mobile: Live Mobile Real Estate from New Orleans: Smarter Agent Insights from the ERA International Business Conference - 03/16/12 02:07 AM
This week, Smarter Agent is attending the ERA International Business Conference (IBC) in New Orleans, Louisiana. This is ERA’s yearly conference for all their agents and brokers. This year, ERA is celebrating their 40th anniversary and they’re pulling out all the stops to celebrate. Today’s activities included a parade through downtown New Orleans and a Generations Celebration at an amazing venue. The celebration took place at Generations Hall; “a former sugar mill in the warehouse district that boasts 7 bars and 5 dance floors”. It was a spectacular event….all dances floors and bars were used to full capacity tonight. Today was … (0 comments)

mobile: Ready to Take your Mobile Real Estate Business to the Next Level? - 03/16/12 01:38 AM
It’s no secret that real estate professionals have always been a mobile group. Moving from the office to property showings to mortgage offices and meetings with clients, agents and brokers alike have always been on the go. So, with the plethora of mobile tools made available to real estate pros, it’s only natural that productivity and timeliness of transactions would follow suit, right?
Well, that’s the theory and while it is a sound one, the hurdle that seems to be slowing adoption of mobile real estate tools seems to be the ability to educate real estate professionals about the tools that … (2 comments)

mobile: A Mobile, Technology-Drive Age Means __________ for Real Estate Agents. - 01/26/12 05:01 AM
You can fill in the blank with any of the following:
Increased Leads
More Business
Higher Profits
Better Commissions
In a recent Software Advice article from Matthew Collis from IXACT Contact, the discussion begins with his take on what mobile and technology mean to real estate agents in today’s market.  His ultimate conclusion “Real estate agents with the right systems in place will be well prepared going into the future and be in a good position to take their business to the next level.” Well, we couldn’t agree more.
One of the more intriguing statements in Colis’s post, “… home buyers … (0 comments)

mobile: Inman Real Estate Connect 2012– Understanding Mobile Real Estate - 01/23/12 02:42 AM
Last week, Smarter Agent attended the Inman Real Estate Connect Conference in NYC. This was my second conference as a member of the team at Smarter Agent. My first was the NAR conference in Aneheim, California back in November.
From our booth, we met with hundreds of brokers and agents alike, discussing the benefits of mobile real estate applications and fielding their questions on the subject. I’d like to share a difference that I’ve noticed between the conference in November and Inman Connect. At NAR, when presenting our product, many of the curious real estate agents and brokers we spoke with … (0 comments)

mobile: Smarter Agent Announces New MLS to their Mobile Real Estate Application - 12/13/11 02:20 AM
Contact Person: Tracie Close, Online Marketing ManagerCompany Name: Smarter Agent, LLCTelephone Number: 856-614-5468Fax Number: 972-215-0236Email Address:
Web site address:
Smarter Agent Announces New MLS to their Mobile Real Estate Application
Camden, NJ. December 13, 2011 — Smarter Agent, the leading mobile real estate application in the US announced today the addition of 14 Real Estate Multiple Listing Services, MLSs, to their real estate mobile application listings taking their total MLS participation number to 353 listing sites.
Smarter Agent’s listing also now surpass more than 4 million homes and properties around the country accessible through its free … (2 comments)

mobile: Trulia Needs to Make Greater Strides in their Real Estate Data Accuracy to Catch Up… - 12/12/11 12:28 AM
In their recent year recap, Trulia Founder and CEO, Pete Flint made a point of noting that Trulia has made “great strides” with the quality assurance program which manages the accuracy of their MLS listings. He goes on to note that the QA system patrols their more than 400,000 listings for more accuracy for their client agents and buyers managing their property search.
As any mobile real estate platform provider will acknowledge, mobile real estate listing data accuracy is crucial to the viability of any mobile app. While Trulia may continue to “make strides” towards improved data accuracy, Smarter Agent avoids … (3 comments)

