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I just found a great source to Lift Federal Tax Liens on Short Sales.  As many of you know, the IRS will give a "Conditional Commitment for a Certificate of Discharge" if they deem the lien is unenforceable because of a lack of value in the property.  This is something Sellers can negotiate on th...
Got a few minutes before my next appointment so I thought I would address RSS SNOBBERY.  This is simply when a Blog is more than happy to Syndicate it's content, but altogether unwilling to accept an RSS feed from somewhere else.  It's like finding out that you aren't Number 1 on someone's speed ...
So a lead came in off the web today for one of our clients.  She thought like many buyers that we were just too forward in asking for her name and telephone number and email to look at our properties.  So, unthinkingly she just changed a few digits on both email address and phone numbers. She pro...

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