sandpoint: I'm standing here FREEZING... - 01/17/09 02:10 PM
LISTING AGENTS! Please help us all out and be prepared to sell your listings!
I met a very excited client at the top of a mountain to preview a great listing. (We drove seperately). After a 22 mile drive, we ventured up the winding driveway approach to a spectacular butte overlooking a gorge peppered with bull elk and their herds. You could not have had a more perfect beginning to a home preview.
After a 25 minute search for the key to the front door (it wasn't where I was told it would be) we finally made it inside. It wasn't … (11 comments)

sandpoint: FUN IN THE SCHWEITZER SUN! - 01/15/09 10:39 AM
I know it gets repetitive, but ...SCHWEITZER MOUNTAIN RESORT was absolutely over the top today!    I left a very cloudy Sandpoint and headed up to the mountain (hidden in the clouds) at noon.  Half way up the pass I broke through the cloud layer and burst into the indigo blue skies of Schweitzer Mountain Resort.

These are the magic days that brought me here in the first place and I was not disappointed.  Skiing the front (South Bowl) was perfect but the best was still ahead.
We ventured to the back Bowls and found ourselves in a mystical paradise.  … (3 comments)

sandpoint: SANDPOINT RATED TOP TEN AGAIN! - 01/10/09 02:13 PM
Oh my gosh!  It just doesn't stop.  Sandpoint, Idaho once again finds itself getting the accolades of the national press.  This time, CITY GUIDES.MSN ( has listed Sandpoint as one of the TOP TEN "WINTER WONDERLAND" cities in North America...pretty interesting group, too:
Sandpoint has been praised in so many periodicals...among them, Outside Magazine, Sunset Magazine, Powder Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Nesw York Times, Ski Magazine, Skiing Magazine...the list goes on...
By the way, when I … (9 comments)

sandpoint: SCHWEITZER PREPARING FOR THE NEXT "DUMP" - 01/08/09 05:27 AM
We are in the 2nd day of the warm front...lots of wind, lots of rain...a few inches of new snow on top.  This isn't all bad.  The snow has compacted considerably across the whole mountain compressing the potential hazards from summer brush build-up.  We can now look forward to a long winter with a solid base.
Even better news for Schweitzer, this "compressing" occurred during the early week when there are fewer ski it is not impacting a lot of visitors.  This weekend looks like very good conditions!  I am actually thankful this January thaw has occurred.  We never did … (4 comments)

sandpoint: BUY INTO THE SKI LIFE! - 01/01/09 08:46 AM
Wow!  Epic day today!  We hit the slopes at mid morning after enjoying a cafe mocha at the "on-slope" coffee shop...(just enjoying life - no worries).  The first run was a cruiser.  Easy GS turns through 7-12" of fresh powder...we needed to get our ski legs under us before we tackled tougher terrain.  It was snowing hard (1" per hour) so there were some adjustments to be made.
We made it succesfully down to the Great Escape high speed chair (virtually no line as per usual at Schweitzer) and proceeded to the peak.  The high winds and fog were a test, but … (6 comments)

sandpoint: SNOW! Check your roof!. - 12/29/08 11:08 AM
Here's a brief explanation of where residential roof trusses fail and why.
The top chords of a truss are 2x4 or 2x6 compression members & are the ones that the roof sheathing(usually 4' x 8' panels of either OSB or plywood) is attached to.
The bottom chords are tension members and are the ones to which ceiling materials (usually sheetrock, also known as GWB) are attached.
The web members are the 2x4s that run diagonally between the top & bottom chords, & the points at which they connect are called panel points.
 Almost always these framing members are not what fail … (2 comments)

sandpoint: Don't Let 2009 Slip Away Without Taking Advantage Of The Real Estate Opportunities! - 12/24/08 02:29 PM
In 1975, as a young man I recognized the incredible opportunity real estate investments offered. I spent every penny I had to cover the down payment on a 3.5 acre parcel in Pitkin County...home of Aspen. On the parcel, East & West Sopris Creeks converged...year round creeks in "water-starved" Colorado. The acreage sat at the base of Sopris of the most majestic peaks in the state. My wife & I were thrilled with our unbelievable good fortune. Total price for this parcel was $18,000.00 - my down payment was $4,500.00. Life was good...
In 1976, we found our lives changing … (4 comments)

sandpoint: Merry Christmas from Schweitzer Mountain! - 12/24/08 03:35 AM
It was looking scary 3 weeks ago...I was still riding my motorcycle (a little chilly, but hey, why not?). Once again, Earl, the God of Winter took care of us...we now have a 50" base and counting. It's kind of all fun and games on the mountain, but as Realtors, we never stop working. I get some of my best contacts on the lifts! Things are looking up...I'm seeing more activity and there is excitement in the air. (This lifestyle makes for long days - but, when you love what you do and where you are doing complaints). Money doesn't … (0 comments)

sandpoint: How can you pass up Schweitzer's values? - 12/23/08 04:38 PM
I've had the good fortune to ski at many of the great ski areas of the world. All mountains are great when the weather just can't beat the Rockies. When I came to Sandpoint from Aspen, however, I was in awe. ...the powder, the view, the people...the lifestyle. This area cannot be beat. Furthermore, the real estate values are unbelievable. It is hard for me to believe that a serious "mountain-life" buyer could come to Sandpoint/Schweitzer and leave without a strong desire to invest here. Any potential buyer who cannot see this just is not the real deal. ...especially with … (5 comments)

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