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Hey there Stewart,I got your e-mail and tried to respond but I got an error from yahoo and therefore, have no way of getting in touch with you. Please reach out to me again and I will be glad to answer any and all of your questions.I look forward to hearing from you.Sean   
Hey all, Hope everyone had a great holiday!I came accross something over the weekend that piqued my interest. For all of you out there who enjoy video games or have children who do, I found a referral site that is offering a free xbox360 elite to anyone that meets the requirements.  Basically, yo...
Sorry if this should have been posted differently but I wasn't sure where exactly to put it.....I have a client who owns roughly $12mil in assorted properties, they are mainly residential with a commercial/mixed use thrown in for good measure. All together she owes approx $6.5 mil on everything c...
It's amazing the number of people we each come into contact with on a daily basis, some we do business with....some we don't but at the end of the day, those people have the potential to come into contact with just about anyone within your organization... They say that first impressions last fore...
On April 22, 2007, My wife & I were blessed with the arrival of this cute little guy. I can't tell you the absolute joy that little Jake has brought to us. It's amazing the constant changes in him as he begins to become more aware and discovers everything around him.... just last week I think he ...
WOW!! Changes come about sooo quickly....  Since Dec. 2006 over 100 mortgage companies have gone under, most of them in the subprime market. It now looks like the ripple affect is starting to take it's toll on the alt-A market. Just today, there was an article in the NYTimes detailing some issues...
Wow, this site is pretty impressive and after having been a member for just under 48 hours now, I am thoroughly enjoying learning to navigate all the areas of the site.  There is a wealth of information on here waiting to be found and put to good use.I am hoping to establish some referral relatio...

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