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My thoughts on life, liberty, and the pursuit of a fee simple interest in real property
In the opinion that follows, the 3rd DCA ruled that it was error for the lower court to enter judgment in favor of a homeowner defending a foreclosure action on the premise that the secured note had been orally modified where that homeowner failed to present sufficient evidence of additional cons...
Chapter 2007-44, Laws of Florida went into effect today. The changes to Florida’s title insurance laws will create a few adjustments to the way title charges are presented on closing statements. The law also repeals the prohibition on the rebate or lowering of the agent’s share of the title insur...
Earlier today I received a phone call from Tony Doss who stated that he had found me on ActiveRain. Unfortunately, I did not get his contact information before we got off the phone.Mr. Doss, if you happen to be reading this, I believe I have some additional information for you. Please call my off...
Buyer was entitled to return of deposit for Seller’s failure to fulfill conditions to closing Bruce Stein, Appellant, v. David Howell, Appellee 4th District, Case No. 4D04-3586, September 19, 2007   Buyer and Seller entered into a contract regarding commercial property. The contract provided tha...
In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, I offer you a glimpse of what legal documentation would look like if Blackbeard, not Blackstone, had written the book on property rights. Captain Jack Sparrow, Plaintiff, vs. The Dread Pirate Roberts, Defendant.______________________________ NOTIC...
As I begin blogging in the ActiveRain community, I want to be sure I don't spin my wheels putting up content that no one is going to read? So, I am asking you to tell me what you want me to blog about. As a real estate attorney, I can offer a slightly different perspective from the majority of AR...
Just so that you don’t think that being a real estate attorney is all closings, here is a look at this week’s agenda. Assess value of real property gift made 10 years agoAttend pre-closing of municipal Revenue and Refunding Bond issue as underwriter’s counselFollow up with property appraiser re ...

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My thoughts on life, liberty, and the pursuit of a fee simple interest in real property