: BIG DEAL...Just another 20,000 AR points. - 03/01/09 03:20 AM
When I first became aware of Active Rain 3 months ago, I decided to embrace it. I'm not the most prolific blogger or the most prophetic blogger (do I get points for alliteration?) but I do spend a fair amount of time on the Rain in hopes of gleaning some pertinent information and expand my professional connections. I must say it has worked - far beyond my expectations. I have actually made friends and important associations on here AND have found a fair amount of serious buyers. Unreal. Anyway, it was my goal all along to post this note if I … (26 comments)

sandpoint: How is this for a RECESSION BUSTER?...GO SKIING! - 02/08/09 10:14 AM
You know, the economy is tough on everyone.  The stimulus plan is questionable.  Almost 10% of America is officially unemployed.  Life is a downer.  NOT!
Guess what?  Life goes on and we can defeat the pessimissim.  What really matters is what goes on in our heads.  I just finished a day of phenominal skiing at Schweitzer Mountain and there is no way life can get any better.  It's not just about skiing...skiing is just MY motivational tool.  Find that tool and use it! 
Skiing does take a financial commitment, but the benefits far outweigh the expense.  ...but it is not just … (4 comments)

sandpoint: The Australian Open makes me yearn for Tennis in Sandpoint, Idaho! - 02/01/09 08:26 AM
The Australian Open just ended...OMG!  The finals may have been the best final ever between the best two players ever.  Nadal finally bested Federer in five sets...7-5, 3-6, 7-6, 3-6, 6-2.  The emotional awards ceremony was as great as the match!
This brings me to tennis in Sandpoint, Idaho...yet another reason to look at Sandpoint for retirement, 2nd home or a career move.  I can't wait for the weather to cooperate and start the new season.  We have a very active tennis community and a long season to enjoy the sport.  It is not rare to head up to SCHWEITZER … (4 comments)

sandpoint: PREFONTAINE AND REAL ESTATE...IT WORKS FOR ME! - 01/27/09 07:39 AM
The economy has "gone south" here in Sandpoint, Idaho as it has all across the country.  It doesn't look like we can expect to see an old fashioned economic revival for at least two years.  These are the times when we need exceptional inspiration to get us motivated and excited about our lives and professions.  This is when I turn to PRE!
"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift."
Life is a race...a competition...a work of art.  A person cannot control what the Universe dishes out to us, but we can control how we react to … (30 comments)

sandpoint: Niche farming on the golf course - 01/24/09 08:26 AM
I actually don't play much time ...but I do know golf provides a great opportunity to do some real estate business. The hours it takes to play a round of golf coupled with the decompression time in the clubhouse after a difficult round provides a great venue to pick up a listing or sell a property.
My game is tennis. This is my niche farm. Probably not a great choice...the effort, competitiveness and speed of the game do not, typically, make for a conducive environment to talk business. After a 2 hour workout on the court, my experience is that … (5 comments)

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