mobile: A Mousetrap for Agents and Brokers - 12/08/11 04:29 AM
I was talking with an agent today about mobile at the Triple Play Expo. He made the point that Zillow has built a better “mousetrap.” So, why not push his clients to them and have those same clients call him back.
The issue is there is no better mousetrap than brand loyalty. That brand is you!  So going to a third party aggregator might work but there is no assurance they will come back to you.
He did not realize with his own app through Smarter agent his clients will have more accurate real estate listings than say, a Zillow. He … (0 comments)

mobile: Should You Build Another Real Estate Brand or your Own? - 12/08/11 04:27 AM
According Trulia CEO Pete Flint, 20% to 30% of their traffic is now on a mobile device.  That is a nice stat and does continue to show the ever growing importance of mobile in the real estate industry.  Here at Smarter Agent, we agree that mobile is a great tool for transaction-ready consumers.  We know that a very high percentage of clients of our Smarter Agent app, as well asthe  thousands of mobile apps we power, see a very high percentage of users ‘transact’ on the phone whether they call or email an agent directly. Having been a web marketer for … (0 comments)

mobile: Stop Showing Old Real Estate Data! It’s Time we put our Collective Foot Down and Demand Data Quality. - 12/06/11 04:04 AM
Recently I put my house on the market. Being a member of the Smarter Agent team, I was excited to see my listing show up in the Smarter Agent mobile app.  My house went on the market at 2:19 PM on a Friday and was live in the Smarter Agent mobile app by the time I woke up on Saturday morning (to be precise, it was actually live in the app at 1am on Saturday morning).  I was thrilled, I quickly emailed all of my friends and family my new listing right from within the app and told them to spread … (0 comments)

mobile: Your Customers are Mobile. Why Aren’t You? - 12/01/11 05:16 AM
In a recent interview with Mike Yonker, Vice President of the Digital Agency Rockfish, said it is “essential that brands have a mobile strategy.“
What does that mean to your business? 1.8 billion New phones/tablets are estimated to be shipped this year. Now more than ever people are spending more time using phones and tablets.
As Mike explains, “You have to fish where the fish are.”
It is important that REALTORS®, both agents and brokers get involved in the mobile movement to ensure that they are constantly available to their clients. Not only will your mobile strategy improve business to client … (3 comments)

mobile: Cascading Mobile Solutions – Tablet Ready! - 11/30/11 06:05 AM
Searching for your new home anytime, anywhere to be has never been easier. Now that tablet computers are in the mix, Smarter Agent  and its cascading mobile platform has capitalized on the emergence of not only every mobile phone, but also on tablet devices. Real estate is an information rich industry and people need this information whenever they can get it to make the best possible purchase decisions. Smarter Agent’s solutions provide indispensible tools for homebuyers which empower them to learn this information conveniently on their device of choice.
Tablets have emerged quickly as the mobile device of choice for many … (1 comments)

mobile: Proof is in the Pudding. Smarter Agent MLS Mobile App Participants Make their Mark in the App World and Increase Business. - 11/29/11 06:50 AM
After examining some of the MLSs that are participating in the free MLS Branded mobile app program, it is apparent that the free mobile app has made an impressive impact on their business.  On average, a Smarter Agent MLS mobile app is driving approximately 7,000 searches per month which in turn is leading to about 8,500 property views within the app itself.  These numbers are going to continue to grow dramatically as apps become the new internet. 
According to a new study from the Pew Internet Project, “Of those who have downloaded apps, nearly 2 in 3 said they use their … (0 comments)

mobile: Your Real Estate Agent Members will be Thankful for their FREE Mobile Application - 11/22/11 03:01 AM
Want your members to thank you for giving them a free mobile solution?  Smarter Agent is a free MLS branded mobile solution that you can serve to all of your members on a silver platter!
It’s time for giving thanks and what better then to thank your members for all of the support they have given you over this past year than by giving them an option to go mobile for free, via a new real estate mobile app, courtesy of their MLS.  Not only will your members thank you for taking them mobile at no cost to them, they’ll also … (0 comments)

mobile: Every MLS Should Have their Own Branded Mobile App in ALL Major App Stores - 11/18/11 02:22 AM
We’re excited to announce that Smarter Agent is now offering MLSs a premium branded MLS mobile application, also known as a Private White Label Mobile App.  For just $299 a month, any MLS can get their own mobile real estate app branded to them, including their own text code, downloader page for their website, direct to agent call routing and their own QR code.  By getting your app into the all the major mobile app stores, we estimate that your MLS app downloads will automatically see a 20% boost.  That’s 20% more FREE leads to your members and all you have … (0 comments)

mobile: Embracing Technology can Impact your Brand Perception – Thoughts on the Way Home from NAR 2011 - 11/15/11 08:04 AM
So I am writing this from the airport on my way home back this year’s NAR Convention in Anaheim, CA, to the east coast from Long Beach airport.  I am flying Jetblue from Long Beach which is my first trip from the LBC, as Snoop Dog affectionally refers to it.
When we were looking for flights I wanted to go with Jetblue since I have rarely taken them, because it seemed like a cool brand and thought the experience would make the long flight seem less painful.  I was surprised if not frustrated to learn once I boarded that the flight, … (2 comments)

mobile: Will Technology and Mobile Help Build Brands in Real Estate? - 11/14/11 05:20 AM
It’s the halfway point at my first NAR convention here in Anaheim, California and the it’s been quite an experience.   
There are lots of companies here ready to help the real estate industry move beyond its existing plight.  As SVP of Marketing at Smarter Agent I am particular interested in what technology can do to help brands, brokers and agents better connect, maintain and serve clients. And just as importantly how do they help build brands?
Last night, before taking our hardworking Smarter Agent team to dinner to thank them for coming across country and giving up a weekend, I had … (4 comments)

mobile: Brokers and Agents are excited about Mobile – As They Learn More at this Year’s NAR Conference - 11/14/11 05:19 AM
This is Phil Tomasello, a new member of the Smarter Agent team, checking in from the NAR conference in Anaheim, California. Yesterday was another great day at the NAR conference. It’s been great so far to meet brokers and agents from all over and to learn about their impressions and opinions of mobile marketing. I knew how powerful mobile was before joining Smarter Agent, but this conference has shown me even more about how powerful it can be in the world of real estate.
One thing I can say is that people are interested in talking about mobile and are looking … (0 comments)

mobile: MLS implementation of the Smarter Agent Free MLS Branded Mobile Application, Part 3 of a 3 part series - 11/10/11 05:44 AM
The third featured Smarter Agent MLS Branded Mobile App participant lies in the picturesque state of Rhode Island.  I reached out to Michael Letendre, the Chief Information Officer for State-Wide MLS, Inc., and asked why they decided to take their MLS mobile.
“With our public-facing website having such an established brand here in RI, we felt that it was critical that consumers had a mobile-based alternative to access our on-line portal.  While working with Smarter Agent to create “RILiving Mobile”, we leveraged that product to then promote their member-branded version to our agents & brokers.” 
Michael also stated that the RILiving … (0 comments)

mobile: Mobile App Use Blowing Away Web Surfing - 11/10/11 05:43 AM
According to a recent blog post by Application Analytics Company Flurry, mobile app use has grown an amazing 91% in just one year (2010-2011). Overtaking web surfing, both desktop and mobile, mobile apps are now the go-to for digital content acquisition.
Compared to the web mobile applications are still fairly new. Not quite out of their toddler years in technology timelines, they have cut their teeth on the more than 1.08 billion smart phone users worldwide, launching growth that is annihilating that of any web-based medium previously.
The conclusion of Flurry’ s reporting is that people in the US “like to … (0 comments)

mobile: Nelle Tatum of United Realty Network Uses Mobile to become a Leading Real Estate Agent in Texas - 11/08/11 02:27 AM
Working with our branded mobile app partners allows us to really see how the Smarter Agent mobile application is allowing them to drive their brands directly to their clients and prospects. In a recent interview with Nelle Tatum, we talked about how she uses her Smarter Agent app for her Richmond, Texas brokerage.
“I use the app as a conversation piece for future prospects. I don't like to hard sell, so when I meet a person out and about who mentions they are looking or they know someone who's looking, as a conversation piece I tell them to download the app … (0 comments)




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